December 10th, 2015

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Event: Launch of Puressentiel Singapore - The Wonders of Essential Oils

Hey people!

I used to think that essential oils were nothing more than just aromatherapy. Along the way, I realized that essential oils had more benefits than I assumed and they also do wonders for the mind and body.

Personally, I apply a bit of mint essential oil before I sleep every night because it helps to relax my mind and ensures that I sleep well.

Last week, I attended the Launch of Puressentiel Singapore @ Prive Capital, a French beauty brand that makes use of a blend of multiple essential oils to formulate their products.

Puressentiel has a range of 140 products for the face, body and hair that were formulated based on 131 essential oils. The above was just a small portion of the essential oils that were used. (The row was obviously too long for me to capture everything in one shot.)

We were introduced to one of their best-sellers,
the Muscles & Joints range that night. I was quite surprised by this range because I never knew that essential oils will work on muscles and joints.

This was a range that was perfect for fitness junkies and has been proudly endorsed by French athlete and National Basketball Association (NBA) star Tony Parker.

Puressentiel was founded in 2005 by husband and wife, Marco and Isabelle Pacchioni. Isabelle is the lady in the left picture.

Together with her son Rocco (guy in right picture) and Marco's sister, Florence, they ran this family business for a good 10 years, turning Puressentiel into a successful global brand. I am so glad that this brand is officially in Singapore. Welcome!

One signature product was the Muscles & Joints Roller ($33.90) which was made up of 14 essential oils, namely:

1. Cajuput
2. Roman Camomile
3. Clove
4. Eucalyptus
5. Winter-green
6. Juniper
7. Lavandin
8. Marjoram
9. Peppermint
10. Niaouli
11. Nutmeg
12. Pine
13. Rosemary
14. Turpentine

It had a rolling ball massager that would ensure smooth and convenient application of product onto skin as well as soothe your aching muscles.

This product was highly recommended for athletes to use before or after a workout as well as people who suffer from chronic muscle and joint pain.

I've tested it on my back when it was aching from sitting at my work desk for too long + on my legs after a strenuous pole session and I loved it so far. It helped to cool the affected areas and after a while, my aches were not as intense anymore.

It worked similarly to muscle cream except that the latter was too thick and smelled too strong for my liking. Conversely, the roller was extremely light; had a nice cooling sensation and emitted a pleasant floral scent. I'm definitely converting to this product for my future usage.

Another product was the Muscles & Joints Soothing Balm ($26.90) which you can apply to sensitive areas up to approximately 3 times a day.

Like the Roller, its purpose was to soothe aching muscles and joints, reduce stiffness as well as counter swelling. It also contained active ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax and sunflower oil which made application very gentle and I loved how it gets absorbed into your skin very quickly.

Similarly, it contained menthol and contributed to the nice cooling sensation that I really liked. For people who prefer balms to rollers, this product is definitely worth a consideration. Likewise, I prefer this to the regular muscle cream and would certainly switch to this after my workout.

Oh yes, remember to wash your hands after use!

The star product in Puressentiel which we were introduced to was the Purifying Air Spray ($49.90 for 200ml bottle; $79.90 for 500ml bottle), which was so popular that 1 spray was sold every 10 seconds.

Till date, 11.2 million sprays have been sold. How impressive!

This wonder product was made up of 41 essential oils and have benefited users by:

- Destroying virus and bacteria in the air;
- Combating dust mites, thereby reducing allergies;
- Improving respiratory function; and
- Stimulating the immune system

It was recommended for users to spray 6 to 8 sprays at 4 corners of the room to purify the air. That's a very generous amount but you'll probably need that amount if your room is as dusty as mine. I've sprayed this in my parents' room as well and they liked it. They even requested that I spray it on their bed, which you can of course but obviously not too much.

The smell was fragrant and relaxing and I would personally encourage you to spray this before you go to bed so that you will have a good night's sleep.

You know when a spray like this would become highly sought after in Singapore? When there's haze. If air diffusers and N95 masks can be in hot demand during that period, I won't be surprised if this purifying air spray would be swept up like nobody's business as well. :D

Photo credits to Pearly.

The event wouldn't be complete without a photo with Rocco. Thank you Fusion Cosmetics and Puressentiel SG for having Pearly and me!

Puressentiel products retail at Beauty by Nature, Robinsons and John Little stores.

For more information on Puressentiel, please check out their official website and their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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Event: Backstage Tour & Rehearsal for Crazy Christmas - A groundNUTCRACKER

Hey people!

It's Dream Academy's 15th Birthday Bash and yesterday night, I was one of the lucky ones to be able to join Insta SG on an exclusive backstage tour at Esplanade Theatre, hosted by Dream Academy.

Besides that, we also caught a sneak peek of the rehearsal for Dream Academy's latest production, Crazy Christmas - A groundNUTCRACKER.

It felt really cool to have the entire Esplande Theatre to ourselves, akin to watching a private concert.

I am curious about theatre and anything performing arts so it was exceptionally interesting for me to go on this tour to check out what it's like behind the scenes.

Look at how the costumes were being laid out to facilitate quick changing.

Many times, the cast has to change to their next outfit within a few minutes (or even seconds) to get ready for another scene so their costumes have to be 'on standby'. It reminded me of those times when I had to perform for dance productions. Similarly, I had to quick change my costumes and make-up to get ready to go on stage for the next performance. It's madness.

The signature Ballerina and Tin Soldier costume that you will see the cast wearing in the subsequent photos.

Ballet outfits are usually cumbersome to wear and I know this because I used to dance ballet when I was a kid. This Ballerina costume is actually a one-piece dress so the cast can simply step into the costume, pull up and go. How smart!

A peek into the makeup room to say hi to the cast while they were getting ready. Oh hello!

In the midst of applying stage makeup.

Boy, I can still remember the times when I had to apply thick stage makeup; pile on the blusher and wear falsies. :S

Love this photo coz of the lighting. Stage lights are possibly one of the things I like about theatre. :)

The hosts of the production, one of them being Selena Tan who is the main actress of the production, 1/3 of the Dim Sum Dollies and the boss of Dream Academy.

They got students and the elderly involved in singing for this production as well!

Broadway Beng appeared as a rather thin Santa Claus and from then on, I couldn't stop laughing over his slew of Hokkien and Singlish jokes.

We watched the cast rehearse for a scene and everyone was looking hilarious with their dramatic and exaggerated expressions.

Oh. My. God - the sacrifice these guys had to make.

Selena's Tin Soldier turned live but alas, it was all a dream. :(

Besides the Dim Sum Dollies and Broadway Beng, everyone's favourite Kumar will also be starring in this production so if you're interested to catch your favourite characters from Dream Academy, you can purchase tickets to watch this production!

Crazy Christmas - A groundNUTCRACKER is currently showing in Esplanade till 19 Dec 15, Saturday so be sure to grab your tickets at SISTIC because the last I heard, the tickets are selling fast! Gogogo!

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.