September 20th, 2015

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Event: Soulscape 2015 - A Magical Place Beyond the Om

Hey everyone!

As you know from my previous shoutout on Soulscape 2015, it was my first time attending this Yoga festival at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa and it was an absolutely splendid experience.

The turnout for this event was larger than I expected and interestingly, there were quite a lot of guys attending this. I've always thought that yoga was a ladies' sport but it seemed like guys can appreciate it too.

True enough, I also got to meet other yogis, pole dancers and Instagram fitness stars in this event.

The highlight of this event was actually the Sunset Yoga, which I never got to do because my body was aching and I was having a migraine. Well, you couldn't blame me because I was yoga-ing at this event since 9.30am.

That said, I managed to take a shot of other yoga fanatics waiting to do Sunset Yoga while watching Superfly Monkeys parkour on stage.

Photo credits to Phelicia.

Really happy that Phelicia was able to join me as a plus one for this event. She's my pole mate and a yoga master.

Love this picture of us which was taken using a selfie stick sponsored by Real Yoga.

If you need a break from yoga, you can rest and relax on these colourful cushions. I didn't get to chill here though because they were largely occupied by other people.

I then remembered that Phelicia and I had access to the Tribal Council VIP Chill Zone so we headed there to rest our aching bodies on the daybeds instead.

Real Yoga was present to sell yoga apparel and related equipment. I adore their travel yoga mats because they were really lightweight and easy to carry around.

Surfset classes were conducted outside Tanjong Beach Club and they seemed like a fun, one-to-one personalized session.

Phelicia got tips from another yoga master for her handstands. Dammmnnn girlllll, so much control!

Community Pavilion was one of the venues with ongoing yoga classes. There was even someone playing live music while the yogis were doing their poses. Amazing!

For this pavilion, members of the public could join the yoga classes for free even if they did not purchase Soulscape tickets.

I attended my first Acro Yoga class taught by Marc Bauchet at Warrior Pavilion. It was a physically exhausting class but I was also very excited to learn some new stunts.

Just look at the demonstration by the pros. Like pole dance, you need strength, endurance and some guts to do your Acro Yoga poses.

Photo credits to Phelicia.

This was the most basic Acro Yoga trick - the Front Plank pose. This was also the prelude to the following trick which was...

Photo credits to Phelicia.

... the Front Bird pose. This pose requires holding your core and maintaining your balance on your partner's feet.

Honestly speaking, I much prefer to be the flyer rather than the base. It was partially because I did not have the strength to lift someone else so I would rather be the one stunting on top.

I am very thankful to have a partner who was strong enough to lift me because she was actually doing most of the work.

Photo credits to Phelicia.

Trust is really important in Acro Yoga and here, I trust that my partner could lift and support me in High-Flying Whale pose without dropping me.

If your partner is strong and stable enough, this pose is actually quite a comfortable one to be in.

After my Acro Yoga session in the morning, I headed to the Eagle View Pavilion for Soulfire Flow by Cristi Christensen.

I expected it to be a slow session where I can chill and rest my body but it turned out to be a really long yoga session full of repetitive poses such as downward dog, cobra and planks. I thought I could just rest in child's pose for the entire session. HA HA. Fat hope of that happening.

Towards the end of the session, it somehow turned into a crazy dancing session where they blasted music and everyone became kinda high. I think they were just trying to get us out of our comfort zone and to get our energy up.

Lunch time!

There were several stalls selling healthy food, although a tad expensive but I guessed we didn't have much of a choice here. I went for a chicken avocado sandwich from this stall.

Coco Life was present to distribute coconut water, mineral water as well as other packet drinks.

This was the 3rd coconut water I've tried this year and it was so good that I went for another bottle.

In all, Soulscape was a blast and I was glad to be part of this memorable event.

I just want to thank The Influencer Network for selecting me as a Soulscape influencer as well as the sponsors for our goodie bag.

Thank you Real Yoga for the bag, selfie stick, travel yoga mat and yoga access passes; Madana for the bottle; Rumi Yoga Wear for the headband and Theresa for the beauty salon voucher. I feel so pampered.

Till next entry, everyone and have a marvelous Sunday. :)
Smile Project Photo

Inside Out Movie, Shu Uemura 3D Brow Styling & Pole-ling at Pure Fitness

Hey people!

So earlier this month, Shen and I went to watch Inside Out.

We talked about the movie even before it went on our big screens so we knew that this would be a movie we would catch.

Photo credits to

True enough, this movie really lived up to its appeal. It was witty, clever, touching and relatable to all. I lost count of the number of times I burst out laughing. Now I know why both adults and kids love this movie. :)

I loved how all the characters have their own funny quirks and surprisingly, my favourite character was Sadness. Her emo freakness totally cracked me up. Just look at how she's slumped onto the ground in depressive mode in the above poster. Totally hilarious!

Shen's favourite character was the imaginery friend, Bing Bong. When Bing Bong disappeared (yes, spoiler alert!), I think many kids felt sad and this was possibly the part that made some kids cry. The family scenes were also heart-warming and in all, I was so glad I caught this movie. Interestingly, Shen also seemed to like this movie wayyyy more than me. 'Best movie ever', he said. HA HA!!

On polling day, I went for a 3D Brow Styling Service by Shu Uemura after casting my vote for the elections. 3D Brow Styling consisted of eyebrow plucking followed by styling using brow makeup, specifically using the makeup tools in the picture below.

