October 9th, 2015

Ze Cartoon

Food Invite: Celebrating Texas Chicken's 5th Anniversary

Happy TGIF, people!

I normally love Fridays because it's party/chill out/relax/lepak time for me but today, I'm really bummed that it's a 'bring-work-home' Friday instead.

Nonetheless, Monday was an awesome day because not only did I not have Monday blues, I also celebrated Texas Chicken's 5th Anniversary with a food tasting session at its Star Vista outlet.

Thank you Select Group for hosting Shen and me!

Texas Chicken is currently having its Snap & Win! Photo Contest and whether you're an aspiring food photographer or not, you are welcomed to participate in this contest.

Basically, you have to place your Texas Chicken meal on the outlet's specially curated table stickers, arrange them in the most creative way possible and take a photo of your meal from the top.

Above picture was my attempt to be creative (*ahem) but I'm certain you can do better than that.

Be sure to upload your photo on Facebook, hashtag #TexasChickenis5 and stand to win $1,000 worth of Texas Chicken vouchers. :)

We started our food tasting with a refreshing Nestle Sjora drink, which was essentially a juice fusion of mango and peach.

This drink was thankfully not very sweet and you can't really go wrong with mango + peach so I must say that it was an amazing thirst quencher.

We also tried Texas Chicken's Herb & Garlic Chicken which were highly raved by patrons and I could see why.

The chicken meat was tender and tasty, particularly when it was topped with a generous amount of herb and garlic seasoning. Despite being generously flavoured with seasoning, it was not too overpowering which was perfect for me. :)

The highlight of our meal was actually the Honey Butter Biscuit at the right corner. Don't be fooled by its seemingly plain appearance; its taste was totally delicious to the max that Shen actually requested for another one.

The biscuit was fluffy without being all too crumbly and the taste was sweetened by the lovely glaze of honey on its surface. I loved how I could just eat it on its own without having to flavour it with jam or other sauces.

We also had Mashed Potato as one of our sides. I'm a potato lover so when it comes to mashed potatoes, I'm all 'YAY to carbs'.

Texas Chicken is having a promotional meal this month and this promotion will end by 31 October. For $8.60, you can get a 2 pc Herb & Garlic Chicken, a Honey Butter Biscuit, a regular Mashed Potato paired with a large, chilling Nestle Sjora.

Some of the additional items we tasted were the Chicken Tenders and a piece of Original Chicken.

The Original Chicken was really crispy and I love the tender meat underneath that sinful layer of skin. I'm not a fan of the chicken tenders though because ironically, the meat wasn't that tender for this one.

Remember how much I loved the Honey Butter Biscuit?

They actually have it in dessert form. This dessert is called the Chocolate Shortcake ($2.70) and it was basically a sundae drizzled with chocolate but this time with a warm Honey Butter Biscuit at the base of the sundae.

This dessert may be innovative and yummy but it still paled in comparison to the effects of a chocolate lava cake topped with ice-cream.

I guessed it's because the Honey Butter Biscuit loses its warmth very quickly while being buried under ice-cream so it ends up tasting like a regular sundae after a while. Perhaps it will be better to simply place a scoop of ice-cream on top of the Honey Butter Biscuit so that it can still retain its warmth at its base.

That said, have you gotten your $5 Texas Chicken voucher already?

If you haven't, you should drop by Texas Chicken at its Vivocity outlet on 13 October 15, 1pm to take a photo with the mascot and redeem your voucher.

In fact, I encourage you to claim that $5 voucher and treat yourself to a good Herb & Garlic Chicken meal after that. Good idea? :)

Have a great weekend, everyone while I slog myself at work. I'll be having new blog entries coming up next week so stay tuned!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.