December 24th, 2015


Event: Hello Kitty Run 2015

Hey people!

A couple of days ago, I participated in the Hello Kitty Run 2015.

It was a significant moment for me because it was the first time I was taking part in such a cutesy run.

Honestly, I'm not a Hello Kitty fan and was more interested in the running than the Sanrio character itself. Nonetheless, Danessa had a pair of complimentary tickets to this and invited me to go with her so I agreed.

The run was held at The Float and I thought I wouldn't be returning to this place for a long time since my work event a month ago but there I was again!

The sky was downcast at that time and looked like it was about to rain so Shen asked me to bring along an umbrella or a poncho. -.-"

Wishing spheres decorating the Singapore River. It was quite pretty actually.

Many of us thought the flag-off would be at 5pm (as indicated in the website) but the actual flag-off was delayed by 1 hr 15 minutes.

I reached The Float on the dot and realized that I had plenty of time to explore the carnival grounds prior to the flag-off.

The carnival was flooded with people. The queue that you see in the above picture was only 1/3 of the waiting line.

Most unfortunately, Danessa fell ill before the run and had to give this event a miss.

If she was at the event with me, we would have gone round taking pictures like these girls. :(

I did see some very spontaneous participants in costumes though. Obviously, they wouldn't be running in their outfits but they definitely would be spicing up the run with their presence.

Waiting (impatiently) for flag-off. The sun was totally in my face.

If you think that's a hell lot of people waiting for flag-off together with me, wait till you see the throngs of people behind me. I was already in the 2nd wave and considered relatively in front. The rest of the participants had all gone under the seating gallery.

Interestingly, it was through this race that I realized there were actually a lot of Hello Kitty supporters out there, perhaps more than I have expected.

I always thought that Hello Kitty fans were typically young girly girls but no, there were also guys, mothers, fathers and seniors. Many were die-hard fans and some had turned up wearing Hello Kitty ears and matching Hello Kitty socks. Others bought Hello Kitty merchandise to accompany them in their run. I was honestly quite impressed. HA HA.

Not bad, there were even performers entertaining us with some Christmas tunes in the midst of the run.

Crossed the finishing line with a pretty lousy timing. Opps!

Well, forgive me, it was a very crowded run and I had loads of difficulties trying to overtake other people. Many of them were taking it slow and there were also couples holding hands while walking! Nonetheless, let's not take this fun run so seriously, shall we? :D

My momentos from the run - a comfy Hello Kitty T-shirt and this adorable finisher medal, which I admit that it looks quite swee. Had to ask my niece Regina to lay her hands off it. :P

Alright, it's time for my Xmas eve dinner feast with family.

Goodbye everyone and I'll be back to blog again soon!