I won this brow styling service because of an Instagram contest and honestly, I've never worn brow makeup before so it was an interesting first-timer experience for me.

I was thankful that they plucked my eyebrows though because my eyebrows have grown out after 2 months and they were thick, bushy and desperate for a trim.

Left picture shows my eyebrows after styling and right picture shows my plucked eyebrows after I've washed away the brow makeup. Surprisingly, I still prefer my simple plucked brows without makeup! Or perhaps, I'm just used to that look. Loving the neat brows though because it brightens up my face. :)

Anyway, I was given a complimentary 7 day pass to Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness thanks to the Blog Meet SG @ Pure Yoga event that I attended a month ago.

So yesterday, I decided to visit Pure Fitness @ Knightsbridge to try out their Pole Intermediate class.

Yes, they actually have a pole studio within a gym which was very interesting except that the studio had clear glass walls and it was right beside the men changing room and the male-dominated weightlifting section of the gym. Naturally, the guys will look into the studio while they exercise. Awkward much.

That said, I'm really happy to be able to train on a static pole again because it's been many months since I've touched a static pole. They had a choreo with contemporary moves and their tricks were honestly pretty challenging too. And we had to dismantle and keep our poles after class - definitely a first in my years of pole-ling life!

Alright. It's lunch time so I better get going.

Have a great Sunday people and do continue to watch this space as I have more blog entries coming up. :)
From The Top

Event: Yellow Ribbon Prison Walk 2015

Hey people!

Last week was the annual Yellow Ribbon Prison Run which turned into a walk because of the haze.

I was initially worried that it would be cancelled entirely so I was relieved when the organizers announced that the event would still go on, except that everybody including the 10km competitive runners would be walking for 6km instead.

I guessed walking for 6km also worked well for me because my body was aching from yoga-ing at Soulscape 2015 the day before.

So there I was on a hazy Sunday at SAF Field (Farnborough Road), ready to start walking the 6km trail dead early in the morning.

Photo credits to Yellow Ribbon Project.

With my blogger buddy and fellow Social Media Advocate, Danessa!

She was so thoughtful to bring along an N95 mask for me.

And off we went!

Our 6km route was honestly a secluded one where we saw old buildings and barbed wires lining the rusty gates.

If it weren't for the presence of runners in their brightly coloured yellow tank tops, this route would honestly be a quiet and lonely one.

Was this meant to depict the quiet and lonely road that ex-offenders had to go through before they reintegrate into society?

Spotting the signature yellow ribbon and the distance signs as we walked along.

Reached the 'Happily Ever After Running Trail' (HEART) and this was where the fun began.

We got to meet special characters depicting their tales of second chances along this route.

Say hello to the ugly ducklings!

Ugly ducklings turned swans. Guy beside me was totally a swan diva.

Gorgeous princesses in their pretty blue dresses.

In case you're wondering, these special characters were played by student actors from Lasalle College of the Arts.

I liked this part of the route because it reminded me of a rustic countryside.

Until I saw these seemingly never-ending fences full of barbed wires. Depressive much.

The Cool Zone was not an area for blasting cool air (much to my disappointment) but simply an area for photo-taking.

Spotted religious and historic institutions like the Changi Baptist Church and the Changi Chapel Museum within the vicinity.

It then occurred to me that yes, religion does play a great part in guiding some ex-offenders (especially those with religious beliefs) towards a smoother, rehabilitative path.

Singapore Prison Service, the government organization managing the prison systems.

Walking through the iconic Old Changi Prison Wall which opens once a year for this event.

And finishing right into the heart of the Changi Prison Complex.

After we crossed the finishing line, we headed straight for the carnival which was already bustling with activities at that time.

In particular, we headed straight for the milo van because no one can resist milo!

We also went to collect our goodie bags containing our essentials - water and food.

Can you see someone waving her hands at me from the photo above?

Of course, we also collected our finisher medals which unsurprisingly, carried a design of the prison wall. I love it!

What's behind those dark curtains?

It was an interactive prison simulation game which Danessa and I participated in to better understand the prison life of an offender as well as the rehabilitation process.

There were several rooms behind the dark curtains and the first room we entered was a mock-up prison cell.

The boxes at the corners of the room contained basic necessities that were given to the offender for his or her use within the cell.

Like the real escape games that were very popular in Singapore, we had to solve puzzles and take part in challenges to find the answers that would help us to escape our room within the time limit.

The puzzles and challenges weren't mind-boggling but they were interesting enough to educate us about the various programmes that the offenders had to go through as part of their rehabilitation.

We escaped the room successfully and were treated to Ben & Jerry ice-cream as well as mooncakes!

Danessa and I are proud to be Social Media Advocates for this insightful and eye-opening event.

Although we couldn't run, we were happy to walk, learn and show support by being part of this event.

The road to acceptance will not be easy for the ex-offenders but let's be open and give these ex-offenders a chance to prove themselves in this society. If more people are willing to give a second chance, these ex-offenders will then be able to reintegrate into our community more efficiently.

I end this entry with a meaningful quote that was printed on my finisher medal:

' To You, It's Pushing Ahead. To Them, It's No Turning Back'.

So let's make the road to acceptance a smoother path for all ex-offenders.

For more information, you can follow the Yellow Ribbon Project on their various social media platforms, namely their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Photos of Danessa and me are credited to Danessa (unless otherwise stated).