November 2nd, 2015

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Sponsored Review: Faith in Face Korean Hydrogel Masks

Good day my friends!

I've been masking more often than usual lately and it's been doing some good to my skin.

Being out and about 3/4 of the time means my skin is more exposed to environmental pollutants (especially with the haze!) and also has less time to rest so the least I could do is to pamper it with masks as and when I have the time.

I've been masking my skin with these Faith in Face Hydrogel Masks and I really like them! Don't you think the packaging reminds you of UK beauty brand, Soap & Glory?

Faith in Face Hydrogel Masks were launched in 2012 and they're the No.1 Hydrogel Mask Brand in Korea.

With a motto of 'Have Faith in Face, Origin of Beauty', the team believes that everyone is originally and uniquely beautiful and the function of cosmetics is to highlight the beauty that we already possess. Their belief totally resonates with me.

Faith in Face products do not test on animals and are free of parabens as well as mineral oils. They only use organic and naturally derived extracts such as Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid, vegetable collagen and essential oils.

Because they are hydrogel masks which are different from the usual cotton sheet masks, they contain more water soluble ingredients to ensure that your skin gets its maximum hydration.

Faith in Face masks are available in 5 variants and I was sponsored 3 variants for review so here goes:

1. Nourish Me Hydrogel Mask

The first mask I tested was Nourish Me Hydrogel Mask and I used this after 2 consecutive late nights and deprived sleep. Boy, does my skin need all the nourishment it can get!

This mask contains 3 important ingredients that help to rejuvenate my skin. Firstly, it contains Ceramide 3 which generates a protective layer over my skin. Secondly, Broccoli Extract helps to prevent UV damage and maintains healthy skin while olive oil ensures that my skin is moisturized well.

There are 2 pieces of masks that comes in each packet - a top mask that covers from forehead till nose area and a bottom mask that covers from lip to chin area.

Each mask is covered by protective films so you'll first need to peel off a thin protective film, apply the smooth side of the mask to your face and remove another thick protective film. I wouldn't say it was easy and because it didn't fit my face exactly, adjustment was necessary. The mask was also slippery and felt like agar-agar; I was so worried that it would slip out of my hands or tear.

Admittedly, I looked like an avatar in the mask but it's okay because a moment of ugliness is a small sacrifice for the good skin you'll achieve afterwards.

I loved how the mask was hydrating and cooling on my face. One thing to point out was that the bottom mask didn't quite adhere to my skin and would slip and slide so it was best to apply lying down and simply let the mask rest on your face.

I loved it more when I removed the mask because my skin was brighter, well moisturized and definitely more rejuvenated. My pores were smaller too and I even had a glow at my cheeks. :)

2. After Shower Look Hydrogel Mask

After Shower Look Hydrogel Mask promises to lock your skin with moisture just like how you look after a nice, warm bath.

It also contains 3 hydrating ingredients that supply moisture directly to your skin, namely Sodium PCA, Hyaluronic Acid and Camelia Oil. Interestingly, my skin actually feels dry after a shower so this mask was much needed to replenish my face with moisture.

Additionally, I am loving the smell of this mask. A 30 minute session with this mask on my face felt so therapetuic and relaxing because of its fragrance - I felt like I was in a luxurious spa.

3. Black and White Film Star Hydrogel Mask

See Audrey Hepburn on this mask? You can achieve her fair and luminous skin with this so aptly named mask.

With ingredients such as Arbutin and Niacinamide, this mask serves to lighten your skin tone. It also contains Green Tea extract which helps to brighten your skin tone as well.

I used this mask while resting from a 5km morning run and true enough, it gave my skin a radiant glow. I applied makeup to my skin later on and I realized that my makeup went on exceptionally well that night.

With these masks, I know I'm on my way to achieving a healthy, hydrated and bright skin.

But that's not all!

Faith in Face also has 2 other variants - the 4. Miss Invisible Pore and the 5. Hold Me Tight Hydrogel Masks.

Miss Invisible Pore is a pore tightening mask that helps to reduce sebum as well as purify and tighten your pores. If I can choose among the masks, I'll definitely pick this because my skin needs this! I've had pore issues for years so anything that helps to close up those hideous pores will be a blessing to me.

Hold Me Tight is a lifting and firming mask which in my opinion, is suitable for people with aging skin. It helps to improve your skin's elasticity and reduce sagginess, thereby allowing your skin to look more youthful.

So...interested to purchase?

Faith in Face Hydrogel Masks retail exclusively at Watsons for a price of $14.50 per box. Each box contains 3 hydrogel masks.

Be sure to 'Like' Faith In Face's Facebook page here too!

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
With cap

Event: Crab in Da Bag + Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Finals with Migme Influencers

Hey people!

2 Sundays ago, I was out with the Migme Team at Singapore Sports Hub to attend Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Finals with fellow Migme Influencers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

I remembered that I had multiple, back-to-back events to attend that day but I knew that I wanted to go for this even if I were to start my day early and end my night late. It was personally an exciting and memorable experience for me because 1) I adore anything sports and fitness-related, 2) I wanted to see tennis goddess, Maria Sharapova in action and 3) I love making new friends from all over the world.

These Migme influencers are essentially like me - we may be culturally different but we share the same passion in social media and content creation. Yet we're also unique in the content we create and the ways we influence others. I was really inspired by the people I've met and this affirmed my goal of wanting to become a successful influencer myself.

Our meeting point was the famous Louisi-Asian Seafood Restaurant, Crab in Da Bag @ Singapore Sports Hub.

