September 26th, 2015


Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey people!

Last week, I turned a year older.

I used to think that I would dread turning older and I thought that the older I get, the more miserable and grumpy I would become.

A year older seems to mean more responsibilities and more worries about the future. A year older makes every lady think about her passing youth; wonder about her current status and ponder about what it means to cross a life stage.

Fortunately, I didn't become the miserable and grumpy lady that I expected because when my birthday came, it was one filled with love and I was as joyful as the lady in the drawing.

Ah yes, the lady in the drawing is me and it was created by a very talented colleague. Many friends commented that it was a beautiful drawing and it also captured my bubbly and cheerful personality. Interestingly, it was also an accurate depiction because I apparently touch my hair when I am shy, nervous or excited. It's funny how everyone notices that except me.

My birthday coincided with a work event where I was one of the award recipients so I got to keep this artistic drawing of myself. A colleague also surprised me with a cake from Delifrance and I thought that was really nice of her. <3

Speaking of cakes, it's a yearly tradition for me to celebrate my birthday with my 2nd sister, whose birthday occurs a week before mine.

This lovely cake from Cake Avenue was mega delicious so thank you to my Big Sis for buying this for us. It feels good to have the whole family by your side, singing a birthday song and wishing you well in life. :)

It's also a 'yearly tradition' to celebrate my birthday with my Bestie, whose birthday also falls a week ahead of mine.

We started celebrating our birthdays together 3 years ago and it feels great to know that after 3 years, we are still so close and still have so much to share with each other. She's one of my biggest confidantes in life and I hope we stay this way, supporting each other mutually throughout our lives.

Normally, we would choose a date in between our birthdays but this year, due to my hectic schedule, we had to have a belated celebration. :S

That said, we celebrated our birthdays with some pizzas, courteousy of Domino's Pizza and she was also really sweet to treat me to P.Osh milkshakes and brownie.

Bestie also surprised me with a Skechers gym bag as my birthday gift. I thought it was a very apt present for a fitness junkie like me.

Our presents for each other were normally small so I certainly didn't expect to receive a branded and rather expensive bag. Nonetheless, I loved this bag and I've started using this for some of my fitness activities already.

This year was special because I also got to celebrate my birthday with Shen.

We had our dinner at Old Boys Gallery which was a cosy cafe full of artistic paintings and really good food. I loved the cafe so much that I visited it again a week later.

My birthday treat from Shen was all these glorious food.

We had roast pork aglio olio and a platter of crab cakes, marmite wings and meatballs. They were sinful but SO. GOOD. There's something about the way Old Boys Gallery prepares their pasta that makes me like their pasta more than the ingredients. I really wonder what magical sauce did they add to their pasta.

The spam chips at the bottom left corner were on the house. It was so-so to me, possibly because I knew I was having deep fried luncheon meat so I tried to eat only a few pieces. Shen loved them though and he ate majority of them.

Shen also brought me to Banana Tree because he wanted to treat me to cake.

Initially, he wanted to surprise me with a slice of cake but my colleague had already done it so eventually, my birthday cake from Shen became this adorable pot of banana pudding topped with oreo bits.

Although it wasn't a traditional birthday cake, it was novel and I could feel his effort to do something different for me on this special day. Needless to say, we had fun trying to shovel 'soil' into each other's mouths. :D

Blogger friend Danessa also came to my workplace to pass me a box of macaroons as my birthday gift.

I thought it was super sweet of her to travel all the way to meet me at my convenience. I was also happy to share these sweet treats with my family and Shen.

Blogger friend, Jessie also showered me with a bag of gifts.

She buys me a bag of gifts each time she returns from an overseas trip (and she has gone for quite a number this year) so I've actually been receiving lots from her.

Thank you girl for remembering me whenever you go overseas and for pampering me with so many goodies all the time. :)

Since I'm on the topic of feeling loved, I feel that I should take this opportunity to mention about a recent incident that made me realize just how much other people care for me.

Few days before my birthday, something unpleasant (and thankfully not tragic) happened to me. I was at an event and basically got myself locked in the toilet for 1 hour. :S

You might be thinking, 'The lock's inside the cubicle. How the hell did you lock yourself in?'. Well, let's just say that the lock's not the usual lock that you see in public toilets. It's more of a... room door lock with a more complicated mechanism and basically, it was stuck and I found myself trapped in the toilet.

As embarassing as this incident might be, it also allowed me to witness how I was cared for by my blogger friend, Pearly as well as Shen. Pearly went around looking for help and stayed in the toilet throughout the 1 hour while other people were trying to save me. She comforted me through whatsapp in case I was afraid and assured me of her presence outside the toilet cubicle. When I was finally out, she ran over to hug me. Evidently, she was more worried for me than I was for myself.

