October 3rd, 2019


Getting Wedding-Ready Skin with Dermagold Elite Miracle C+ Serum & Biocalm Hydrating Mask

Hey people!

It's just a couple of weeks more to tying the knot and boy, am I getting pre-wedding jitters! :S

As a bride, it may seem easy to just sit there and look pretty but God knows the amount of effort a lady needs to put in beforehand to look great on her big day!

Besides watching my diet and squeezing in time for exercise, I've been taking care of my skin using good quality products and trying my best to ensure that my complexion is well hydrated, radiant and pimple-free.
Two of the products I have been using in my skincare regime is the Elite Miracle C+ Serum as well as the Biocalm Hydrating Masks from homegrown beauty brand,

I first knew about Dermagold when the brand approached me for a collaboration to review their award-winning Purifying Scrub and Brightening Revitalizer two years ago.

Going by the slogan 'For Skin You Dare to Bare', Dermagold strives to encourage their users to work towards healthy skin confidence. Their brand philosophy resonated strongly with mine because I always felt that skincare is more important than makeup, and having a good skin foundation is necessary for smooth makeup application. Rather than relying on makeup to conceal imperfections, I advocate maintaining a healthy complexion so that you can be confident in your bare skin.

Dermagold is also founded by two doctors and childhood friends, Grace and Luping.

Their products are typically used in the following medi-aesthetic clinics and beauty centres, such as Eeva Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Mint Medical Aesthetics and Morphosis Beauty Hub. Users can buy the products physically in the clinics or directly from dermagold.sg.

I have been incorporating one of Dermagold's star products, the Elite Miracle C+ Serum ($79) into my skincare regime lately. I typically use this twice a day, after cleansing and toning, and before applying moisturiser.

As I crossed my 30s, investing in a good quality serum is essential because using a moisturiser is no longer sufficient for my skin. I need a serum to nourish the dermis of my skin with nutrients too.

This high performance serum is infused with 18% Vitamin C Ester, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera which hydrate and brighten my skin immensely. It comes in a clear solution that is absorbed very quickly into my skin. It also does not have much of a scent, which makes it suitable for users who are sensitive to scented products.

As I continue to use this serum daily, my skin texture seemed to be improving vastly as well. My pores looked less conspicuous and my skin was smoother too. I will certainly continue to use this so that I could achieve a flawless complexion on my wedding.

This serum also comes in a small, travel-friendly pump bottle, but that also means that it would likely last me for only a month or two. For the price it costs, every drop of serum is precious to my skin.

As a pampering treat for myself, I like to mask my skin weekly.

When I first learnt that the Biocalm Hydrating Masks cost $15 per piece, I told myself that it better be an impressive piece of mask. As the price is rather steep, I do have very high expectations for it. 

This mask is a biofibre sheet mask, which has a texture similar to a bio-cellulose mask. It has a slight thickness and not paper-thin like regular facial sheet masks in the market. It is also suitable for use by all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Currently, the mask looked oversized on my face, with some parts of the mask touching my hair and covering my mouth so I wished it would fit the size of my face better. Nonetheless, I liked how it adhered to my face snugly without slipping and sliding. You can actually put the mask in the fridge before using it but I did not, and yet it remained cold when I wore it. There was a persistent cooling sensation throughout my 20 minutes with this mask and it felt really soothing. If you have sensitive, inflammed skin, this would be the perfect antidote.

I was sold when I removed the mask because the results were instantaneous. I noticed that I looked fairer, radiant and more rejuvenated, a far cry from my tired and dry skin in the 'Before' picture.

Is that why it costs $15 per piece? It really worked and I was very impressed! If you need to desperately save your skin from dullness at the last minute, this mask is definitely for you. You can wear this mask two to three times a week, but personally, 1 week is enough for me.

Interestingly, it did not leave my skin wet with essence because all the essence from the mask seemed to be fully absorbed by my skin. Thus, no patting of serum is required after removal of mask. Awesome!

Thank you Dermagold for getting my skin wedding-ready with your wonderful, high quality skincare products.

If you are interested to get your hands on the Elite C+ Miracle Serum and the Biocalm Hydrating Masks, visit Dermagold website for a shopping spree. Feel free to check out Dermagold on their Facebook and Instagram too!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Dermagold. Reviews are based on personal experiences.