October 4th, 2015


Chicken Up, Lip Eczema & Hauls

Yoz people!

The weather has been an ass lately, with it being all hazy on one day and having clear blue skies the day after. I was so disappointed when I didn't get to go for my outdoor fitness activities yesterday because of the abruptly high PSI levels.

Let's just hope we get more clear blue skies so that we need not hide ourselves at home or behind our masks. I want to be outdoors too so I hope my activities do not get disrupted!

Anyway, last week, Shen and I tried Chicken Up after hearing many raves about the food.

We had a '1-for-1' voucher for their famous chicken wings so we decided to order the Soya Chicken Wings and the Yangnyum Chicken Wings. Unfortunately, we were not impressed because the Soya Chicken Wings were too salty and the Yangnyum Chicken Wings were too sweet. We also got quite sick of the wings after a while.

The Bulgogi Fries were delicious but it was over-priced in my opinion. $12 for fries - it was the most expensive fries I've ever eaten. I guessed we won't be going back to this place anytime soon. :S

For the past few weeks, I've been having dry, peeling skin above my upper lip and it was annoying the hell out of me. I was prescribed cold sore cream initially but I supposed I didn't have cold sores because the cream had no effect in healing my lips.

I suspected I might have mild lip eczema because the hydrocortisone cream that I was prescribed worked a little by reducing the redness but I was still dry and peely. I had to stay off my lip balm and avoid using other lip products in case of any allergic reactions so it made it more difficult for me, especially when I already have naturally dry and chapped lips. I couldn't lick my lips too as it will worsen the eczema. My upper lip was so stiff eventually and I'm really sorry if I grossed everyone out with my peely lips. :(

I was about to make an appointment to see the dermatologist but I no longer had to because this miracle product saved my lips! Yes, it's the good ol' multi-purpose Vaseline (i.e. petroleum jelly) that costs me only $2.80 for a tub.

Since I couldn't apply my regular lip balm, I was advised to use Vaseline for the time being. Amazingly, after applying it, the redness subsided while the dryness and peeling stopped. My lips were no longer stiff too. I WAS SO RELIEVED!

I guessed Vaseline's my best friend for now.

Another miraculous thing that happened today was that I finally went shopping. I probably hadn't shopped for a long while because I couldn't even remember when was the last time I did. Anyway, here's my humble haul.

My shoes were spoilt so I went to search for another and I ended up with a pair of wedges that looked almost the same as my old one. I know I'm boring but I actually really liked wedges in this style because it matches ALL my clothes. You can pair it with shorts for a casual fun day out. And if you match it with a dress or a pair of black work pants, you're ready for the office. Besides, it retails at $25 from this shop called Avocadoe @Westgate and it's very affordable.

Avocadoe is having a clearance sale at the moment so there are 50% discounts if you buy subsequent pairs of shoes. I had a $50 voucher to use so I basically bought another pair of wedges (yes, in the same style) and a pair of polka-dotted flip flops to make up to the amount.

I know you can't see it from here but my flip flops are slightly elevated. HA HA. My friends are so gonna roll their eyes at me because even when it comes to slippers/flip flops, I refuse to wear flat ones. Can't wait to flip flop in this to my pole class!

On a side note, I cooked for myself today and I survived! Well, the food tasted okay but I've really got to work on its presentation. Thank you to my friends who shared some simple recipes with me so that I could explore in my meal preparation! You're all such a great help. :)

Gotta go wash up now so goodnight everyone and I'll be back to blog again.