Shen got to know about this incident largely because I was complaining about the ordeal thereafter (and about how hungry I was coz I didn't manage to have dinner) and I didn't expect that he would rush to my place to look for me. It was 11pm then and he would reach home way past his bedtime but he wanted to ensure that I was fine and that I had something to eat before I returned home. I was honestly very touched by their acts of concern. Although it was late and I possibly smell like a toilet, they stayed by me just to make sure I was well.

I will never forget this incident. If I ever get down in life, I must always remember that I am very blessed to be surrounded by lots of love and people who care about me.

Last but not least, thank you to everyone else who wished me a 'Happy Birthday' over Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and in person!

This is a very long entry but it certainly brought me a huge smile when I was typing this so thank you for reading till here. Let's turn in now. Goodnight world!
Ribbon Dress

Event: Opening of Times Book Store @ Marina Square

Happy Saturday, my friends!

Few days ago, I attended the opening of Times Book Store @ Marina Square with blogger friends, Danessa and Pearly. Thank you Danessa for extending the invite. :)

Although Pearly and I were one of the few invitees who are non parenting bloggers, we still had our own fun and it's really nice to meet all these inspiring parenting bloggers out there. I really look up to the bloggers who can multitask among work, children, household chores and blogging. They're really amazing.

Times Book Store @ Marina Square is the 6th outlet in Singapore. Interestingly, it came with a new concept that seemed to appeal very much to children.

For starters, the store looked warm and inviting with their bright orange hues that somehow gave off a vibrant vibe. Even as an adult, I was drawn to the store based on its colour alone.

In order to cater to the reading and lifestyle needs of children, 30% of the store is dedicated to children and stocked with all these visually appealing cartoon books that I know little about.

I was commenting to Pearly that the children today seemed to have so many book choices. When I was a kid, the only appealing book series to me was Enid Blyton books because they were in colourful hardcovers with pretty graphics. If I was a kid today, I would be spoilt for choice.

Spot the series of Peppa Pig books that were suffice to attract little girls. Danessa's daughter, Yasmin wanted her Mummy to buy her a Peppa Pig book. I believe that if my niece, Regina was in the store with me, she would have requested for one too. She loves Peppa Pig so much.

Besides books, Times Book Store also carries educational toys that promote fun learning and cultivate creativity in children. Yes, I'm talking about brain games and puzzles and they certainly do not look boring at all.


Photo credits to Times Book Store.

The adult consumers were not forgotten too. Young adults (and the not so young ones like me) can browse through novels and magazines at this corner.

Searching for your favourite Divergent or Hunger Games Book? You might wanna look here!

I've got to say that I really adore the variety of gifts in this store. There's practically something for everyone.

The books that you see in the picture above aren't plain notebooks but self-help books that you can give your friend for a little boost of encouragement and inspiration.

When Danessa saw these Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest colouring books, she was so excited that she nearly got this for herself.

It was honestly a tough call between Peppa Pig and this creative colouring book. :P

Something for the green fingers?

These growing kits made planting seemed really manageable and I think they make good housewarming gifts, don't you think?

I am a sucker for notebooks and I use them often so naturally, I was attracted to these moleskines, especially the Le Petit Prince one.

In fact, there were plenty of notebook choices within Times Book Store so I believe that it will be a future haven for me when I run out of notebooks.

Say hello to Yasmin (Danessa's daughter) who was busy eating her candy floss when I was taking a picture of her.

I finally got to meet her and she seemed to like me very much. :)

Dinner reception for the invited guests. So glad there was pasta!

The fringe activities were mainly for the kids so I was glad that there was one suitable for adults.

I got my caricature drawn and although many people said that it didn't look like me (maybe except the hair), I still like it.

P.S: The dress and LV bag were not accurate depictions of my actual outfit. I certainly did not look so sexy that day.

Photo credits to Times Book Store.

Posing with our caricatures. Look at how cute Yasmin is when she covers her face with her caricature.

Photo credits to Times Book Store.

Love this photo of us girls and the little one. :)

Received a generous goodie bag from Times and I was so in love with the Wizard of Oz Tin Man tote bag!

That quote totally gripped my heart.

Anyway, good things must share!

Poster credits to Times Book Store.

As you can see from the poster above, you have till tomorrow to enjoy 15% discount (for non-members) or 25% discount (for members) if you purchase something from Times Book Store @ Marina Square.

So if you're a parent looking for a book or a toy for your kid; or if you just wanna get that something for yourself, head down to Times Marina Square by tomorrow and take the opportunity to enjoy the attractive discount.

For more information, you can also check out Times Book Store on its Official Website and Facebook Page.

Times Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
#03-149-151, Marina Square
Singapore 039594