October 28th, 2015

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Advert: Book your beauty & fitness appointments with Passhen

Hello ladies!

Have you ever wanted a system where you can have acess to a large variety of beauty services and just book an appointment as and when you want it?

Introducing Passhen, an e-booking system that allows us to do just that!

Poster credits to Passhen.

Passhen is pronounced similarly to 'passion' and as the name suggests, the creators are very passionate in providing a platform for ladies to look and feel good.

Users can browse through a list of hair, face, body, nails and even fitness services around Singapore and book an appointment using the system. It's convenient and fast and you can book multiple appointments at one go. No more dialing of numbers to try and book appointments manually!

There are so many services to choose from that trust me, you need not tie yourself down to beauty packages. Instead, simply book an appointment as and when you need/want it and pay as you go. There is also no lock-in period.

Booking can be as easy as A,B,C. Just click on any beauty salon/fitness centre you want; click 'book an appointment'; select your date and time; choose from a list of services and confirm your appointment. You can even save your appointment on your calendar!

Passhen also functions as a cashless system so you need not worry about having enough money in your wallet on your appointment day. If you need to book an appointment, sign up for an account and top up your Passhen wallet. The amount will be deducted once you've made a booking and refund will be provided if the appointment is cancelled 24 hours in advance. Do note that half the amount will be deducted if there are late cancellations.

Oh yes, did I mention that you will also enjoy discounted rates when you book your services through Passhen? Not only that, members who spend $100 or more per month will get a return of 10% credits for their usage in the next month. You spend but you save! Isn't it amazing?

If you're interested to try this service, do sign up for a Passhen account from their website here. All new members will get a mystery box worth $150. Don't say I never share good lobangs! :)