I've heard so many raves about this restaurant from my friends who are seafood lovers. I'm actually allergic to crabs, unfortunately, so I never thought I'll ever visit this restaurant until that day. Well, I'm glad I finally did. :)

The highlight of this restaurant was their Caboodle Boil, which was basically seafood tossed in specialty sauces; drained from the boil and served in buckets.

The seafood will then be poured directly onto the tables for all to enjoy. At this point, many people will be surrounding the staff with their cameras, waiting to capture this spectacular moment.

Look at all these glorious seafood!!!

I didn't dare to try the crab in case my lips swell but I helped myself generously to the lobster meat, clams, prawns, corn and potatoes instead. This was the first time I ate food directly from the table instead of using proper plates.

I sat across Anisa Rahma Adi, an Indonesia celebrity and she was so happy to be digging into this gigantic crab.

Yes, at Crab in Da Bag, we wear our plastic bibs and eat with our bare hands. Admittedly, it was quite fun getting our hands dirty with all these Crustacean goodness. Great for a sloppy eater like me! :P

Photo credits to Alvin Lim.

Migme Influencers and their crabby feast!

One of the things Crab in Da Bag encourages patrons to do is to keep our mobile devices away so that we can focus our attention on the people around us and the seafood before us. I guessed that didn't work for the influencers because we were still shuffling among seafood, camera and phones for phototaking/social media purposes. HA HA!

After lunch, we went to check out the practice courts and there we saw German tennis player, Angelique Kerber practising her serves.

Photo credits to Alvin Lim.

Another group photo of us, this time with Angelique Kerber in the background. :)

Photo credits to Alvin Lim.

We were given approximately 1 hour to explore the Interactive Fan Zone.

I honestly couldn't wait to check out the exciting games that I could play but first, let us take a group photo!

The more popular game areas had long queues so we were glad for some 100 plus to quench our thirst during those waiting times.

Check out those adorable tennis swings which were evidently very popular with kids.

I loved them too but I know I shouldn't fight with the kiddos for them.

Threw some balls at this tennis racquet and learnt that my aiming skills really sucked. It was a lot harder than I thought!

Tested my serving skills and urm.... I guessed I didn't served as professionally as I would like to be. :( #whyistennissodifficult

The virtual tennis experience was hands-down the most exciting game of the lot.

I know I looked like a martian in this photo but I was actually being brought into a virtual tennis court where I was one of the players. It was absolute funnnn even though I probably looked ridiculous hitting air with my tennis racquet all by myself in a somewhat aggressive manner. HA HA HA!

Had an amazing time exploring the Interactive Fan Zone with fellow Singaporean bloggers, Alvin Sim and Yuki Ng.

I enjoyed fooling around at the photobooth with them! :)

Are you ready for WTA Finals? :)

It was dinner time and we were brought to the Racquet Club for our meals. This was apparently a temporary dining place, specially constructed because of the WTA games.

Oh my god, we needed VIP passes to get in. I felt really privileged. :)

Photo credits to Alvin Lim.

Say hello to my dinner buddies!

I would have loved for all of us to sit together but it was unfortunate that we had to sit separately from the overseas influencers.

I also expected to have 'light snacks' instead of a proper meal but I guessed it turned out to be a pleasant surprise when my supposed 'light snacks' became a buffet dinner. So...DIG IN!!!

Passed by a classy Aces Lounge where guests could enjoy free flow champagne.

I didn't use the lounge though because I was more engrossed in the game than anything else.

We were asked to take a photo with the Moet & Chandon Champagne so we automatically went in and did a model-ly pose. Love the spontaneity!

The moment I've been waiting for - the WTA Finals! WOOHOO!!

I could feel the adrenaline rush even before the game started.

Photo credits to Alvin Lim.

I was actually sitting across the Chair Umpire with a very good view of the players. Thank you organizers for giving us such fantastic seats!

The match was an intense one between Agnieszka Radwanska from Poland and Maria Sharapova from Russia.

Maria Sharapova needs no introduction.

She's a legendary tennis goddess and I've heard so much about her amazing talent since my university days. That's also because my Mum's an avid tennis fan and she will constantly feed me with information about Sharapova and her greatness. :)

Of course, Sharapova is also known for looking gorgeous and according to Shen, probably every guy knows who she is. I'm not sure how true this is but I heard that she's one of the reasons why people started watching tennis.

It must have been a very stressful game for Agnieszka because she probably knew who she was up against. Majority of the spectators were there cheering for Sharapova but Agnieszka seemed unfazed and persevered throughout the game.

Agnieszka was a determined player who didn't give up on any ball even if it seemed impossible to hit. She would strike her racquet on the floor to return a serve or turn her back to do a backwards hit. Even when she was at the losing end, she would go all out to ensure that she catches up with her opponent.

As much as I was fangirling over Sharapova, I'd have to admit that I was impressed with Agnieszka's skills and 'never-say-die' attitude as well.

The game was incredibly intense because both were strong players and the scores were VERY close but Sharapova eventually won the match over Agnieszka. Look how surprised she was!

Sharapova looking all gorgeous while waving her hand to her fans in victory.

Photo credits to WTA Tennis.

Are you surprised by the final photo of this entry? I definitely was when I heard the news that Agnieszka eventually emerged the champion of the WTA Finals. I'm not doubting her skills but I thought she lost to Sharapova?!

Well, Agnieskza apparently lost her first round robin match to Sharapova but she battled past other tennis players to eventually clinch her first WTA Finals title. What did I say about having a 'never-say-die' attitude? Agnieskza proves that determination and hard work really pays off. Congratulations!

It's late now so I better get going to bed.

Thank you Migme for inviting me to join them in this fun-filled event and for giving me the opportunity to catch my first live tennis match. :)

Goodnight everyone!