September 6th, 2015


Event: Running as Wonder Woman for DC Justice League Run

Hey everyone!

Last Sunday was the inaugural DC Justice League Run 2015 held at the Sentosa Beach Station Interim Carpark and it was a day where superheroes compete to determine the best and fastest superhero ever.

Although this sounds a tad competitive and stressful, it was after all a 5km fun run so no stress here. In fact, this was the most relaxing and entertaining run I've ever participated in.

There were soooooo many participants that it took me 45 minutes to reach a spot that was somewhere near the start line. No kidding! My flag off was supposed to be 7.30am but I officially got flagged off at 8.15am in batches.

Nonetheless, I was very impressed by the turnout. Whoever knew that a superhero race would attract so much crowd?

And off we go!

We had 5 characters to choose from, namely Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern. Obviously, Superman and Wonder Woman were the hot favourites.

There was no doubt a lot of young participants for this race, because after all, young people just wanna have some fun.

Interestingly, this race seemed to also attract as many girls and guys. Then again, this wouldn't be surprising. Girls love to play dress up while guys wanna live their superhero dreams. I've even seen men with white hair running around with superhero capes. I guessed boys will always be boys.

Speaking of boys, just look at that cute little Flash over there. He was not the only kid who turned up for this race in a full superhero costume. In fact, I've seen parents spontaneously dressed up to match their kids' superhero outfits, thereby running/walking the race as a superhero family. Can you blame me for being entertained or amused throughout the race?

I normally do not care about distance signs unless I'm desperate enough to know how far I've ran but damn, these distance signs were so photo-worthy!

Crossed the finishing line and clocked the same timing that I've had for my other 5km races!

In case you're wondering, Team Superman emerged the fastest in this race. Why am I not surprised?

There were some post-race fringe activities going on and one of them was a photo-taking session with these superhero cosplayers. Wow, they looked good!

I prefer to just sit and laze around with my superhero drinks. Aren't they adorable?

Loving the finisher medal that I received from this race. It was definitely one of the more unique ones I've owned. :)

Photo credits to Danessa.

With my race buddy, Danessa. We are Team Wonder Woman! Without her, I wouldn't know that there would even be such a race in Singapore.

Although we didn't get to race together, we got to meet each other post-race and I certainly didn't have to wait for long because this girl practically 'flashed' through the race. I think I waited for her for only... 10 minutes despite her being flagged off at a later timing than me. #whyareyousocrazilyfast

Photo credits to Danessa.

Met our blogger friend, Shaun for some photo-taking.

Superman was trapped between two Wonder Women because he couldn't decide between both of us. HA HA!

Photo credits to Danessa and Shaun.

And we spontaneously befriended Shaun's plus one, Joanna. Nice meeting you, girl!

Thank you Danessa and SPRG for inviting me to such a memorable race. I wished we can have another superhero race next year and it'll be great if they bring in sexy Catwoman coz I wanna be her. I can dream, can't I?

Happy Sunday, people!
Ribbon Dress

Event: Ka Bloom+ - Launch of Sample Store's Mobile App!

Hey people!

Yesterday was The Sample Store's Ka Bloom+ event and as a Sample Store blogger, I was invited to attend the launch of their mobile app at Makers' Market @ TripleOne Somerset.

Yes, we can now surf the Sample Store website conveniently on our mobile devices. Specifically, we can check out beauty samples in our shopping cart; read testimonials and write reviews without having to log onto our PC.

That's really awesome for people like me who is constantly on social media but who is hardly at home to be near my personal PC. In fact, I did a checkout for some free samples using the mobile app on Friday!

Our Sample Store goodie box that contained beauty samples and a couple of facial masks.

There were lots of participating brands that were present to introduce their products to us.

One of them was The Cookie Craft with these yummy-looking chocolate chip cookies. It was a pity that I didn't get to try them!

Ma Cherie's girly pink hair products to pamper every lady's tresses. I love their scent!

Products like these will definitely make bath time very relaxing. Right, duckies?

I'm sure every girl who uses makeup will be familiar with ZA Cosmetics and their range of makeup products.

I've personally tried their whitening base makeup years ago when I was learning how to apply makeup.

My Beauty Diary is famous for their large array of affordable facial sheet masks from Taiwan. I've used a couple of their masks before and I really like them.

There was a promotion exclusively for bloggers to purchase their facial sheet masks at a discounted price of $10 per box. If I didn't already have excess of facial sheet masks at home, I would have grabbed the chance to purchase a few boxes!

Whamisa, a beauty brand from Korea was new to me but their product packaging certainly looked enticing.

So tempted to try their facial sheet masks but I know I shouldn't add to my extensive collection.

At the next booth, Cathy Doll was a beauty brand from Thailand with vibrant and attractive packaging.

I'm normally averse to snail beauty products but hey, they looked quite adorable, don't they?

Facial soaps in a variety of colours. Pretty indeed!

Ma Cherie was providing hair styling services while Allure Beauty was providing eyebrow styling services.

I would love to try them but alas, I had a gym appointment to go to after this event. No point sweating away my nicely styled hair and eyebrows!

In case you're wondering about the item on the right, that's not a bowling pin but a gorgeous umbrella, which Allure Beauty gave us. Time to replace my 'cui until cannot cui' umbrella!

Do a checkout on your mobile app and spin the wheel to win something. Danessa and I won ourselves a Bio-essence sachet each! Pearly was way luckier and won herself a bottle of Dettol. I was actually aiming for that!

Lunch was served, courteousy of Full of Crab. The food was a tady spicy but tolerable when washed down with a glass of soft drink.

Desserts that were too pretty to be eaten. I did helped myself to a macaroon and a cookie though. Sorry, couldn't resist.

At the end of the day, this hot pink Karmart bag came in handy. We really depended on it so much to lug our goodies home. Thank you Sample Store for showering us with so much love.

Interested to download the Sample Store mobile app? Click here to do so!

It's lunchtime so I better get going. Till next time! :)