December 13th, 2015

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Food Invite: Wonderful Indonesia Flavours by Asian Food Channel & Travel Channel

Hey people!

On Monday, I was invited by Asian Food Channel & Travel Channel to attend a tasting for an upcoming TV series, Wonderful Indonesia Flavours.

Wonderful Indonesia Flavours is a TV programme that aims to feature the diverse cultures and culinary traditions of Indonesia. Viewers will be taken on a virtual food tour around Indonesia to learn about the various cooking styles, dishes as well as cultural traditions.

Photo credits to Asian Food Channel.

This programme will be hosted by Celebrity Chef Rinrin Marinka (lady in picture) and Australian co-hosts Chefs Tobie Puttock (guy in picture) and Darren Robertson.

It will also air on the following channels on the respective dates:

7 Jan 16, Fri, 9pm - Asian Food Channel, Starhub Channel 435
29 Jan 16, Fri, 8.40pm - Travel Channel, Singtel TV Channel 253

We had a tasting of some Indonesian foodfare that was inspired by the Chefs' travel journey around various parts of Indonesia.

Our tasting was held at an Indonesian restaurant called Bebek Tepi Sawah at Chijmes, which I was told that the name refers to 'Ducks by the Paddy Field'.

Apparently, this restaurant was rather well-known in Indonesia and was famous for its duck dishes.

Alas, I didn't get to try any duck during my tasting but maybe next time when I have another chance.

Photo credits to Asian Food Channel.

With parenting blogger, Katherine.

We were the only 2 bloggers in this event. What an honour!

Had some waiting time to spare before the tasting so I had some drinks.

Tried the Seminyak Squash (left) which comprised lychee and strawberry with mint leaves.

I also paired The Legian (right), a refreshing fruit concoction of lychee, kiwi and lime with my food thereafter.

For starters, we had an appetizer known as Batagor which consisted of Indonesia fried dumplings and hard-boiled eggs served with sauces.

This was an extremely generous portion for an appetizer but I must say that the dumplings were savoury and crispy and tasted exceptionally well when taken with peanut sauce.

This Batam Fish Soup was my absolute favourite and it was created by Chef Tobie after his visit to Batam.

The snapper fillets were soft and tender while the broth was light and tasty. It felt like a delicious and healthy dish which I could eat over and over again.

Everyone was singing praises of Mie Tarempa, a spicy stir-fried noodle dish with tuna.

I would have appreciated this better if I have higher spice tolerance because when I took a bite of this, I headed straight for my drink to wash it down. It was HOTTTT.

The last main course, the Ayam Bumbu Gurih was a pretty big one with several dishes. One of which was the grilled chicken marinated with lemongrass and served with steamed rice.

The grilled chicken was so fragrant and taste-wise, it was extremely flavourful. I wished the chicken was cut up for me so that I could just pop the bite-sized pieces into my mouth.

We shared the bamboo-steamed chicken which was really yummy but there were only a few pieces so the dish disappeared pretty fast.

Cassava leaves in coconut milk. I didn't know that these delectable vegetables would taste so good!

We observed the preparation of the Wedang Ronde, an Indonesian dessert by Chefs Tobie and Rinrin.

Wedang Ronde was basically Indonesian glutinous rice balls served in ginger syrup.

It was very similar to the Chinese Tang Yuan and involved rolling rice balls during preparation. Well, that's actually the fun part!

Pouring of warm ginger syrup to complement the rice balls.

I learnt that the Wedang Ronde was largely enjoyed by the Indonesian locals during rainy days for warming up the body and fighting against the cold.

Complete the dish by throwing in some pieces of lychee, white bread and kolang kaling and the dish is good to go.

I was very excited because it was my first time trying 'Indonesian Tang Yuan'.

Although I wasn't a fan of the rice balls since I prefer them to be stuffed full of ingredients, I think this dessert had an interesting taste and the lychee really helped to sweeten it by a great deal. :)

Photo credits to Asian Food Channel.

The Wedang Ronde marked the end of the food tasting session and we finished with a group photo.

Thank you Asian Food Channel & Travel Channel for the insightful and immersive tasting experience.

For more information about Wonderful Indonesia Flavours, you can visit its website on Asian Food Channel or Travel Channel.

Feel free to also support Asian Food Channel and Travel Channel on their social media platforms:

Asian Food Channel: Website & Facebook

Travel Channel: Website & Facebook

Bebek Tepi Sawah
30 Victoria Street, Chijmes
#02-01B/C, Singapore 187996

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

Sponsored Review: Creme Simon Oxygenating Foaming Cleanser + Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist

Hey people!

I've been using skincare products from French beauty brand, Creme Simon for more than a year and they have taken care of my skin very well. Not only did they helped to manage my breakouts; they also kept my skin hydrated and even gave my face some radiance and glow.

It was also the year when I received the most compliments for 'having good skin'. I've been longing to hear that since many years ago when pimply me attempted to hide my imperfections behind thick layers of makeup. Although my skin is far from perfect, I can safely go bare-faced now while feeling confident and happy about the way I look.

The lovely folks from Creme Simon have also been such a dear for sending me a gorgeous Christmas gift pack right to my doorstep. And it was a generous gift indeed, consisting 5 of Creme Simon's recommended products - Micellar Water Makeup Remover, Light Night Moisturizer, Creme Universelle, Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist and Oxygenating Foaming Cleanser.

Because I have reviewed 3 out of the 5 Creme Simon products previously, I will be sharing my views on the remaining 2 products that are new to my skincare life.

Oxygenating Foaming Cleanser ($59)

Foaming cleansers were my go-to cleansers during bad skin days because they were extremely gentle on my skin. In fact, this foaming cleanser is so gentle that it is even suitable for baby skin. I loved how this product could deep cleanse your skin and remove oil, impurities and light makeup without stripping your skin from its moisture.

Another thing I liked about this product was its strong floral scent. This product comprised rose, iris and jasmine extracts which not only contributed to the lovely scent but also helped to renew skin and ensure its luminosity.

One pump was all I need to cleanse my entire face.

You'll be sure that this product will last you a long time since a little goes a long way.

Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist ($55)

The Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist is a popular product that won the skincare brand lots of awards. Specifically, it has been named the 'Best Toner' by renowned magazines such as Women's Weekly, Nylon, Cosmo and Her World.

This toner mist is alcohol-free and can remove impurities as well as last traces of make-up. Like the foaming cleanser, it contained floral extracts such as rose and jasmine to give rise to a more luminous and clearer skin.

What stood out for me was this product's multi-functionality and I guessed this factor was enough to win me over.

This product is commonly used as a toner that is applied after cleansing and before moisturizing. One can simply spray the product on a clean facial cotton and wipe their face gently to remove any makeup residues or impurities.

You can use it to set your makeup as a finishing touch too. Personally, I like to use it as a facial mist to refresh my tired skin during those long hours at work. I also use it to calm redness at times when my skin gets sensitive and if my frizzy hair ends require taming, I spray some product over it too. So far, this product has been working very well for me. :)

Interested to buy?

My readers can use voucher code 'E56BWFT' to receive a 10% discount on all purchases if they shop online at Creme Simon's website. Delivery is free!

Alternatively, you can check out Creme Simon products at Robinsons Raffles City and Robinsons Jem.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.