November 1st, 2019

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Pretty Bling Bridal Nails from J Studios (Haji Lane)

Hey people!

All graduated brides would know that looking beautiful on your big day requires a lot of work. You've gotta watch your weight; keep your complexion in tip top condition; dye your hair and paint your nails.

As I approach my wedding day, beautifying my nails was the final task on my 'to-do' list and I knew just who to look for - J Studios!

I've been collaborating with beauty studio, J Studios for years now, and they have taken care of my hair and skin through their various hair and facial services. They happened to also have manicure and pedicure services so I decided to entrust my nails to them for my wedding.

J Studios has outlets at Jurong East and Haji Lane. For the purpose of this review, I was asked to visit Haji Lane to get my bridal nails done. Do note that a bridal manicure takes around 1.5 hours, depending on the complexity of the service required.

I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to nails and have always preferred to keep them neat and short. I hardly paint my fingernails too, so cuticle care is definitely the least on my priority.

So glad I had J Studios to take care of them for me.

Months back, I sent my assigned manicurist a picture of my bare nails and she commented that I have tiny nails. Her advice was for me to keep my nails long so that she would have more nail space to work with.

Honestly, it has been a chore to maintain my long nails but I still did anyway.

I asked for a gel manicure because I wanted the nail polish to last longer.

They have a wide variety to choose from and I was truly spoilt for choice. Nail designs 081 to 086 were my favourites! I eventually chose NONE of them because I wanted to add on some bling and it would apparently clash with the nail design. I was recommended to go for a more neutral base instead.

After much deliberation and discussion, I went for a pastel pink base with a transparent sheen.

As it turned out, less is indeed more. My hands and fingers are slightly tanned so this colour was actually very suitable for my skin tone.

Time to place my fingers under the UV lamp to speed up the drying process!

My manicurist was super meticulous and patient!

As the first coat of the pastel pink nail polish could barely be seen, she made sure to apply multiple coats so that the colour would become more obvious. This required her to repeat the entire painting process at least two more times. Hats off to her!

Here comes the most enjoyable part - applying the bling.

For this, I would have to depend solely on my manicurist's creativity and artistic flair as I have zero aesthetic sense. Nonetheles, she did an awesome job by ensuring that there was a different design at every nail. I was happy that she did not overdo the bling and had kept the designs subtle. She even took into account the position of my wedding band to avoid any clash in design. So glad I could count on her!

Check out the bridal nails specially designed by J Studios for me! I was so madly in love with my gorgeous nails that I could not stop admiring them after that.

When my wedding guests saw my nails during my big day, they were totally 'OMG, LOVE YOUR NAILS!'. Even the photographer could not help taking close-up shots of them. I will share some pictures once I have gotten them from my photographer a month later.

When you have nails like these, you do also need to put in effort to care for them. I took extra precautions not to knock my fingers against hard surfaces and also avoided dish-washing for the day. Now that my wedding is over, the bling is starting to fall off as well, but I'll continue wearing them for my upcoming honeymoon. I'll only think about removing them when I return. :P

Calling all brides-to-be!

If you are looking for a studio to do your bridal nails, try J Studios. They can take care of your hair, skin and even your makeup as well. Details of how to book your appointment can be found on their Official Website and Facebook page.

J Studios - Haji Lane
31 Haji Lane
Singapore 189224

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with J Studios. Reviews are based on personal experiences.