December 3rd, 2015


Food Invite: Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss Haven at Burger King

Howdy, my friends!

What's your favourite burger in Burger King? I'm an all-time fan of the Mushroom Swiss burger.

Ever since I sunk my teeth into a good ol' Mushroom Swiss Single Burger, I've been ordering that whenever I'm in a Burger King outlet.

Well, good news for me and all the Mushroom Swiss fans out there!

There will now be MORE mushrooms on this burger due to the addition of Shimeji mushrooms. Oh yeah, bring it on!

Thanks to Omy Singapore and Burger King, I had the opportunity to try the new Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss Burger at its Prinsep House outlet two days back.

In case you're confused by the naming, Gourmeji refers to Gourmet + Shimeji, which also means that the burger I tried was a Gourmet burger topped with lovely Shimeji mushrooms! Yum yum!

Above is a picture of the host sharing some characteristics about the Shimeji mushroom - it is identifiable by its long stem and concave cap.

Prior to tasting the burger, we were privileged to enjoy a kitchen tour where we got to watch the preparation of Burger King's famous Whopper Burger. Specifically, we watched the flame-grilling of the whopper beef at the broiler, toasting of the sesame bun and the dressing of the burger. I couldn't believe that the staff was able to dress the burger within 30 seconds!!! That's absolutely insane but I guessed Burger King wouldn't be able to call themselves a 'fast food' joint if their food preparation wasn't 'fast' enough.

Burger King also has high standards of hygiene because their staff needs to go through a 1 minute handwashing routine that comprises soaping, scrubbing as well as the application of sanitization gel. Staff has to wash hands every hour as well to ensure that they handle food with ultra clean and germ-free hands. I was honestly very impressed.

Poster credits to Burger King.

Are you keen to go on a kitchen tour too and witness how Burger King prepares their classic burgers?

I will totally encourage you to because it was truly an eye-opener for me. Sign up details are in the poster above!

Let the tasting begin!

I was very amused when I saw that the Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss Burger was served to me on a plate with a pair of fork and knife as though I was eating in a Western restaurant. I guessed I was just too used to wolving my burger down in a tak glam manner.

Can you differentiate the Shimeji mushrooms with the regular mushrooms above? Remember, the Shimeji mushrooms are characterized by their long stems and concave caps!

This burger was indeed a gourmet mushroom haven for me. In the original Mushroom Swiss Burger, the combination of whopper beef with swiss cheese and mushrooms was already delicious but the addition of Shimeji mushrooms really turned up the flavour by a huge notch. In fact, the Shimeji mushrooms were also lightly peppered and made the burger more tastier than it was. The caramelized onions were an awesome complement to the burger as well. Mushroom lovers should totally try this!

Oh yes, and if you don't eat beef, you can always choose to have a Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Burger instead!

Do you miss shaker fries? I DO!!!!

(Can all the fast food joints bring back their shaker fries, please? No one gets sick of them!)

Although my favourite seasoning for shaker fries is seaweed, I was rather intrigued when I saw this packet of Creamy Tomato Rock It Seasoning on the table. This was apparently a tomato powder-based seasoning which I have never tried in my life but there's always a time for a first experience.

In a similar way as eating regular shaker fries, you pour the entire seasoning into the bag of fries and shake it. Or rather, ROCCCK ITTTT!

And there you go - a bag of fries with light pink seasoning powder sprinkled generously around them.

I would recommend you to consume the fries when they are warm because the tomato taste is really strong then and the fries are on the saltier side. Once the fries turn cold and soggy and the tomato powder melts onto the fries, they will become a tad sourish. Don't say I didn't warn ya!

For the ladies, there's always room for dessert, especially with Burger King's classic Hershey's Sundae Pie which has actually been around for ages (funny how I didn't realize that).

Chocolate, ice cream and fudge were really sinful but oh, they were SOOO GOOD too!

Photobooth time! I love taking pictures with all these crazy props! There was a buffet of props that made it really difficult for me to choose from within a short time.

With one of my blogger buddies, Jia Hui! We were so surprised to see each other at this event.

Another shot!

Elle and I have been bumping into each other in several events but this was our first time taking photos together. More to come next time, girl!

Goodie bags for the bloggers, courteousy of Burger King and Omy Singapore.

Why was I not surprised to receive mushroom-related goodies? They were adorable to bits and I love them!

My favourite gift was the mushroom post-it notes (so cute!) while my Mum's favourite gift was the Shimeji mushrooms which she ended up cooking for dinner. HA HA! How practical.

So... are you interested to try the Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss Burger?

Starting from 3 Dec 15 till mid Jan 16, you can enjoy the Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss burger, the Creamy Tomato Rock It Fries and a medium soft drink for $8.95 while stocks last.

You can also enjoy the Creamy Tomato Rock It Fries separately at $3.30 or upgrade your regular fries to the Rock It Fries with any upsize meal purchased.

Oh yes, they do delivery too so you can order here if you want some BK delivered right to your doorstep!

For more information on Burger King, please check out their website and facebook page.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.