September 7th, 2015

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Event: An Intimate Evening with Gayle Nerva @ Esplanade Recital Studio

Hey people and Happy Monday Blues!

(I'm kidding)

Anyway, do you remember former Singapore Idol contestant, Gayle Nerva?

She was one of the Top 12 finalists in the competition in 2006 alongside other talents like Jonathan Leong and Paul Twohill. I understand that the competition was 9 years ago but I was an active follower of Singapore Idol back then so I definitely could remember some familiar names. Besides, Gayle has a gorgeous pan-Asian face, an effervescent personality and a unique name so it wouldn't be difficult to remember her.

Now a host and a singer, Gayle Nerva had her first solo concert last Saturday at the Esplanade Recital Studio in collaboration with the Singapore Street Festival 2015.

Termed 'An Intimate Evening with Gayle Nerva', it was a night where Gayle shared some of her life stories and personal experiences which inspired the songs that she had written.

Gayle started her musical life at 13 years old when she received her first guitar from her godmother. Being influenced by the variety of songs she has heard in her family as well as on music television (MTV), Gayle began to pick up guitar, sing and write her own songs.

I was really impressed by the way she pursued music despite being at crossroads about her future years ago. She had wanted to become an art teacher for children and had momentarily stopped music before picking it up again. I think many of us who are interested in the performing arts would have gone through a similar phase and can relate to her. I remembered also contemplating pursuing dance rather than the academic life in university.

Some of the love songs she had written were also inspired by her previous relationships which interestingly gave rise to beautiful tunes with heartfelt lyrics such as her original 'Promise to Remember Me'. I was able to feel the emotions of the song through her strong, powerful voice.

Besides singing originals, Gayle also sang covers from her idol inspirations, one of which was 'Everywhere' by Michelle Branch. Damn!! I used to be a fan of Michelle Branch too and I love that song! It really brought back some old memories of me fangirling over Michelle.

Pop/Soul Artist, Gareth Fernandez made a special appearance to sing a duet with Gayle. Their combined voices were amazing! <3

Below are some videos of the songs that I like from Gayle's performance, so do check them out:

Lastly, three cheers to Gayle and her band for the splendid concert! Encore, encore! :)

Thank you Singapore Street Festival for having me once again!

To support Gayle Nerva, you can follow her on Facebook & Instagram, as well as check out her music on her Youtube Channel. Her album, Pretend is also up for sale and you can purchase it here.