December 8th, 2015

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Event: Rocking the night at Skechers Sundown Festival

Hey people!

Last year, I attended my first Skechers Sundown Festival with my blogger friends and had an extremely memorable outdoor concert experience.

This year, I won a pair of Category 1 mosh pit tickets from Skechers SG and got to go for this again, but this time to experience the intensely happening outdoor concert atmosphere together with Shen.

Skechers Sundown Festival is an Asian music festival with the aim to showcase the vibrant Asian entertainment scene. Each year, local and regional artistes will be invited to perform on this platform.

There were loads of performers last year and I remembered that the concert went way past midnight but this year, the number of performers was scaled down to 6 regional groups so as to provide more performance time within each group.

I had another event prior to the festival so we only managed to reach the event at 7ish when the sky was dark.

I had no choice but to miss the performances by my primary school friend, Cheryl Loon as well as Taiwan band, Ground Zero. Oh sigh, I didn't know they were the first few to perform!

Our very energetic and bubbly host of the night.

This year, the theme was 'Let's Rock' so expectedly, every performer was on major screamo mode that night.

Singaporean band, Caracal was one of them and the lead singer had gone as badass as to take off his top to reveal his body of tattoos.

Taking the stage next was J-Rocks from Indonesia, belting out some very cool local tunes in rocker style.

I stared at the lead singer for a while because I couldn't figure out his fashion sense. It seemed like a mix of gothic and androgynous.

INKT from Japan got the crowd cheering like mad when they appeared on stage in their band T-shirts. Evidently, they had so many supporters over here.

Although I am new to this band, I will always remember them for their intense head-swinging actions during the middle of their songs.

The crowd went wild at this moment and unsurprisingly, their fans began head-swinging like nobody's business as well.

Potato from Thailand was a crowd winner, not only because the band had an unforgettable name (it's hard to forget a band named after one of my favourite food in the world) but also because of the dashing lead singer right there.

One more shot just to show his handsomeness. The girls were crazzzzy in love when he started singing.

At this point, I even turned to Shen and commented ,'Mmm, he's quite handsome'.

Potato was also the only band that seemed to impress Shen because it was my first time seeing Shen go high during their performance - he was waving his hands, dancing, singing along and cheering. :D

Abruptly, the crowd started to look like this, with people gathering nearer the stage, pointing their cameras forward and waiting in anticipation for the last group of the night.

It's Epik High from Korea and they were indeed very high (in energy).

They were DJing, Bboying and rapping while splashing water and throwing towels at the crowd.

Nonetheless, their songs were very catchy and they made me want to dance too. The crazy vibes were totally contagious!

The crowd was viral and everyone around seemed to be jumping up and down during their performance. If you don't start jumping or bobbing to the music, you might look like the odd one out.

And the fangirls? They couldn't stop screaming throughout the performance. Shen and I were a little unfortunate to be standing right in front of them so our ears suffered in the process. HA HA.

That said, the crowd loved them so much that the group had to appear on stage again after a series of 'encore' shoutings. They were clearly the highlight of the night.

Ending the night with a blast and feeling that strong adrenaline rush from being so high at the concert.

Thank you Skechers SG for organizing another sucessful Sundown Festival this year. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to attend Sundown Festival again next year! :D

For more information on Skechers Sundown Festival, please visit its official website.

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.