September 14th, 2015

Vixenish Eyebrows

Advert: Office Buddy Singlish Sketchpad by Tee-saurus

Yozes, people!

Do you have an office buddy?

Nope, I'm not referring to your colleague. I'm referring to this Office Buddy Singlish Sketchpad by Tee-saurus right here.

I know it looks like a calendar but it's more of a desktop stand which you can use to update your colleagues on your office status.

I saw some colleagues using a desktop stand similar to this except that the Tee-saurus version is more witty and 'localised'.

Going on MC? Be sure to let your colleagues know and also remind them not to disturb you during your precious rest!

My favourite? The 'On Leave' sign!

Yes, I am so gonna use this before I go jiak hong (which means 'eat air', which also means 'go on vacation'). Oh yeah!

There are other signs too which you can use and they are all found within this Office Buddy Singlish Sketchpad. Of course, not every sign will be applicable but hey, no one's stopping you from playing around with them.

Since it's also a sketchpad, you can create your own sign and draw some pictures on the blank pieces of paper. There are 50 pieces of paper for you to play around and experiment with your creative skills so go try it!

If your art skills suck like mine, you can just treat it as a notebook. I mean, why not?

So... interested?

Each Office Buddy Singlish Sketchpad retails for $18.90 but if you buy 5 at one go, you only need to pay $70 in total. You can purchase them on Tee-saurus' website here while stocks last!

Remember to quote 'TSxDaintyDiva-Rewards' to receive a 10% discount off your purchase! :D

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.