October 19th, 2015


Event: Mediacorp Festival of Wheels - Celebrity Sightings, Uncle Ringo Carnival & Fringe Activities

Hey people!

Have you read my first blog entry on Mediacorp Festival of Wheels? If no, I encourage you to read the entry first before reading this because both entries are interlinked.

My first blog entry features the key events of Mediacorp Festival of Wheels, namely the Urban Wheels Challenge, Auto Gymkhana and the Rotax Max Challenge.

My second entry will touch on the other exciting aspects of the event, one of which was...

Celebrity Sightings

Yes, there were special appearances by Mediacorp artistes and they were dressed in their sportiest outfits. Unsurprisingly, their fans came along as well.

In the picture above, Mediacorp artistes James Seah, Nick Teo, Alfred Sim and Jeffrey Xu were on stage to share their thoughts about the Festival.

The day before, Mediacorp artiste Paige Chua was present instead of Jeffrey Xu and here she was looking so effortlessly beautiful while watching a demonstration of the Segway.

Besides touring the grounds, there was also the Harley Davidson Bike Parade where the artistes were brought on a bike ride around the race circuit.

I was so envious! I want to go on a bike ride too!!

While the adults were fawning over the gorgeous race cars and cool bikes, the kids had something to look forward to as well - The Uncle Ringo Carnival.

Families and children could try their hands at the various game stalls in the carnival and stand a chance to bring home balloons and other souvenirs when they win at least 5 games.

This little boy went all out to whack those tin cans with his ball.

Shen and I had a go at the Carnival games as well. The shooting game that Shen played wasn't as simple as it looked.

Photo credits to Shen.

I tried it as well and found myself struggling to hold the gun properly. My aiming was all over the place as well. LOL! Don't learn from me.

If you win in the game, you get a stamp of a smiley face and if you lose, you get a cross.

Evidently, Shen and I weren't that fantastic in Uncle Ringo games. We basically lost to the kids. HA HA!

The Bouncy Castle is every kid's favourite playland. My nephew and niece were bugging me to bring them to this on Sunday.

Being an avid photographer, I was excited to capture pictures of beautiful cars so I knew I definitely couldn't miss the Vintage Car Display.

How often do you get to see old school things like these?

The race cars were gorgeoussss!!! All of them. I couldn't decide which was my favourite design.

Admittedly, I'm not a fan of the ear-deafening engine sounds of Harley Davidson bikes.

However, in terms of physical appearances and image, I could understand why these bikes were the definition of cool among bikers. They just looked so... badass, for lack of a better word.

Carnival games and cars aside, did you know that you can play dress up at this event too?

There was actually a clothes rack stocked full of outfits used in Mediacorp dramas and you can have a photo session with these outfits. The clothes and photo service were proudly sponsored by JWalking Studios.

The bloggers had some fun with the outfits and I chose this bright yellow sundress while Danessa tried on a red, polka-dotted dress. I wonder which celebrities have worn these outfits before.

Photo credits to Dawn Liling.

We decided to have a photo session on the stage in our various outfits despite the curious gaze from onlookers.

We looked so retro in our outfits and I looked all ready to prance around the fields like Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music. It was quite a fun (and funny) photo session actually but I must add that this will be the first and last time you'll see me in a bright yellow dress!

Another sponsor, Monster Energy was present to give out free energy drinks to members of the public.

These 2 ladies were attractive enough to get the guys flocking to the booth for their free drinks even if they were not actually thirsty. :P

Many thanks to the other sponsors and partners featured in the picture above! Thank you for contributing your venue, products and services to this festival. :)

Speaking of sponsors, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the other agencies for sponsoring some goodies for the bloggers.

Specifically, thank you V10 Plus for the sunblock and Formasian Label, Aramsa Spa, Hadara Aesthetics Boutique and Ministry of Memories for the vouchers. We are very grateful! :)

This marks the end of an eventful festival and I hope my readers have enjoyed reading this feature as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Disclaimer: Event feature was based on personal experiences.