December 2nd, 2015


Food Invite: Krazy Dinner Feast @ KrazySalads

Hey people!

Two weeks ago, I was at KrazySalads for a dinner feast with Lawrens, owner of Teesaurus as well as Teesaurus bloggers, Jessie and Pearly.

Interestingly, I wasn't there for a salad feast but a meat feast instead. You will know why as you read on! :)

KrazySalads is a salad bar located at Toa Payoh but no no no, it doesn't only sell salad.

As the signboard suggests, they also have a variety of seafood and meat choices for their meals.

At dinner time, KrazySalads was not 'krazily' (pun intended) crowded so the salad bar actually makes a nice, cosy chillout place with family and friends over a good meal.

All meals in KrazySalads also come with an All-You-Can-Eat salad bar buffet as well as free flow juices so if you want to pig out and eat till your fill without the guilt, this is a place for you.

Oh yes, please note that KrazySalads also observes a 90 minute dining period. I know the time limit sounds a tad stressful but it's also a way to manage crowd.

Besides, 90 minutes is a comfortable and reasonable time for one to finish a meal!

Introducing the salad bar with its glorious greens. The wide variety of vegetables leaves one spoilt for choice!

There were plenty of fruits to choose from as well so don't hesitate to take a plate and make a colourful fruit platter for you and your friends.

Be sure to try their Soups of the Day as well.

There's usually around 3 to choose from and I highly recommend their mushroom soup and corn soup.

4 of us sampled 6 main courses and the first course was the Fiery Chicken ($22.90).

Surprisingly, despite it being mildly spicy, I actually enjoyed it. The chicken was soft and chewy as well and it made this dish very palatable.

Seafood in a Skillet ($25.90) reminded me of the seafood platter that I like to order in Fish & Co.

If you're craving for something fried, this is a generous portion that is good for sharing. I particularly love munching on the calamari rings.

Here comes the Firecracker Lamb Rack Chop with Butter Rice ($32.90).

Pearly and Jessie were singing praises of this dish and both have commented that the lamb was extremely tender and juicy. Personally, I don't fancy lamb (neither does my family) so I hardly touched this. I would have loved to eat the butter rice underneath it though. :)

Fancy some Asian fusion? Meet the Oriental Pork Chop ($22.90).

Be sure to eat this dish in Korean style by dipping a piece of pork chop into chilli and wrapping it with the lettuce together with some kimchi. Proceed to stuff the entire salad wrap into your mouth AT ONE GO. Lastly, chew.

It was pretty fun and you get to savour the entire combination of tastes at the same time.

I was too far from this dish so dear Jessie helped me to prepare my salad wrap. Thank you girl!

Pan-seared Duck Breast ($24.90) was the bomb. I'm not even kidding. If there's one dish to try from KrazySalads, it's this.

Jessie, Pearly and I loved this dish to bits. We concluded that this was the best dish we've tried from the main courses. The meat was tender and succulent and after you've tried a piece, you'll return for more.

It's a small portion and it's made easy for sharing so you probably wouldn't waste a single bit of this dish at all.

Teriyaki Cheese Steak ($24.90) was kinda neglected by us because amidst the rest of the food and all our talking, we didn't realized that there was this dish at the corner of the table. Thus, we tried this a tad too late.

That said, this dish was so-so for me and would probably taste a whole lot better if we didn't try it when the steak went cold.

Craving for some ice-cream? You can head on to the salad bar buffet to choose your cone and toppings.

Not only did I enticed Pearly to join me for some soft serve ice-cream, I managed to psycho her to get some for me too. HA HA HA!

Thank you Pearly for making such a nice swirl for me. :D

If you're interested to try some affordable main courses and enjoy free-flow salad bar buffet, be sure to visit KrazySalads. You can also 'like' their Facebook page here.

Blk 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
#02-516, Singapore 310190

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.