November 5th, 2015

Ze Cartoon

Event: Great Eastern Women's Run 2015

Hey people!

This was the 2nd year I participated in Great Eastern Women's Run and as promised, it was indeed bigger and better than before.

In fact, 17,000 women participated in this run, breaking the record for the largest number of participants in an all-women run in Asia. Well done, Great Eastern!

Photo credits to Jasmine.

There were 3 race categories, namely the 5km fun run, the 10km run and the 21.1km half marathon. I joined the 5km fun run to accompany my GEWR buddy, Rose but unfortunately, she sprained her ankle the day before the race and was unable to join me.

I thought that I would be alone until I bumped into Jasmine and Jessie while waiting to collect my VIP sticker. I was so happy to see these girls! Jasmine looked really cute in her purple tutu.

We headed for the starting line near the Singapore Flyer together.

It was a deja vu moment because a year ago, I was standing at the same starting line feeling butterflies in my stomach before beginning my first official race of my life. I never knew that this race was life-changing and would motivate me to participate in more races next time.

Photo credits to Great Eastern Women's Run 2015.

This year, Great Eastern Women's Run celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary and many ladies were there to bask in the festive atmosphere.

Just look at the crowd! There were so many people that we became the last of the lot to be flagged off. I think we started to run only half an hour after the official flag-off time.

Photo credits to Great Eastern Women's Run 2015.

Guest of Honour, Minister Grace Fu was present to flag off and join the 10km race.

In fact, she ran past me while I was waiting for my flag-off.

Photo credits to Great Eastern Women's Run 2015.

Minister Grace Fu donning a blue tutu for a cause.

If you're wondering what's this tutu business about, let me explain. Participants are encouraged to donate a minimum of $5 in exchange for a tutu in their favourite colour. They are free to decorate their tutus in as creative a way as possible and wear them to run during the race.

I've seen some beautifully embellished tutus during the run. A friend of mine even decorated her tutu with handmade flowers! My goodness, I'm impressed! That's so much effort.

Photo credits to Great Eastern Women's Run 2015.

There was also a Princess Dash 100m race and it attracted many parents to sign their kids up for this.

The little girls looked super adorable running in their frilly tutus and brightly coloured sport shoes. :)

I took a similar photo last year but I needed to take this again because I really liked the way the Singapore Flyer looked from this angle against the bright blue sky.

Spotted two ladies with distractingly boomz hair before me. Spontaneous people like them make the race way more fun and I just had to take a photo.

5km felt shorter than it was and wasn't as strenuous as it used to be. Perhaps it was because I was used to running 5km (and even 10km!) in all my other races.

It wasn't too long before I reached this spot and realized that I was nearing the finishing line!

Crossed the finishing line and was rewarded with this beautiful finisher medal!

I was also elated that I managed to improve my timing by a minute. I know 1 minute is negligible to some but to me, every tiny improvement counts.

The race village was bustling with people and it was crowded everywhere I walked.

Photo credits to Jasmine.

Jasmine, Jessie and I were glad to have access to the VIP tent where we could avoid the crowds and sit down to rest our weary legs.

Photo credits to Jasmine.

Mandatory 'YAY, WE GOT OUR MEDALS!' shot. Because everyone who finishes a race takes a photo like this. :P

Photo credits to Jasmine.

This year's finisher medal was a beautiful gold so... we bite it. *crunch*

In all, I am proud to be part of this race and happy to see so many ladies embracing running and fitness in their lives.

Thank you Great Eastern and SPRG for having me and I look forward to bigger and more exciting runs ahead!

Have a great night everyone!