November 27th, 2015

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Event: Passhen Beauty Week - Beauty Secrets from the Kitchen

Hey people!

Last week was Passhen Beauty Week, a week long of workshops for ladies (and gentlemen) to learn about beauty, wellness and health.

I had a Beauty Pass that entitled me to 3 workshops of my choice. Unfortunately, I had to miss my first eyebrow shaping workshop, Shape Your Windows to Your Soul because of last minute work commitments. Oh sigh, #workwoes.

Nonetheless, I managed to find time to attend my second workshop, Beauty Secrets from the Kitchen @ Route 44 which was a quiet bar along Rochester Park.

It may seem hard to believe but Route 44 is actually a bar that sells healthy food. Think gluten-free bread, loads of greens and fresh fruit juice.

We were served lovely cold pressed apple juice upon our arrival.

Ms Chong Su Lee, a wellness coach from Look Good Feel Great Always was present at the event to impart some beauty and wellness secrets. Specifically, she shared with us 6 beauty and health tips which are listed below:

1. Drink lots of water - Water is our best friend and we should drink 30ml of water for every kg of our body weight.

2. Load up with antioxidants - We should try to consume at least 7 portions of fruits and vegetables per day. So forget tidbits; snack on vegetables and fruits instead.

3. Avoid refined sugar, i.e processed carbs - That also means no junk food, cakes and cookies. I'm sure this is the most difficult part for all of us as we all have cravings at times.

4. Proteins are important too - So don't forget high protein food such as beans, eggs and dairy. They are good for our skin and hair.

5. Some fats are good - It's okay to indulge in good fats from oily fish such as salmon. In fact, oily fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good for our heart and brain.

6. Choose food with low Glycemic Index (GI) levels - GI level traces the relationship between carbohydrate-containing foods and their impact on our blood sugar. The lower the GI levels, the healthier the food. Many vegetables have low GI levels which really isn't surprising so it's time to start loving your greens.

Su Lee also taught us how to make use of natural ingredients from our kitchen to make cleansers and masks.

We learnt how to make a Pineapple Cleanser by squeezing the juice out of a pineapple and soaking a facial cotton in it before leaving the facial cotton on our hand for approximately 10 minutes.

Upon rinsing, I saw that my skin became noticeably fairer. That's because pineapple enzyme helps to exfoliate our dead skin cells, thereby brightening our skin in the process.

Making a Strawberry Mask was a tad cumbersome because you have to mash strawberries into pulp which can take time (and sometimes we're lazy).

That said, it's a mask that's absolutely tempting because the smell of strawberries is so strong that it makes you want to eat it. It's also great for oily skin so I guessed it's suitable for me.

I would recommend you to apply the Strawberry Mask on your face and wait while lying down so as to avoid the strawberry chunks from dripping down your face.

Does this look like puke to you?

Well, despite it looking a tad unsightly, it's actually an Oatmeal-Tomato Mask that is suitable for sensitive skin and helps to lighten skin pigmentation. Oatmeal also helps to hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and soft after rinsing the mask off.

A bag of oatmeal doesn't cost much; is good for your body if you consume it directly and we learn now that it's also awesome for the skin. If you do not wish to spend so much money on facial masks, using a natural ingredient like oatmeal is a great alternative.

Dinner time! We were treated to a glorious spread of healthy food.

Made my own wrap consisting of tuna, beef, chicken, cucumber and egg.

I had to make sure not to pile my wrap with too many ingredients or else it would be really difficult to roll the ingredients up.

Made my own salad as well and this time I made sure to load more greens even though I still couldn't resist the meat.

We were also treated to a variety of cold pressed juices from The Daily Juice.

I didn't sample all because I was too full but I did try the Nut Mylk (the milkiest juice that you see on the tray) which tasted pretty good. Nut Mylk was made up of juiced almonds/cashews, agave/dates, vanilla, himalayan pink salt and alkaline water. It's good for the brain + it strengthens bones and teeth just like milk! A great night-time juice, in my opinion.

If you ask me what's my takeaway for this beauty session, I would say that 1) You are what you eat and 2) Beauty doesn't have to come with a hefty price. :)

Thank you Melissa for organizing such an insightful session for Passhen Beauty Week!

I'll be writing about my third and last workshop for Passhen Beauty Week soon so if you like what you're reading, please stay tuned to the entry.

Meanwhile, it's Friday so have a great TGIF, everyone!