September 5th, 2015

In Koala Land

GEWR 2015: Piloxing @ True Fitness Suntec City

Hey people!

Last week, I tried Piloxing for the first time at True Fitness Suntec City and I was honestly surrpised at how strenuous and intense this aerobic exercise was.

Piloxing is a combination of Pilates + Boxing, which also means that you can expect to do punching moves as well as pilates stretches.

By itself, boxing was already cardio-intense and the forceful punching moves could really make your arms ache. As for pilates, I was totally owned by it!

With our very fit and flexible fitness instructor!

Holding our core and keeping our balance. Yes, that's radio DJ, Cheryl Miles.

Urm.... I think we were doing squats?

Some matwork for more pilates stretches. This exercise was a total thigh and core killer.

Ending our class with a group picture of us ladies in combat stance.

Some of the goodies received from the fringe activity - a sports bag and my favourite eco bottle.

I know this is a short entry but I'll have more GEWR 2015 entries coming up. My next fringe activity is in 2 weeks' time so stay tuned for my update!

Have a great weekend, my friends!

P.S: Photos of us piloxing our way to fitness as well as the group picture are credited to the GEWR Team.