September 4th, 2015


Passport Asia SG50 Deal: 4 Fitness Classes for 9 bucks!

Hey people!

August was a fitness-intense month for me but I'm loving it.

On top of my regular pole-ling and gyming, I managed to also try 4 fitness activities using fitness app, Passport Asia at only $9 in total, thanks to their SG50 promotion. That worked out to approximately $2+ per class which was astoundingly cheap!

There were loads of fitness activities to choose from, ranging from water sports to martial arts. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try something new, this is a great opportunity for you to experiment at a low cost. But if you prefer to use the app to indulge in your favourite fitness activities, that's perfectly fine too.

The first fitness class that I signed myself up for was...

1. Intermediate Techniques Pole Dance Class @ Studio Sands

I was very excited to see that there were pole dance classes available. Many of them were beginner level though so I was glad that Studio Sands was offering their Intermediate Techniques classes for tryouts on Passport Asia.

It was an intense class where I got to learn new tricks and combo moves on a spinning pole. The dancers around me were really professional as well so this made the class more challenging for me. I basically poled till I had calluses on my hands and abrasions on my thighs. My entire body was aching like hell too. Despite sustaining some pole bruises, it was a very good workout so no regrets here! :)

2. Adult Gymnastics @ Gymkraft

Realized my childhood dreams by attending my first gymnastics session at Gymkraft.

In case you think I'm too old to do gymnastics, they have an adult gymnastics class (as well as a kids gymnastics class) so I supposed even if you're 60 years old, you're welcome to learn some pro gymnastics stunts.

After going through 1.5 hours of gymnastics training, I really must salute all the gymnasts out there. Now I know how they got their toned bodies and strong core. Their training was so hardcore even for beginners and the adults there could practically fly. Just imagine - I had to do handstands (without support from wall) and headstands as my warm-up!

We also spent a good amount of time learning how to cartwheel and I was so happy when I finally managed to execute a proper one. The last time I attempted to cartwheel was in secondary school and I crashed into my dining table. -.-"

Of course, I didn't get to try any of those cool gymnastics equipment that you see in the picture above on the first lesson. No swinging myself around the horizontal bars or somersaulting on the trampoline. Those are for the pros and I'm not even close. LOL.

Nevertheless, joining a gymnastics training was indeed an eye-opening experience and it certainly inspired me to push myself further in fitness. :)

3. Aerial Hoop @ Ecole De Pole

Attended my first Aerial Hoop class at Ecole De Pole and my goodness, it was a lot tougher than I thought. You really need a lot of arm strength and core to do this.

I always thought I would have the strength to lift myself up on the hoop but in actual fact, my body felt so heavy when I was trying to do a pike mount and my hands were hurting like crap when I was gripping onto the hoop.

That said, I was very happy to be able to do at least the most basic hoop trick - The Man in the Moon.

Notice that I seemed to be lying lazily on the hoop? It wasn't as relaxing as it looked because I had to hold my core while pushing my back and feet against the hoop to maintain balance. Additionally, my butt hurts when I was lying on the hoop.

I really admire the aerialists who could do tricks on a hoop that is suspended 2 to 3 storeys high. There is no harness to support them - only their strength and their guts. It's really amazing.

4. Aerial Silk @ Ecole De Pole

My last class was Aerial Silk from the same school and let's just say that I found my nemesis.

I love how graceful it is to do suspended tricks on a silk, with only the silk wrapping and supporting your body.

But in reality, it was sooo damn difficult that I spent my entire lesson struggling to climb the silk and attempting to do a proper foot lock. I didn't have enough arm strength to hold myself in position so I kept sliding. Obviously, I didn't managed to do any trick - thus no photos.

In terms of difficulty, Aerial Silk was definitely a clear winner so I guessed I would be sticking to my good ol' pole and perhaps hoop from now on.

If you're interested to try the other fitness classes available in Passport Asia, do check it out at its website here. Let's get fit together, everybody!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
From The Top

Event: Blog Meet SG @ The Nail Social

Hey everyone!

It's TGIF and I finally had time to blog about my Blog Meet SG event which I attended at The Nail Social slightly more than a week ago.

Photo credits to Pearly.

The Nail Social is a cosy nail boutique located along Haji Lane and I really like it there because the environment made me feel so comfortable and right at home.

Interestingly, it was also the first nail salon where I had to remove my shoes at the entrance before entering.

I was given a complimentary express manicure treatment and got to choose from the array of lovely colours by OPI and ZOYA.

Obviously, I was spoilt for choice and took a hell of a long time selecting my favourite shade because there were just too many that I liked!

Photo credits to Pearly.

Looking clearly ecstatic to get my nails buffed and painted.

Photo credits to Shutter Speed Photography.

I chose a princess pink because it was one of the colours that stood out for me without being too loud on my fingers.

Shiny, Shimmery, Splendid. I love how it gave off an iridescent glow under different lightings.

Tried the famous coconut water by Cocoloco and it was by far the most refreshing coconut water I've drank.

It was as fresh as drinking out of a coconut chilled in ice and I was pleased to see that it didn't have pulp (Some people might like it but not me).

Do these cake pops look bizarre to you?

These lollipop cakes in the shape of nail polish and facial heads were sponsored by Moofy Pops and their peculiarity certainly attracted loads of attention. Just a caution though - they tasted very sweet so you've got to have a sweet tooth to appreciate their taste. Otherwise, they do make good photo props. :)

Learnt how to make my own lip balm from Shophouse Sixtyfive and I really enjoyed this do-it-yourself experience.

I even got to customize my own lip balm scent and I chose lemon, orange and buttercup (just not a fan of lemongrass scent for lippies). It turned out to be a really moisturizing and effective lip balm that saved me from chapped lips recently. :)

Besides the container of lip balm that I made, we also received a bottle of Argan Oil from Ayelli Cosmetics and a bottle of Clarifying Cleanser from Spotless Medical.

The Argan Oil worked amazingly well with my dry hair ends. I didn't test it on my face though because I don't think I'll like the oily sensation against my already oily skin.

As for the clarifying cleanser, I haven't tried it yet but I noticed that it contained AHA (glycolic acid) which was a powerful ingredient for battling pimply problems. It works by exfoliating those hideous pimple bumps away!

Photo credits to Danessa.

Group photo with my blogger pals!

I finally got to introduce my two blogger friends, Danessa and Pearly to each other and it really warmed my heart to see them getting along so well.

Photo credits to Shutter Speed Photography.

And here's Rena whom I usually see in beauty events. I'll be seeing her again in 2 weeks' time. :D

Photo credits to Shutter Speed Photography.

Ending off this entry with my favourite group photo!

Once again, thank you Lucy for inviting me and I look forward to attend more fun-filled Blog Meet SG events!

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