October 18th, 2015


Event: Yellow Ribbon Appreciation Dinner + #JointheDrive Community Truck

Hey people!

On Wednesday, I attended the Yellow Ribbon Appreciation Dinner @ Joyden Hall as I was involved as a Social Media Advocate for this project.

It wasn't too long ago that I was introduced to the Yellow Ribbon Social Media Team whom I had the honour to collaborate with and I must say that this was one of the most meaningful blogging projects I've ever participated in.

Got to watch the video highlights of the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run, or rather Walk that took place in mid September. I've also featured the Walk here.

We were entertained by various performing groups but the group that really stood out for me was the choir group from Edgefield Secondary School.

They sang so beautifully to 'You Raise Me Up' that the song was stuck in my head for the next few days.

Watched videos created by students as part of the Yellow Ribbon Video Competition. I was honestly impressed by the impeccable quality of work.

The videos were creative and highly effective in spreading the message of second chances and acceptance. Good job students! :)

Dinner time! We enjoyed a sumptuous buffet feast prepared by Joyden Hall.

Fruit punch to accompany our meal!

Photo credits to Yellow Ribbon Project.

Group photo with the rest of the Social Media Advocates. Besides me, there's Priscilla, Danessa and Blade Runner. Little one in the middle is not included. :)

Got to keep this lovely polaroid as well as this pretty customized Yellow Ribbon Nets Flashplay card as souvenirs. I've already started using the card as my ez-link card. YAY!

Photo credits to Yellow Ribbon Project.

Oh yes, the Yellow Ribbon Community Truck will be making pit stops around Singapore from 13 Oct to 15 Nov 15 to spread awareness about their initiatives.

You can check out this exhibition-on-wheels which will also feature an experiential zone where viewers can see the challenges faced by ex-offenders in the process of reintegration into the society.

The truck is now at Gardens by the Bay. If you're interested to visit this exhibition, you can catch the truck at the below dates and locations:

- 19 to 21 Oct - URA Building
- 22 to 23 Oct - Singapore Poly
- 24 to 27 Oct - HDB Hub
- 28 to 29 Oct - Civic Plaza (Bugis)
- 30 Oct - AMK Hub
- 31 Oct to 1 Nov - Sentosa
- 2 to 4 Nov - Temasek Polytechnic
- 5 to 6 Nov - Ngee Ann Poly
- 13 to 15 Nov - Home Team Fest

I'll be visiting the truck with Danessa so do #jointhedrive with us too!

Have a great Sunday everyone! :)
In Koala Land

Event: Mediacorp Festival of Wheels - Urban Wheels Challenge, Auto Gymkhana & Rotax Max Challenge

Happy Sunday people!

A week ago, I attended the inaugural Mediacorp Festival of Wheels which was held at OCBC Arena @ Singapore Sports Hub from 9 to 11 October 15.

Mediacorp Festival of Wheels is co-organized by Mediacorp's OOH Media and Speed-Max Racing and it is Singapore's first competitive street racing event. The highlights of the event were the Urban Wheels Challenge, Auto Gymkhana and Rotax Max Challenge.

Ever since Singapore Airlines Light Up the Night Carnival 2015, I realized just how much I enjoyed looking at gorgeous cars and watching car racing demonstrations even though I cannot drive to save my life.

Thus, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Mediacorp, as part of Msbabelovebebes' team of bloggers, to do a live coverage of the event on my social media channels. Spot my name on the banner!

Photo credits to Danessa.

I was also glad to be sponsored a portable wifi by Traveler Wifi Pte Ltd so that I could social share to my heart's content during the event.

Thank you for thinking for us bloggers! :)

I was most eager to check out the Urban Wheels Challenge, which was an uber cool mountain biking competition.

In this competition, cyclists were expected to pit themselves against their fellow peers to complete a challenging urban circuit designed to mimic the outdoor terrain.

I love biking but I've never experienced going through something as adrenaline-pumping as this. Needless to say, I was in awe while watching this cyclist speed down the stairs so swiftly.

For all the cyclists out there who managed to ride down this ramp successfully, I salute you.

This ramp was really scary and if you ever lose control of your bike on this, you would definitely tumble down and injure yourself even if you are protected by a helmet.

Nonetheless, that didn't stop the adrenaline junkies from riding down this ramp multiple times. Kudos to their guts!

Managed to capture this bike stunt in mid-air. Way to go!

Behind the circuit was the Urban Wheels Village, which was basically a go-to place if you are looking to purchase specially discounted Polygon bikes as well as biking devices, accessories and apparel.

I was at the Urban Wheels Challenge on Saturday and Sunday. Although I missed the challenge on Sunday, I managed to catch some freestyles by the cyclists so it was still good.

Another highlight of the event was the Auto Gymkhana, where drivers can put their motor skills to a test by navigating their car through a series of complicated obstacles in the shortest timing possible.

It was of no surprise that the road was laden with boxes and cones, some in figure of eights. The drivers were required to memorize the courses so that they could overcome the obstacles and drive through them in the most efficient and fastest way.

The loud screeching sounds from the cars participating in Auto Gymkhana really attracted a crowd. My brother-in-law was there with his kids and they were enthralled by the race cars in this segment.

Check out the video above and watch the cars manouever through the courses with amazingly sharp turns!

Speaking of racing, we certainly cannot miss out race karting!

The Rotax Max Challenge is an international race kart challenge which had a record of 288 racers from 60 countries participating in its Grand Finals in 2013. There are 8 different categories in this challenge to accommodate the different age groups.

One noteworthy thing to point out is that the race karts used have the same chassis, tyres and sealed Rotax engines. Thus, the only differentiating factor is the racers' own skills.

Sounds stressful, huh? I supposed that's what makes this challenge so impressive.

Photo credits to Mediacorp OOH Media.

Although many adrenaline junkies are young adults, there are little boys as young as 10 years old who took part in this challenge as well and from the looks of it, they are remarkable racers despite their age.

Alex Kattoulas (10 years old) and Romain Leroux (12 years old) are some examples of young racers. Apparently, participating in an international challenge like this is an ideal step into a motor sports career and I think these boys are well on their way to a promising future. :)

A video speaks more than a thousand words so check it out and be sure to lower your volumes coz the racing sounds were really loud.

Thanks to our media passes, we had access to the restricted zone, i.e. the basement where the race karts were being fixed by these hardworking technicians.

In order for the racer to perform at tip top condition during the race, we must also thank the people behind the scenes who have helped to ensure that the race karts are repaired and that everything is in its place.

On the last day of the event, there was a Prize Giving Ceremony where awards were given to the Top 3 racers of each category.

Here's a picture of the Top 3 racers from the Rotax Max Senior Category looking gleeful with their awards and their photo opportunity with 2 pretty babes.

Congratulations to all winners! :)

Of course, there were more to Mediacorp Festival of Wheels than the 3 event highlights so stay tuned for the 2nd part of my entry where I will feature the other happening things in this event.

Have a great Sunday!

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.