November 10th, 2015


Event: Wihardja Furnishing - A Furniture & Home Decor Shopping Haven

Hi everyone!

In late October, I visited Wihardja Furnishing, a furniture shopping haven stocked full of teak furniture and suar wood furniture.

Wihardja Furnishing has two outlets in Singapore, one at Kaki Bukit and another at Toh Guan. I visited the Kaki Bukit outlet and was told that the Toh Guan outlet is larger with more variety of furniture and items.

Photo credits to Claudia Loh.

Besides wooden furniture, the outlet also sells lovely home decor items to brighten the interior of your house. Don't they look cosy?

Photo credits to Claudia Loh.

Wihardja's teak furniture is specially handcrafted for the customer and they are available in natural wood finish, wax finish as well as in varnish (4 colour tones).

The wood is also obtained from legal wood suppliers in Central Java, Indonesia.

Now, I know what you're thinking - THE HAZE.

Well, fortunately for us, Wihardja's factory does not condone the use of 'slash and burn' techniques for clearing lands and are therefore non-contributors to the haze. Thumbs up to that!

Photo credits to Claudia Loh.

I actually really liked the look of this suar wood table because its finishing appeared more 'clean' and 'polished' and when I touched the tabletop, it felt really smooth and (in a non-pervertic way) 'very nice to touch'.

One cool thing about Wihardja is that they also customise furniture. Saw something that you like in a furniture catalogue? Bring it to Wihardja, let them know the dimensions you require and they will create the furniture of your desire. How awesome!

It's easy to order from Wihardja too. If there's available stock, customers can usually get their furniture in a week. Otherwise, a new piece of furniture will have to be made in their overseas factory and shipped to Singapore within 60 to 90 days.

I went around looking for a shoe cabinet because Daddy requested me to and I spotted these two potentials.

Our shoe cabinet recently became like some disintegrated crap because of poor maintenance and it was through my visit to Wihardja that I learnt how to maintain wooden furniture.

For a daily maintenance, you can actually use furniture lemon pledge while you can use furniture wax if you want a more intense maintenance. Furniture lemon pledge is available in supermarts while furniture wax is available at Wihardja.

Strangely, I've always envisioned the living room of my future house to look like this - a nice, cushioned chair in the corner of the room to add fun and vibrancy to the house.

It makes one feel like being on 'zen mode' while resting on the chair. I'd have to admit that it was so comfortable for me that I didn't feel like moving my butt elsewhere. Needless to say, this was my favourite corner of the showroom.

Check out these vases and containers.

They may be used for functional reasons such as storing things but who says they need to look boring?

Even the luggage sold in Wihardja makes one feel like a stylish jetsetter.

Photo credits to Claudia Loh.

We got to learn more about wooden furniture in this showroom by the kind folks from Wihardja. I was... urm, trying to get a good photo of my surroundings.

We had a lovely Indonesian dinner treat as well. It was sumptuous and thankfully not as spicy as I expected them to be.

Photo credits to Alvin Lim.

It was definitely an interesting experience for us to be dining at one of the furniture in the showroom. Felt like home yet not really. :D

Photo credits to Claudia Loh.

Group photo of my blogger friends and me!

Many thanks to Wihardja for your personalized note, membership card and vouchers. It was really sweet of you!

I'll be sure to visit Wihardja again with my family to hunt for our perfect shoe cabinet. :)

If you're interested to purchase anything from Wihardja, please quote 'WJGILMANGIRL' to enjoy 5% discount. This promo will be valid till Dec 2016.

For more information, check out Wihardja's Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Wihardja Furnishing @ Enterprise 1
1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #01-07/08
Singapore 415934

Wihardja Furnishing @ Toh Guan
3B Toh Guan Road East, #03-02
Singapore 608833