September 8th, 2015


Sponsored Review: Essential CC Oil & Night Care Milk

Hey people!

Do you find yourselves having stressed hair sometimes like these evil stress balls below? It sure ain't pretty, yah?

Don't worry, you're not alone. I've experienced all sorts of hair problems ever since I was a teen and let's just say my hair needs a lot of tender, loving and care (TLC) to make it look decent.

5 common stressors contribute to hair problems and they are:

1. Blow drying

This causes heat damage, leaving hair dry and brittle. I can attest to that because I blow dry my hair everyday. :S

2. Combing


Apparently, combing hair can cause friction to the hair cuticles, forming hair knots and leading to breakage. If you comb through wet hair, that's even worse because your hair follicle is at its most fragile state. Damn it, I always comb my wet hair before blow drying.

3. Split Ends

I know I have split ends sometimes because my hairstylist will trim them away for me. Your hair ends are the oldest and driest and when the hair cuticle is destroyed, your hair basically splits into two or more parts. I know that sounds scary but it's a problem more common than we thought.

4. Hair Breakage

Your hair can break if you blow dry, brush or heat style your hair frequently. But do you know that simple actions like tying your hair into a tight ponytail or twirling your hair with your fingers can also lead to hair breakage? DAMNNN IT!!!

5. Dryness

This happens when your hair is exposed to sun and wind or even air-conditioning. It weakens your hair cuticle, which results in it not being able to protect the hair and retain moisture within it. I know this because my hair ends are truly dry and the cold office environment does make it drier.

So in all, this makes hair seemingly fragile and needs a lot of protection and nourishment from the badass factors above.

When typing the 5 common stressors, I was cringing because it seemed like I was affected by all 5 factors. No wonder my hair ain't pretty, but I'll aim to improve my hair so that all the factors above will be a thing of the past.

In order to give our hair some hope, SampleStore sent us 2 of Essential's latest leave-in treatments that target the 5 common stressors and also provide some added protection from pillow friction.

I'll go into the details later but first, let me introduce the 2 products individually.

You've probably heard of Blemish Balm (BB) Creams but have you heard of Cuticle Care (CC) Oils?

Meet the Essential CC Oil (60ml).

This CC Oil follows the same concept as a BB Cream. Just as how BB Creams have multiple functions of moisturizing, brightening and concealing your skin, CC Oil also has multiple functions of protecting your hair from the 5 common stressors.

They do so by forming a protective coat around each hair strand and makes your hair smooth, tangle-free and manageable. You can apply it in the morning and use it like a hair serum on towel-dried or damp hair. The CC Oil should be spread evenly onto the hair, concentrating on mid-length to tip. As it is a leave-in treatment, you need not rinse it off and you can even reapply any time if necessary.

The Essential CC Oil was non-greasy, lightweight and it got absorbed very quickly into the hair. It also had a mild fragrance which was also great if you want nice-smelling hair. And just so you know - the hair supplement oil found in this bottle of goodness is actually similar to our hair's natural oil!

Admittedly, it didn't change the way my hair looked physically, mainly because I already have long, rebonded hair but texture-wise, it made a whole lot of difference. My hair felt smooth, strong and moisturized at the hair ends.

The Essential Night Care Milk (100ml) is a leave-in treatment for night time use only and it works by coating your hair strands with a protective layer so that it can prevent misaligned hair cuticles that are caused by pillow friction.

Apparently, when you lie on your pillow and you toss and turn at night, the friction between your hair and the pillow causes hair cuticles to misalign, thereby resulting in frizz and sometimes, you might even wake up looking like a lion. When that happens, you'll attempt to fix it by washing your hair but who has time for that when you'll need to rush off for work or school dead early in the morning?

To combat pillow friction, you can apply Essential Night Care Milk to towel-dried, damp or dry hair before going to bed. Like the Essential CC Oil, you should spread this product evenly onto your hair, concentrating on mid-length to tip. It is also recommended for you to wait for your hair to be completely dry before going to bed.

As the name suggests, this was a thick, rich and milky product but when applied to hair, it was not greasy and it made the hair so weightlessly smooth. There was no need to rinse your hair after application and you need not worry about staining your pillows as well.

True enough, when I woke up the next morning, my hair was still smooth and soft as though I just applied serum, even though many hours have passed since the application. Nonetheless, I would be lying if I say that my hair no longer needs combing (I still have to comb actually) but let's just say that I do not have to fret over a bad hair day in the morning or to worry about last minute fixing anymore.

Anyway, good news must share but first, you've got to play a game!

You can stand to win attractive prizes by playing Essential's Mane Hero game on Facebook.

Specifically, you've got to try to catch falling pictures of Essential's leave-in products while avoiding the 5 evil stress balls and the pesky pillows. I'm sure many of us have played a similar game like this before so you can go try your luck! I just played a while ago and it was quite fun. :D

Have a good day, everyone!

Essential CC Oil and Night Care Milk retail at $11.90 each and can be found conveniently at local pharmacies (e.g. Watsons, Guardian), supermarkets and departmental stores.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.