October 12th, 2015


Food Invite: Horror-Ween Night with Rocku Yakiniku

Hi people!

So it's Halloween month and I was invited to Rocku Yakiniku last Thursday for a Horror-Ween Night food tasting session.

Located at the 4th level of Bugis+ where all the other eateries were, Rocku Yakiniku was easy to spot because of its ghoulish decorations that made this restaurant stand out from the crowd.

Does this remind you of a haunted house?

Cobwebs everywhere. Ooohh, they feel soft like cotton wool! :P

Clowns are the happiest in the world but there's just something about the way they laugh that make them look disturbing.

I was honestly mesmerized by these hanging bottles because it was my first time seeing such innovative decor. Now, I just hope that none of the bottles will ever fall.

Rocku Yakiniku, as the name suggests, is a casual Japanese dining restaurant that blends a traditional style of dining with modern entertainment, thereby characterizing Japanese pop culture.

The key feature of the restaurant was the charcoal grill buffet which I will elaborate further so read on!

The vibe of the place was edgy and comfortable, sort of like chilling in a pub without the blasting loud music and the wild craziness. It was definitely a cosy place to chill with a large group of friends. Unsurprisingly, many of the patrons were young adults.

Rocku Yakiniku also provides entertainment in the form of Korean, Japanese and Mandarin Pop-Rock live music from Thursday to Saturday. I like such entertainment because I get to hum along to familiar tunes as well as my favourite pop songs.

It was also a pleasant surprise that fellow blogger Mint was the performer of the night during our food tasting session. We got to enjoy great music while listening to her melodious voice. :)

Mint and Morgan perform every Thursday; Regine and Ernest perform every Friday while Jia Ling and Ernest perform every Saturday so be sure to catch them at their respective performance days from 7pm to 10pm!

Alright, food's here!

We started our food tasting with these fresh pieces of
salmon and cucumber slices as appetizer. I love salmon and I can't say no to them so needless to say, they went straight to my mouth. <3

Fancy some Horror-Ween Cocktails ($16.90 ++ per jug)?

No worries, you won't be drinking disgusting concoctions of blood and whatnots. Instead, you can choose among Spooky Passion (Passionfruit Cocktail), Bloody Thirsty (Strawberry Cocktail) and Witch's Brew (Kiwi Cocktail).

I tried the Witch's Brew and I loved it to bits! :)

One of the highlights of the food tasting was the Rocku Bomb Welcome Drink, which to me was more of a 'You Must Really Come Here and Experience This' drink.

Rocku Bomb is a beer-sake cocktail drink and the main attraction was the table banging that customers had to do to get their shot of sake to fall into the glass of beer. You would be surprised but a simple action like table banging can bring the entire table so much fun and laughter. I'd say you grab your friends to join in the fun!

Warning: You might get splashed. But what's a few splashes as compared to a memorable experience?

Best of all, this drink is complimentary for all customers of the restaurant from Monday to Thursday so yayy!

Charcoal grill time! I exceptionally love chargrilling the corns from the vegetable platter because they tasted sweet and delicious. :)

Besides corn, you can expect to see Shiitake mushrooms, egg plant, capsicum, leek, onion and also garlic for your vegetable selection.

Our seafood platter was filled with crayfish, salmon, prawns, mussels, baby cuttlefish and baby octopus.

It was practically a tantalizing seafood feast for all of us.

Was totally won over by this glorious and irresistible plate of beef and pork. The meat platter was by far my favourite out of all.

To entice you further, you can choose from among these variety of meat: Beef Striploin, Beef Chuck Tender, Beef Chuck Short Plate, Pork Collar, Pork Belly, Pork Jowl, Bacon, Chicken and Wagyu Beef.

Spoilt for choice already? I know. Pass me another plate of beef and pork, please!

After raving on and on about the food, I'm sure you're curious to know about the prices so let me share:

- Lunch Buffet ($15.90++ for 100 min) on weekdays (Mon to Thurs)
- Lunch Buffet ($18.90++ for 100 min) on weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun), eve of public holidays and public holidays
- Dinner Buffet ($25.90 ++ for 100 min) on weekdays
- Dinner Buffet ($32.90++ for 100 min) on weekends

You can enjoy free flow meat and 20 additional dishes from their buffet spread. On weekends, you can also enjoy free flow prawns and salmon for dinner.


Here's a selfie of me wearing a pumpkin headband. The lighting made me look like a ghost but... that's the point.

Photo credits to Hong Peng.

Ending off with a group photo of my blogger friends and me.

Have a great Horror-ween everyone and thank you Creative Eateries for having us!

For more information, please check out Rocku Yakiniku's website here.

Rocku Yakiniku
201 Victoria Street
#04-06 Bugis+
Singapore 188067

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.