December 9th, 2015


Event: Launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 @ MAD Museum

Hey people!

Two weeks ago, I was at the MAD Museum of Art & Design for the Launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with my blogger pals.

Photo credits to Jasmine.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ($1,399) is an improved version of Surface Pro 3 with increased power and performance packed in an 8.4mm thin tablet - the thinnest and lightest Surface Pro in the market.

Being lightweight and easy to carry, it is a perfect gadget for professionals who work on the go, especially for those who require a highly productive and portable device to facilitate their work.

Surface Pro 4 comes equipped with an impressive 12.3 inch PixelSense Display and Windows 10 Pro software.

Coupled with 6th Generation Intel Core m, Core i5 and Core i7 processors, it is no wonder that Surface Pro 4 can perform with high speed as well as efficiency. You will be glad to hear that this gadget is also quieter, runs cooler and has a long battery lifespan of 9 hours.

There are times when I prefer the familiarity of a laptop compared to a tablet.

Well, this gadget fixes that with the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover ($199) which transforms the tablet into a laptop instantaneously. Available in black, blue and light blue, this type cover is also thin and lightweight with a better magnetic stability. This also means that it adheres tightly to the tablet with a quick snap and does not budge that easily.

To add, the type cover also features a redesigned mechanical keyboard with optimal key space for prompt and smooth typing. You won't have to worry about pressing other keys accidentally anymore.

We were all intrigued by the redesigned Surface Pen ($94) which contains 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity to ensure that you write and draw with utmost precision. In the event when you made an error, you can even remove it with the eraser attached on the end of the pen. How cool is that?!

The Surface Pen is available in charcoal, red, blue and silver. There's even a Surface Pen Tip Kit that allows one to interchange the pen tips to suit different purposes. Below are the available pen tips:

1) HB tip - for writing and sketching;
2) B tip - for sketching and illustrations;
3) H tip - for drawing;
4) 2H tip - for drafting and fast strokes.

Oh yes, if you're afraid of misplacing the Surface Pen, do not worry. Because it is magnetic, you can attach it at the side of the Surface Pro to ensure that it can be found in a conspicuous place. Yay for the innovation!

Photo credits to Jasmine.

Thank you Microsoft SG for hosting us in this arty-farty museum!

If you're interested in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, you can purchase it from Challenger, Courts, Harvey Norman, Newstead or online.

For more information on Surface Pro 4, please check out Microsoft Website.
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Advert: Christmas Gift Sets from Vanitee

Hey people!

Do you need to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones but have absolutely no time to shop around the malls?

Well, good news!

Photo credits to Vanitee.

Vanitee is a mobile app for beauty and wellness services and there are currently 500 over beauty artistes on the platform. This platform ensures that people can find quality beauty professionals easily and book their appointments efficiently anytime and anywhere.

Vanitee has created 4 Christmas Gift Sets which you can purchase at different values. The Ghristmas Gift Sets are as follows:

1. $20 Santa Little Helper Gift Set - Gift card with $20 credits on Vanitee
2. $50 Pamper Me Silly Gift Set - Gift card with $50 credits on Vanitee
3. $80 Beauty Lovers Pick Gift Set - Gift card with $80 credits on Vanitee
4. $100 Ultimate Indulgence Gift Set - Gift card with $100 credits on Vanitee

I'm someone who prefers gift cards or vouchers to actual gifts because I get to choose the products and services that I want/need so a gift like this would be the most apt for me.

With the respective credits, the recipient can use it for any beauty and wellness service of their choice on Vanitee. Be prepared to be spoilt for choice by the large variety of services available. There's manicures, makeovers, hairstyling, eyelash extension and many more services island-wide for one to pursue beauty at their convenience.

All gift sets can be purchased here and the payment is powered by a cashless system, Paypal. And if you spend more than $50 on a gift set, you can get a complimentary VanityTrove Box. YAY, MORE FREEBIES!

Best of all, the gift sets will be delivered right to the recipient's doorstep, making the whole process extremely fuss-free, time-saving and willl guarantee a pleasant surprise for the recipient at the same time. It's a win-win situation!

Readers of my blog will be entitled to 20% off their 1st appointment booking. Simply quote 'TRACY20' to get the discount. Please note that this is only for 1st time booking and booking must be completed by 31 Dec 15. There's no minimum amount required to use the discount. Discount will not be applicable for the booking of packages.

So... with discounts and freebies to get, I wish you an enjoyable shopping experience on Vanitee!