October 26th, 2015

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Food Invite: Bangkok Jam Thai-Riffic Food Fest

Sawadee Ka!

Does anyone miss the street food in Bangkok? I know I do.

Last Thursday night, I was at Bangkok Jam @ Marina Square for their Thai-Riffic Food Fest and it sure made me reminisce about the good ol' days when I was exploring the streets of Bangkok years ago.

This food fest was spearheaded by their Chef De Cuisine, Thongloy Wilaiwan and aims to celebrate the diversity of the street food in Thailand.

For the first time, Bangkok Jam was transformed into a mini food street, selling specialties that can be commonly found along the streets of Bangkok.

Some icons of Thailand - the famous tuk tuk. I miss riding in one!

Boxing gloves that characterize Thailand's most renowned sport - Muay Thai.

Besides food, we also had live entertainment from acoustic band, The Lost Box.

Not only did they performed to familiar pop music; they also sang some really nice Thai songs as well. :)

Coupons were sold at $15 nett per set and were made up of six pieces of $2 coupons and three $1 coupons.

They could be used to purchase food and beverage items that ranged from $1 to $5. This entitled guests to try at least 3 food items.

Guests could also use the coupons to purchase Bangkok Jam merchandise such as arty tote bags and coasters.

Each set of ticket would grant guests a chance to win a complimentary 2-night stay at Four Points by Sheraton, Bangkok. Guests could also stand a chance to win Creative Eateries dining vouchers at the event.

The first stall that we headed for was this stall that sold various Thai specialities and it was also the same stall that made us return for a second helping.

We tried Tod Man Pla (Thai Fish Cakes), Peek Gai Tod (Fried Chicken Mid Joints with Thai Fish Sauce Marinade), Porpiah Tod (Deep-fried Spring Rolls), Grilled Chicken Thigh with Lettuce Wrap and Pandan Leaf Chicken.

While Shen was singing praises of Peek Gai Tod, I was gushing over the Pandan Leaf Chicken. I couldn't get enough of it! :)

Judging from the long queue at this stall, it was evident that many adore/miss/were curious about Thai Style Dried Boat Noodles.

We skipped the salads because Shen and I have low spice tolerance + we were warned by my friends that the salads were ultra spicy.

We eventually settled for Red Tom Yum with Shrimps (Shen got this because he wanted to eat the shrimps, ha ha!) and Beef Boat Noodle which was really delicious!

I would have gone for another bowl if I didn't have plans to save my stomach for desserts.

I was so glad I had drinks with me because the tom yum was too spicy for my liking!

Butterfly Pea Lime was a new drink to me and I was honestly not used to the taste.

As for Thai Iced Tea, it was the love. I know it was sweet and sugary but.... just let me indulge!

I finally got to try Khanom Buang, i.e. crispy Thai Crepes that were commonly found in Thailand's floating markets.

These thin little pancakes looked really enticing with their layer of coconut cream topped with shredded coconut, angel hair and egg yolks.

Although I found the taste interesting and I was glad I satisfied my curiosity for this, I'd have to admit that it got increasingly sweeter with every bite so I had to stop.

And there was Luk Chup, which was basically miniature fruit-shaped Thai desserts.

With its vibrant colours, fragrant smell and sweet taste, I could understand why this dessert was so popular with kids!

Speaking of desserts, Mango Sticky Rice is one of my favourite Thai desserts so I definitely had to try this.

I wasn't used to the brightly coloured rice but I love the mangoes and I wished I was given more of it. :D

Saving the best for the last, I got to try the Coconut Shell Ice Cream, also known as Ai Tim Ma Praw which was the highlight of my meal that night.

This dessert came from the streets of Chatuchak and it was a yummy blend of coconut ice cream topped with roasted peanuts, dried mango, jackfruit slices, lord chong and nata de coco, all placed within a coconut shell. I wished they retained the coconut flesh as well but I'm not complaining because this dessert was da bomb. Tell me, how could anyone resist this?

Unquestioningly, this was many guests' favourite dessert that night. The next time I visit Thailand, I'll be sure to try this straight from the streets of Bangkok. :)

Thank you Creative Eateries for having me!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Event: Singapore River Festival 2015

Hey people!

Have any of you visited the Singapore River Festival 2015 at Clarke Quay from 23 to 25 October?

I did, and I even visited the festival for 2 consecutive nights!

This festival isn't new and years ago, I remembered psychoing my parents to catch the various performances along the Singapore River with me.

That said, Singapore River Festival promises something different every year so when the time comes for us to celebrate its cultural and historical significance, I know I have something to anticipate. :)

The festival commenced with its launch held outside Riverside Point and I was glad to be able to witness it with my university friend, QQ.

The launch was followed closely by a headline act from Spanish theatrical group, La Fura Dels Baus and everyone was evidently captivated by their artistic and death-defying acts.

Performers dangling high up in the sky. Oh my god, so dangerous!

Beautiful dancers performing a contemporary piece with their yellow scarves.

Superfly Monkeys entertaining the crowd with their parkour and Bboy stunts.

This wheel was dangling high up in the sky as well. That harness better be tight.

Honestly, I couldn't grasp the meaning of the performance because it was too abstract for my understanding but I was really marvelled by the visual displays.

Favourite picture of the night.

Even opening a fan from their legs could beautify their formation.

Ending the performance with a blast literally from fireworks.

Headed to The Central Atrium to support Groove Dance School for their Pole Dance Performance and I was thrilled when I saw that Jeraldine was performing her solo piece.

There were 3 performance items that night - 2 solos and 1 duo piece.

The next night, I dropped by The Central again and saw that Ha was gonna perform so I made sure to find a good spot to video her lyrical piece.

See video above! The kids behind her were so impressed. Perhaps they might wanna become pole dancers when they grow up?

This pole trick is called Allegra and it's an advanced trick that requires a lot of flexibility and strength to get into it.

Groove pole dancers with Groove's founder, Renee. Good job everyone!

With Ha. So proud of her beautiful performance! Way to go, girl!

Ebe and Sur dropped by to support as well so we had a mini pole reunion in this photo. :D

All right, it's dinner time so goodbye everyone! Thank you for reading!

For more information on Singapore River Festival 2015, check out its website here.