December 17th, 2015

Ze Cartoon

Event: Bliss Out - Escape Into Your Reality

Hey people!

Last Saturday, I was at Gardens by the Bay for Bliss Out, a yoga and outdoor concert event with blogger friend, Pearly.

Bliss out is an event organized by HiVelocity Events and we were given complimentary tickets to this due to the postponement of Winter Run from December 15 to March 16.

There was supposed to be 2 consecutive yoga sessions followed by an outdoor concert but the 1st yoga session was cancelled because of the rain.

Not sure whether it was a blessing in disguise or something but I was worried about having to do yoga under the blazing hot sun. My worries were uncalled for because the post-rain weather was very cooling. Besides, I also realized that 1 yoga session was suffice because the 2nd yoga session, being an intermediate level was actually pretty intense.

Photo credits to Bliss Out Singapore.

When we arrived at the grounds, there were already a hell lot of people yoga-ing so Pearly and I had to lay out our mats at the back.

Photo credits to Bliss Out Singapore.

We couldn't see the instructor from our view so we could only listen to instructions and attempt to follow the yogis in front of us. My goodness - some of them were really pro and flexible.

Pearly and I spent most of the time attempting to keep ourselves in balance; trying not to fall by grabbing each other's arms and laughing at each other.

We also took this wefie when everyone was doing some sort of acroyoga which we both couldn't do. HA HA!

After the yoga session, we stayed to watch the outdoor concert. Pearly's husband, Shawn as well as Shen came to join us for the concert but alas, we didn't get to stay long.

Photo credits to Bliss Out Singapore.

We managed to only listen to some songs from Inch Chua's performance before leaving the grounds because it started to rain pretty heavily. In fact, we got stuck in the rain while trying to leave Gardens by the Bay because there were just too many people.

I missed The Naked and Famous band performance and never got to hear how awesome their music is. That said, there's always youtube.

Very happy to be able to spend some quality time with Shen after the concert. I appreciated that he came all the way to Gardens by the Bay to accompany me for this even though he has work to do; he's not into yoga and outdoor concerts aren't his thing. He called it his 'break' before working hard.

The yoga session also left me with muscle aches the next day but that wasn't surprising considering that I was pole-ling in the morning. I know it's hardcore but no pain, no gain.

Gotta go now. I'll be back to blog again (coz I need to clear backlogs, ha ha).

See you soon!