September 24th, 2015

In Koala Land

GEWR 2015: KpopX @ True Fitness Suntec City

Hi everyone and Happy Hari Raya to my Muslim friends!

Last Saturday, I attended another fitness fringe activity, KpopX @ True Fitness Suntec City, this time with Great Eastern Women's Run (GEWR) buddy, Rose.

In case you're wondering, KpopX is actually Kpop Dance Fitness, i.e. doing fitness/aerobic exercises to Korean pop music. It's not Korean hip hop or the kind of moves that you see in Girls Generation's MTV videos.

Nonetheless, it's meant to instill a bit of fun when doing aerobics and since there's evidently a K-wave in Singapore, KpopX is still highly popular among gym-goers. Last Saturday marked my second time doing KpopX, with my first experience documented here.

In comparison to last year's KpopX under GEWR, this year's style was a little more... 'aerobics-inclined', filled with lots of jumping and running actions.

I'd have to admit that I prefer last year's style because it was more dancey and there were also more hip-hoppish moves as well. Or perhaps I was more interested in the familiar Kpop songs that were played last year.

That said, it was fun trying this out with Rose because we kept laughing at each other.

Group photo of the ladies in the #runtolivegreat programme as well as other GEWR participants.

Cutesy heart pose with our two energetic instructors.

Ending this entry with a generous goodie bag from the event.

Thank you Great Eastern for pampering us!

Group photo and photos of the ladies in action are credited to Great Eastern.

Food Invite: The Soup Spoon Take Me to Japan!

Hey everyone!

On Monday, I had a hearty Japanese soup feast because it was The Soup Spoon's pre-launch of their 3 new Japan Souper Inspirations Soups!

The Soup Spoon previously launched 3 Japan Souper Inspirations soups in early September but I missed them so I was elated to have the opportunity to sample 3 new Japan Souper Inspirations soups which will be available in all outlets from 22 September till 12 October.

I got to bring along a plus one too so I invited Jessie to attend this food tasting with me.

Happy to meet Souperchef Anna again (the first time was here)!

In this photo, she was sharing about how her Japan trip has inspired her to create the soups that we had tasted.

I was in awe when I saw her photos because I've always felt that Japan was beautiful, magical and culturally different - definitely a country worth exploring. The Soup Spoon, #TakeMetoJapan please!

We started our food tasting with a darn addictive Japanese snack, i.e. Edamame Beans.

I forgot how to eat this initially so Jessie taught me and before I knew it, I was popping beans into my mouth like nobody's business.

We were served some Sakura Sencha Tea which unfortunately, didn't go too well with my taste buds.

It was rather bland so after a while, I found myself eyeing other people's Ice Lemon Tea. HA HA!

Our appetizer was this yummilicious Chirashi Soba which I practically devoured because I simply adore the tasty chicken bits and the soba. More please, more!

The first soup that we tried was the Vegan Miso Red Rice Stew with Wakame. The moment I tasted this, I turned to Jessie and said, 'Wow, I feel very healthy.'.

Apparently, in Japan, vegetarianism isn't common. Thus, the Japanese government has been trying to list restaurants which serve vegetarian food in a guide book so as to cater to tourists who are vegetarian.

This inspired Souperchef Anna to create this healthy soup made up of generous amounts of tofu, carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, red rice topped with togarashi (i.e. Japanese Mixed Chilli Pepper) as a special condiment.

Even though it was full of healthy ingredients, it still tasted good and didn't compromise on the flavour. So whoever says healthy food needs to taste bland and boring?

Some chicken soup for the soul?

Introducing the Mitzutaki X Keihan Chicken Stew which comprised marinated chicken, carrots, shitake mushrooms, black fungus and barley. In Japan, Keihan is a soup with rice, chicken, shredded omelette and shiso leaf while Mitzutaki is a classic stew commonly eaten in Hakata.

This soup combines both Mitzutaki and Keihan, resulting in this rich and comforting bowl of chicken goodness. I love it and I couldn't get enough of it. I don't normally like barley so this was one of the rare times where I could eat those barley bits within the soup without making a face so yay!

The tastiest and most attractive soup in my opinion was the Barramundi Miso Stew and I must say that this won my heart, or perhaps everyone else's hearts.

I might be biased here but personally, I love eating fish slices in soup, let alone these delicious pieces of Kuhlbarra Barramundi Fish. This awesome fish right here can even help to boost our brain and keep us young. Amazing, right?

This soup also contained cabbage, carrots, potatoes, shitake mushrooms, shiro miso, tofu cubes and togarashi. Altogether, the blend of ingredients really spiced up this soup and made it an extremely flavourful one.

It was honestly a tough fight between Barramundi Miso Stew and the Mitzutaki X Keihan Chicken Stew but I eventually rated the former as my ultimate favourite because it stood out for its strong and enticing flavour. So... thumbs up for it!

Oh, I almost forgot there was dessert!

I might be full but when I saw this Sesame Cake, I couldn't resist. The texture was really light and fluffy and the cake wasn't overly sweet as well. Yummy!

I was really happy to receive a pack of my favourite Barramundi Miso Stew as a door gift.

In fact, I just cooked it for my family to sample a while ago and everyone was singing praises of it.

I also won a bottle of Togarashi because of an Instagram contest. Unfortunately, I hardly cook and my Mum isn't used to Japanese spices so I will be giving this bottle to a colleague who can appreciate this better. She cooks everyday and loves spicy food so it's very apt.

Anyway, does anyone here want to win travel packages to Japan?

You can win it via:

1. Lucky Draw

- Receive a stamp card with a stamp when you buy a Japan Souper Inspirations soup.
- Collect 3 stamps in total (means buy 3 Japan Souper Inspirations soup).
- Answer a quiz question on the stamp card, fill out your particulars and drop the stamp card into The Soup Spoon's lucky draw boxes.

2. Instagram Contest

- Follow @thesoupspoonsg and @dinerstravelsg.
- Snap your best food styling shot wtih any Japan Souper Inspiration soups.
- Hashtag #TSSTakeMetoJapan and tag @thesoupspoonsg and @dinerstravelsg + tell them why you want to go to Japan.

Go try your luck because you never know when lady luck will be beside you!

Thank you The Soup Spoon for organizing this event and Souperchef Anna for your wonderful creations. :)

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.