September 11th, 2015


[Shoutout]: See you at Soulscape this Saturday!

Hey people!

It's time to get your sunnies, hats, caps, bikinis, workout gears and most importantly, your sunblock out because this Saturday, we're heading for Soulscape!

Soulscape is a massive Yoga festival that will be held on Tanjong Beach @ Sentosa and it will combine the elements of Yoga, Music and Dance. I've heard about this event from my blogger and dance friends so I'm really excited to experience my first Soulscape this coming Saturday with my pole mate cum yoga master, Phelicia. :)

I am most looking forward to Sunset Yoga because hey, I've never done yoga on a beach before.

It looks pretty cool and relaxing to be stretching it all out on the sandy beaches with everyone else, listening to the waves crash and watching the sky darken slowly. I believe it's gonna be a memorable experience for me.

Does this look romantic or what?

I've always wanted to try Acro Yoga even though I have a feeling I might suck at it but there's always a first time for everything. Phelicia is a pro at this and she has agreed to be the base while I attempt to do the acro yoga stunts so we shall see how this Saturday.

This is Surfset, a fitness workout method that is inspired by surfing.

I have never surfed in my life and I know I will look nowhere like the lady in the picture above but I can try, can't I?

For the people who want to groove to the music and pick up some new dance moves, there's Dance, specifically the Shiva Devi Ecstatic Dance, Embodied Dance and the Tahithian Dance. I'll probably check them out when I need a break from yoga.

I'm also very keen to watch the Night Festival performances at the main stage area as well. Can't wait to listen to the songs by Flame of the Forest or watch the amazing parkour stunts by Superfly Monkeys.

Because a video speaks more than a thousand words, I urge you to check out Soulscape in the video below.

I know that I will definitely be seeing other influencers, my pole mates, yoga fanatics and fitness buffs in this event. I'm really excited to meet everyone, make new friends and immerse myself within this community of like-minded people.

Now, let's just hope that the haze does not ruin things.

See you there!

For more details on Soulscape 2015, check out its website here. Tickets for Kids' Activities and Night Festival are still available!

Images are credited to Soulscape SG and IntheLoop.