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Lately, I've been feeling miserable over my skin. It's the time of the month and my skin was producing lots of excessive sebum like nobody's business. As a result, pimples started to pop up. This sucked, especially when I still have to go to work the next day. I had to wear a high-coverage foundation, but I know that even high-coverage foundation would not be able to turn my skin flawless. In the meantime, I had to heal my skin with acne-targeting products, pimple creams as well as clay masks. 

Beauty Finest sent me 2 products for review purposes recently. These 2 products are especially beneficial for people with acne. You can imagine how happy I was to receive these products. Acne-targeting? Try me! I'm desperate already.

The first product is Skin Watchers Papaya Moisture Peeling Gel. It's an exfoliator that helps remove dead skin cells from my face. I am constantly on a lookout for these kind of exfoliators.

This peeling gel contains 4 ingredients:

1. Papaya extracts --- removes dead skin cells and whitens skin.

2. Ma Chi Xian extract --- Chinese herb that nourishes skin with omega-3 acids, beta carotene, fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin C and other minerals.

3. Arginine -- conditions, heals and protects skin.

4. Hiaruron acid --- boosts the ability of moisturizing skin

Truth be told, I dislike eating papaya. But I am aware that papaya is good for the skin. Here's how it looks when the product is dispensed onto my palm.

I know this looks like a glob of phlegm, but it is more of a glob of goodness.

This product removed lots of my dead skin cells and I felt that it also deep cleaned my pores. In terms of removing dead skin cells, it is more effective than Ginvera Marvel Gel or Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling Gel. I did not have to rub my face so much to get dead skin cells to appear. This product is awesome! After I rinsed off the product and dead skin cells, my face looked automatically brighter and cleaner. 

Left picture: "Before" back of my hand 

Right picture: Look at the amount of dead skin cells I have

Much fairer and cleaner, don't you think? I swear it is not the lighting.

Bear in mind that it is still best not to use this exfoliator daily. Unlike Ginvera Marvel Gel and Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling Gel, this product contains tiny grains and has a bit of a "sandy" feel when you rub the product against your skin. Though it is not as big as the grains in St Ives Apricot Scrub, you still do not want to scrub grains against your face everyday because it might enlarge your pores or weaken your skin. I recommend you guys to use this product 2-3 times per week for removal of dead skin cells and to deep clean your skin.

The second product is Skin Watchers Natural Herb Pore Mask. When I opened the product, I felt that I was looking at Elisha Coy Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask with a different packaging. Immediately, I was confident that this product will work on my skin.

For oily, acne-prone skin, clay masks are our "saviors". Natural clays and kaolins remove oils from our skin and makes our skin bouncy and elastic. When I have an acne outbreak or pimples, clay masks are the ones which repair my skin. This product also contains vegetable extracts from carrots, broccoli and turnips to keep our skin firm, supple and moisturized. Sounds like a mix of goodness, isn't it?

The mask has a strong herb smell, but no worries! It's not like those smelly Chinese herbs; instead, it's a pleasant smell. I left it on for 15 minutes before rinsing the mask off. After rinsing the mask off, my face felt smooth, clean and moisturized. This is really important to me because recently, my face looked very rough due to pimple bumps. My makeup didn't go on smoothly on my face and I basically looked like crap at work.

Clay masks can be drying on your skin at times but the herbs really helped to neutralize the drying effect. My pores also diminished significantly, giving me a cleaner and brighter appearance than usual. In conclusion, this is such a useful mask to have!

Thank you Beauty Finest for sending me such awesome, acne-combating products. To my readers who are presently experiencing oily skin, pimple breakouts, pesky whiteheads or large, open pores, why not give these two products a try? Have a great day, everyone! :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Beauty Finest. All reviews are based on my personal experiences. What may work on me may not necessarily work as well on you.