September 10th, 2021


Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing: Cool Brown Matte Ash Hair Color + Rinka C-Curls

Good day, my friends!

It's been 5 months since my last visit to Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing, where I went through a Rinka Straightening Treatment + C-Curls and a Chocolate Brown + Mahogany Red hair colour.

I would usually trim my hair by the 3rd month, but this time, I decided to let my hair grow. I was less irritated with my long hair this time because it was still looking somewhat stylish with what's left of my C-Curls. I guessed my hair really holds its Rinka C-Curls well.

Nonetheless, 5 months also meant that my hair colour was no longer even. My dark roots made its patchy appearance, and so did my grey hairs!

Look at the worrying state of my greys! I am not proud of it at all, so it was time to get my hair colour fixed at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing. The salon is located at Hong Lim Complex, within walking distance from Chinatown MRT Station.

Hair Colouring

My hairstylist, Ken recommended that I go dark this time and try a Cool Brown hair colour with tones of Matte Ash.

As much as I love my reds and light browns, I decided that it's no harm trying a darker colour this time. After all, going dark meant that I could cover my greys better and even out my random streaks of bleached highlights from a separate hair engagement last year. I have never tried ash tones before as well, so Ken mixed some Matte Ash into the Cool Brown hair dye.

The salon was also using a new range of hair dye which not only did not irritate the scalp; it also smelled fab! For a moment, I thought that Ken was coating my hair with a hair mask instead of a hair dye. That was how comfortable it felt on my head.

There are some cheap hair dyes in the market that are not very friendly to the hair, and might leave a tingly and itchy sensation on your scalp. Some of them might even be accompanied with an artifical chemical smell. Thus, it's good to know that Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing is always looking to improve the quality of their hair dyes!

After washing the hair dye off, a Moisture Mask was applied on my hair for a good 10 minutes before it was rinsed off. My hair definitely felt smooth and soft thereafter. The fragrance of the hair products was so long-lasting that it lingered on my head all the way till bedtime.

In terms of hair colour, the picture taken from the back was a more accurate representation of my hair colour compared to my selfie. Overall, it looked more like a light grey shade than brown actually. I'll definitely need to get used to a less striking shade, but at least I now know that I would not look like an old lady with ash hair.

Rinka C-Curls

Three weeks later, I returned to the salon for Ken to work on my Rinka C-Curls. We had to arrange separate appointments for the hair colour and the Rinka C-Curls sessions because it would be less effective to colour and treat your hair concurrently.

The Rinka treatment straightens majority of your hair while curling your hair ends. Besides its dual function, I like that the hairstyle involves minimal maintenance and its effects can last around 4 to 6 months. Surprisingly, the Rinka treatment lasted longer than expected on me. My hair was still looking straight by the 6th month, and my curls were still slightly visible by the time I visited Ken for my hair colour.

For this appointment, we decided to skip the straightening and go right to the curling bit of the Rinka treatment. Ken suggested to give me bigger and more curls this time. After applying the treatment, my hair was sectioned and rolled up, before connecting them to a digital heater.

If you are straightening and curling your hair, be prepared to allocate around 3.5 hours of time in the salon. If you are just doing curling, you would be there for around 2.5 hours. Most of the time involved waiting while Ken did what he needed to do for my hair. Thus, I used my time productively to have my lunch (I brought in a wrap because it was easier to eat it while my hair was all hooked up), draft my social media captions and publish my IG stories.

How do you like my curls?

I felt instantaneously beautiful after seeing how voluminous and bouncy my curls were. My coarse hair texture was supposedly not suitable for perms (as shared with me by previous hairstylists), but Rinka treatment seemed to work incredibly well on me.

Gotta thank Ken for teaching me how to maintain my curls too, and even getting me to demonstrate it for him. I do follow his tips diligently, which probably explained why the curling effect could last so long on my stubborn hair. In case you are wondering why my hair colour looked significantly lighter by the second appointment, it was because I took my photos near a window facing direct sunlight in mid-day. Natural lighting gives me a brighter hair colour, and it is likely that my regular hair washing had lightened my hair colour along the way too.

In any case, my hair is still gorgeous and my confidence is over the roof now. Thank you Ken for having me as your hair model!

If you want to colour your hair or try a Rinka treatment at Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing, make an appointment with them at 6223 3133. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions too!

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