October 30th, 2015


Event: Got to Move 2015

Hey people!

So October was Dance Month, thanks to National Arts Council's nationwide movement, Got to Move which aims to raise awareness about the diversity of Singapore's dance scene and of course, to promote dancing.

When I got to know about this movement, I was on cloud nine. For someone who is passionate about dancing, this movement is like a dream come true. Dance was life-changing for me and I wish it would be the same for others. It's about time we celebrate how amazing dance is for our lives.

In this month, there were loads of complimentary dance workshops, perfect for people who were new to dancing and just wanted to try around.

I took the opportunity to try a Girls Hip Hop class at Danzpeople since I've heard so much about the school. The choreography was not too difficult and I was able to pick up the moves really quickly (mainly because I already have hip hop background).

I don't dance hip hop regularly now because of my multiple commitments so I can only pursue hip hop through ad-hoc means. That said, I'm glad I didn't lose touch with my skills.

I guessed I also did well enough for the instructor to notice me because after class, the instructor surprised me by telling me that 'I'm good'. I was so happy!

Photo credits to Claressa.

A week ago, I was at Got to Move's Dance Festival @ The Promontory with Aixia and Claressa.

It was a hazy evening but that didn't stop the crowd of dance lovers from visiting this festival.

I was lining up at 'Make Your Pointe' booth while peeking at my colleague whom I spotted trying out a Belly Dance taster class at the next tent.

At 'Make Your Pointe', we were given a bunch of art supplies to decorate our pointe shoe.

I was really surprised that the organizers gave us a pointe shoe each because pointe shoes were really expensive. I mean, I used to be a little ballerina when I was a kid so I know that it wasn't cheap sending me to ballet classes + buying all those leotards and pointe shoes.

I... urm, attempted to decorate my shoe in the most fuss-free way possible - just tying a ribbon around it so that I can detach it later.

And because it looked plain, I decided to add 2 little hearts before I realized that I didn't actually know what I was doing. :S

#Isuckatdecorating #IdidntsayIwasartistic

I was excited to head towards the 'Stage Make-Up & Face Painting' booth because stage make-up brought me so many good memories of my performing days.

It's not difficult to apply simple, office makeup on your face but it's an art when it comes to dance makeup. Your dance makeup needs to be thick and dramatic and most of the time, you look entirely different from your usual self. When I do dance makeup, I always feel that I'm painting a new face on myself and taking on a different character.

Little kids getting their faces painted. Those were my ol' Chingay Parade type of dance makeup. HA HA!

Claressa getting all excited mimicking hip hop moves in this interactive dance game. I was very amused and kept laughing non-stop.

One of the highlights of this festival was learning a short mass dance led by O School.

It was quite fun actually when everyone was just letting their hair down and grooving to the music.

There were also a series of performances but I didn't catch many of them because I went off to catch Singapore River Festival 2015 instead.

That said, I needed to put up this picture because I spotted my JC friend, Krissandi in this performance. GO KRISSANDI! *waves imaginary pom poms

Jeffrey Xu graced the occasion with his cool hip hop moves. I loved the part when he did a dance-off with some spontaneous individuals who were very amazing dancers themselves.

My dinner was a satay burger from one of these stalls. There weren't a lot of choices because many of the stalls were selling sweet treats. :X

October may be coming to an end but let's not stop our curiosity and passion for dancing. Let's continue to explore and enjoy it instead. :)

Goodnight everyone!