December 18th, 2015


Food Invite: Nostalgic Local Delights @ Attap House

Happy TGIF, everybody!

Last week, I attended a tasting at Attap House @ Fusionopolis Galaxis and discovered a lovely cafe that sells yummy local delights at affordable coffeeshop prices.

Photo credits to The Influencer Network.

Here's a photo of The Influencer Network bloggers and their plus ones.

I brought along QQ as a plus one and she was very happy because she was spared from preparing her dinner when her parents were out of town.

Opened merely 5 months ago in July 15, Attap House was designed to bring back the 'old school feel' of the 70s and 80s where the interior setting was largely brown and the place was filled with wooden tables & rattan chairs.

The founder of Attap House was present to share more about the cafe and its food with us.

Attap House serves mainly Asian food but there are also a couple of dishes that stood out for its Asian and Western fusion.

Besides offering dine-in and takeaway, they also have a delivery service where customers could call 9052 2669 to make an order. The call service is available from 9am to 7pm (excluding 11am to 2pm slot) and if you order above $30, there will be no delivery charge.

We started our tasting with drinks. The cafe sells a wide variety of drinks with prices ranging from $1.40 to $2.50. Ah yes, the most 'expensive' drink costs only $2.50.

You can basically find your favourite drink from the local coffeeshop here and enjoy it at wallet-friendly prices even though you are sitting in a cosy and comfortable cafe.

QQ and I went for the good ol' Honey Lemon ($2.50). Can't go wrong with this drink and besides, it's good for the throat too.

We all love eating traditional Otah wrapped with banana leaf so how about eating it with bread this time?

Forget having kaya toast in the morning for once and try having an Otah Bun ($2.50) instead. I love this simple concept of placing the Otah in between 2 pieces of bread and biting into it like a burger.

The bread was fluffy and it tasted exceptionally good when we reached the buttery part of the Otah. YUMS!

Next, we tried the Assam Fish ($5.00).

I normally avoid Assam Fish because they're often spicy as hell but this took me by surprise. It was interestingly rather sweet and the spice was soooo mild that it was close to nonexistent.

Spice lovers might not fancy this dish though but for people with low spice tolerance, you can finally enjoy a nice plate of Assam Fish without screaming for water.

Introducing the photogenic Satay Mee Hoon ($6.80) that comes with a generous amount of ingredients.

The ingredients might be simple but when eaten together with springy Mee Hoon and topped with an immensely flavourful satay gravy, it was suffice to win our tastebuds.

For $6.80, it might seem a tad overpriced but hey, this is a large portion that is actually good for sharing between two people. I was glad that we were all given individual sizes for tasting because I wouldn't be able to finish this entire plate by myself and consume other food after that.

Next up was the Grilled Pork Chop with Sambal Fried Rice ($6.50).

We didn't get to try the Sambal Fried Rice because our individual tasting portion only had grilled pork chop but it's okay because by itself, the grilled pork chop was well marinated and absolutely tasty.

I could imagine that it would taste even better when accompanied with fried rice. :)

I looooooveee this Cashew Fried Rice with Fresh Chicken Breast ($6.50) but I supposed it was because this dish contained my favourite ingredients.

I love fried rice piled with lots of egg and it was mega plus points when it was also topped with a huge serving of cashew nuts. The chicken breast was so-so for me but overall, I was still very pleased with this dish.

The bloggers got the chance to go on a kitchen tour to watch the preparation of Attap House's signature dish, the Braised Hokkien Noodle.

Photo credits to Hong Peng.

Stood between Hong Peng and Jon in the kitchen. They came in extremely matching outfits, machiam wearing uniform. We joked that they were my bodyguards for the night.

I thought I got a very good spot in the kitchen initially but when the chef turned to fry the noodles, I ended up watching his backview 3/4 of the time.

Nonetheless, presenting the Braised Hokkien Noodle ($5.90) that is a must-try for all visitors of the cafe, simply because it's a fragrant and palatable dish that leaves you wanting for more.

Some even commented that this dish reminded them of home. :)

Time to try the desserts!

As much as I love waffles, I didn't fancy the Waffle with Nonya Kaya/Peanut Butter ($3) because it was a tad hard. If it had a softer texture, it would be much better.

I need to disclaim though that the waffle in the picture was merely an individual tasting portion and not the actual size served. The actual size would consist of more and larger pieces of waffles for $3!

I adore this warm bowl of Bo Bo Cha Cha ($3) and I wished I was having this on a cold, rainy day.

This Bo Bo Cha Cha was sweeter, thicker and milkier than a traditional bowl of Bo Bo Cha Cha. Some people might not like it but I LOVE IT TO BITS because the combination of tastes was wonderful and sat very well with my tastebuds. I don't mind having this dessert again!

If the inexpensive prices of Attap House amaze you, then let me announce that the prices are also nett. This means you need not pay additional costs like service charge! Good hor?

Time to bring the parents to visit this cafe! I'm very sure they'll love it, both for the food and the prices. :)

For more information on Attap House, you can check out its Official Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Attap House
1 Fusionopolis Place,
Fusionopolis Galaxis #01-04
Singapore 138522

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.