December 6th, 2015

Ribbon Dress

Event: Bosch Christmas Bake with Chef Yamashita

Hey people!

Have you tried the Japanese artisan desserts in Flor and Glace patisseries before?

I tried the cakes in Flor with my college mates years ago and we were impressed beyond words.

2 weeks ago, I was invited to a Bosch Christmas Bake @ Gain City Megastore (thank you Michelle and Danessa!) and I got to meet the man behind the famous Japanese desserts.

Say hello to Chef Yamashita! It was an honour to meet him. :)

All these sweet treats were created by him and we had the opportunity to try them.

They looked so pretty though that everyone was too busy snapping photos of them prior to eating.

We watched a baking demonstration of two desserts and the first was the preparation of the Black Sesame Soy Bean Chiffon Cake.

There's Chef Yamashita whisking eggs as well as sieving the black sesame.

Chef Yamashita also made use of a trusty kitchen helper to facilitate the whipping of egg whites or the mixing of ingredients and it was none other than the Bosch MaxxiMUM Sensor Control Kitchen Machine ($1,699).

Equipped with a powerful 1,600W motor, this amazing Kitchen Machine is able to mix, mince and shred any ingredient conveniently in a jiffy. It also contains the following sensors and accessories that are great aids to the preparation process:

1) A sensor control - it recognises when the optimum stiffness of cream has been reached and will stop beating when the desired results have been met. This prevents stiff cream from transforming to butter.

2) A dough sensor - it continues mixing with a consistent speed even when handling stiff dough.

3) 3-D PlanetaryMixing Accessory - it moves in three directions at the same time so that the ingredients can be mixed thoroughly and quickly.

Besides the MaxxiMUM Sensor Control Kitchen Machine, Chef Yamashita also utilized a Bosch Series 8 Oven (prices range from $2,699 to $4,999 depending on model) to bake the batter in the chiffon mould.

Baking took approximately 30 to 40 minutes, after which it transformed the batter into a lovely chiffon cake.

But hold it! The chiffon cake still required decorating.

Since we're in the festive season, turning the plain chiffon cake into a Christmas cake was a very apt thing to do. I got to taste this marvellous creation and was absolutely in love with the fluffy texture of the cake. :D

Next up, we were shown a demonstration of the 2nd dessert - the Zunda Roll Cake.

Preparing the roll cake involved making the sponge as well as the Zunda Cream. For the sponge, an egg mixture was first whisked using the MaxxiMUM Sensor Control Kitchen Machine. After which, the batter was poured into a baking tray, ready to be baked for 10 to 12 minutes in the oven.

The Zunda Cream was prepared mainly using a classic Japanese ingredient, edamame.

Edamame is an excellent source of protein; is great for the skin and hair; increases energy and helps one to lose weight. It's also awesome for some guilt-free snacking! :)

To prepare the Zunda Cream, the edamame has to be boiled for 4 to 5 minutes before squeezing the beans out of their skins.

After which, the edamame beans were blended using the Bosch MaxxiMUM Styline Food Processor ($749)
until they turned into paste. Last step was to mix the paste with sugar, cream and salt and it's good to go.

When the Zunda Cream is ready, one can proceed to spread the cream evenly onto the sponge.

Look at the number of people photographing Chef Yamashita in action. It must be really stressful for him.

Watching Chef Yamashita slice this long roll of cake into smaller pieces made me really hungry. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into those delectable rolls of cake.

Ta-dah! The final product - the Zunda Roll Cake topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries, ready to be served to guests.  

Photo credits to Danessa.

Couldn't miss a group photo opportunity with Chef Yamashita. Everyone was in the midst of saying 'BOSCHH!!!!'.

We were showered with lots of love from Bosch and Chef Yamashita. Thank you both for the generous goodies.

Lovely treats created right from Chef Yamashita's kitchen which I got to share with my family and Shen.

If you're interested to try some Japanese artisan desserts by Chef Yamashita, you can visit his patisserie at Tanjong Pagar Plaza (see address below). In fact, my family got a Chestnut Mont Blanc cake from his patisserie today to celebrate my Mummy's birthday and it totally won us over so do show your support for his cake creations too!

Chef Yamashita
1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
#02-44, Singapore 082001

If you're interested in the Bosch Kitchen appliances, they are available at all leading department stores. You can check out their official website as well.

It's late now so I better end this entry. Thank you for reading! :)