November 8th, 2015

In Koala Land

Food Invite: Andong Zzimdak @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

Happy Sunday, my friends!

Thanks to Altitude Group, I had the opportunity to try out the food at new Korean eatery, Andong Zzimdak @ Raffles City Shopping Centre last Wednesday.

Andong Zzimdak was established in Korea with 65 eateries since 2006.

It also had franchise outlets in China, Philippines and now, Singapore.

This eatery was located at Basement 1 of Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Judging from the crowd of people, I must say that business seemed pretty good for a new opening.

As at any Korean eatery, there will always be appetizers such as the traditional kimchi to start and accompany our meal.

We also tried the Citron Tea ($2.50), otherwise known as Yujacha, which is a traditional Korean herbal tea that is made with thinly sliced yuzu and combined with something sweet like honey or sugar.

The lovely blend of sweet (from the honey/sugar) and sour (from the citrusy yuzu) made the drink very palatable and it also complemented our food well. I also read that it's a good beverage to drink when you're having a cold.

The signature and most popular dish of this eatery is the Jjimdak dish which basically comprised of steamed chicken and vegetables marinated in spicy Ganjang (Korean Soy Sauce) or Jjimdak sauce.

There are 4 main dishes to choose from and they differ largely in terms of the sauce used and the spiciness. You can even choose between Medium size (good for 2 to 3 pax) or Large size (good for 3 to 4 pax).

The 4 main dishes are:

1. Andong Jjimdak ($40.90 for M; $50.90 for L) - Chicken meat with Ganjang sauce and mild level of spice.

2. Boneless Jjimdak ($45.90 for M; $55.90 for L) - Boneless chicken thigh with Ganjang sauce and mild level of spice.

3. Seafood Jjimdak ($48.90 for M; $60.90 for L) - Chicken meat with prawns, mussels & squid with Jjimdak sauce and mild level of spice.

4. Mayak Jjimdak ($42.90 for M; $52.90 for L) - Chicken meat with Jjimdak sauce and the spiciest, fieriest of all.

Shen and I have low spice tolerance and he loves chicken thigh so naturally, we went for the Boneless Jjimdak. The chicken thigh was so tender and the Ganjang sauce made the dish very flavourful and yummy. Thankfully, the spice level was tolerable and I guessed the Citron Tea really helped in mellowing the spiciness.

I know it's not obvious in the above picture but there was also sweet potato noodles buried underneath the chicken, potatoes, carrots and cucumbers. They were deliciously chewy and I loved them!

As you can tell, the dish we had was a huuugggee one and can be shared among 4 people.

I'm a small eater so I was glad that Shen, Jane and Jane's friend were there to share this dish with me. I was prepared for some food wastage too but no, we managed to finish our dish! HURRAY!

I would have tried the Andong Jjimdak and Seafood Jjimdak dish as well but I'd have to say that finishing 1 big plate of Boneless Jjimdak was filling enough for all of us.

Many of the side dishes were sold out (see how popular they were?) but thank goodness their Mini Seafood Pancake ($9.90) was still available so we went for that.

With its crispy exterior and its warm, succulent filling, I could understand why it was so popular. Additionally, it wasn't too oily which was also great for me. :)

If you're into Korean food or are just interested to check out this new eatery, I'd recommend you to gather your family and friends to have a feastful Jjimdak meal with you. Enjoy!

For more information, you can also visit Andong Zzimdak on its Facebook and Instagram.

Andong Zzimdak
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
#B1-44F Singapore 179103

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.