November 14th, 2015

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Exploring Coney Island

Hey lovelies!

During the Deepavali holiday, Shen and I went exploring at Coney Island, the newest park in Singapore that was opened in 10 October 15.

We went to Coney Island via the West Entrance which was around 500m walk from Punggol Point.

I wanted to take a photo at the gate when I reached the West Entrance but it was crowded with people so this photo was actually taken from the East Entrance when we exited.

Coney Island was approximately 2.4km long so we decided to put on our sport shoes and explore by foot.

You can choose to cycle as well and I see plenty of people doing that during my visit.

Besides walking along the main path, we also checked out the 5 beaches, namely Beach A to Beach E.

I was initially hesitant to linger too long at the beach for fear of sandflies (my blogger friend got bitten by sandflies on his visit) but when I saw other people and children playing along the sand barefooted, I was less worried.

Shen reliving his childhood fun of playing with water.

I love this picture but who threw the litter there?! :(

2.4km actually felt longer than it was and the weather was changing abruptly. It was sunny at first but it started to rain at the next moment. I was alternating from cap to umbrella and back to cap again.

Apparently, you can bird-watch here. I didn't spot any birds but I did spot a pair of lovebirds right before me. HA HA!

Sadly, the lalang field was not as majestic as I expected. I thought it would be a wide field full of lalang for me to prance around like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

Stopped by one of the beaches to try this Calorie Mate that my bestie, Bev bought for me from Bali.

While Shen was focused on opening the pack of Calorie Mate, I did a sneak pic. :P

If you noticed the mosquito patch on Shen's arm, I forced him to wear it even though he was reluctant and told me he didn't mind feeding starving mosquitos.

My friends who have visited the island previously have recommended for us to wear insect repellant and mosquito patch. Thus, I sprayed my insect repellant generously on both of us and wore a mosquito patch together with Shen. We didn't get bitten in the end which was great.

I'm pretty sure the island had plenty of mosquitos lurking around though because I walked by a girl who was scratching her arm vigorously due to mosquito bites. So whoever is gonna visit Coney Island soon, please do not forget insect repellant and mosquito patch!

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Another advice I want to give is... NOT TO EXIT BY THE LORONG HALUS EAST ENTRANCE. See the map above? Do not exit from the right side of the island. Back-track to Punggol at the West entrance (left side of the island) for convenience sake.

Shen and I explored the island from one end to the other and we didn't think about back-tracking (but now we regretted) so naturally, we exited from the East Entrance only to find ourselves at some deserted,
鸟不生蛋 place with no public transport or cabs (aside from 'hired' ones). There was another group of 4 who exited via the same exit and looked as confused as both of us.

Together, the 6 of us began walking towards the nearest bus-stop which was 4km away and located at Pasir Ris (oh my god!). It was quite a painful walk where we walked past farmlands and industrial estates (as you can imagine, they weren't much of a view) under the hot sun till our legs ached. We practically rejoiced when we finally saw a bus-stop after what seemed like forever.

That said, I was very glad that Shen was with me because it would have been really dangerous and scary if I was alone, desperately trying to find my way out. I was also happy that we kept our cool with each other, mainly because many couples would probably start quarreling or blaming each other when shit like this happens. We were annoyed that we had to walk for so long (plus we were tired, thirsty and hungry like mad) but definitely not at each other. When we saw the bus-stop before us, we hugged happily; hopped onto the next bus and fell asleep instantaneously. What a journey!

If you haven't been to Coney Island, do check it out and let me know what you think of the place!

Have a great night, everyone!