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Event: Shape Up To A Beautiful You @ Hard Rock Cafe

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday was an insightful beauty day for us ladies who attended the 'Shape Up To A Beautiful You' event at Hard Rock Cafe.

First, we learnt about aesthetics and face-lifting from Dr Benjamin Yim, founder and aesthetics director of Dr Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetics and Laser Centre.

Many of us are aware that one of the direct ways to get rid of wrinkles, lift the skin and achieve a V-shape face is to get your face injected with Botox or fillers. Yesterday, we were introduced to a non-invasive treatment that is painless and requires no injections.

This treatment is called Thermage and it helps to smoothe wrinkles and fine lines; renews collagen within skin and lift the face by redefining contours along the jawline and chin. When the Thermage probe is placed against your skin (can be face or body), what you will feel is a brief, warm sensation when it delivers energy through your skin.

Additionally, you only have to go through this treatment once and there's no downtime. That's great for people who want to achieve fast results without having to suffer all the pain - it's akin to going for a one-time facial.

Besides learning how to lift the face through aesthetics, we learnt how to 'dress up' our face from skincare makeup line, Jane Iredale.

Jane Iredale consists of a range of mineral makeup that not only beautifies your face but also protects your skin. That's also why they are called 'skincare makeup'.

If you're a daily and heavy makeup user, you will realize that consistent wearing of makeup can congest your pores over time or make your skin look tired, resulting in us looking older than we are. I know this because I used to hide my facial imperfections behind thick layers of makeup back in university days and I sure didn't look pretty.

Now, I prefer to let my skin breathe by going bare-faced most of the time. My skin has improved tremendously over the years that I hardly wear makeup now. However, I understand that some people still rely on makeup to enhance their features or because of their work demands. So if you're gonna be wearing makeup, why not use makeup products that will also take care of your skin?

Jane Iredale's mineral powder foundation is water-resistant and a demonstration was done to show that the foundation remains on the water surface even after you've dumped it into the water.

In fact, you can throw your entire compact powder into the water and it still remains dry. It was so jaw-droppingly amazing.

So what does having a foundation that is water-resistant mean?

This means that your makeup largely stays on your skin even when you perspire or get caught in the rain. You can even exercise or swim and not have to worry about your makeup smudging off. Of course, I don't recommend wearing makeup during exercise because that's just gross and your skin needs to breathe but if it is a necessity for you, by all means.

Moving away from the face to the body, Debra Chong, founder of Formasian Label was present to introduce her attachables series.

You might be wondering, what's this attachables thingy all about?

Attachables, as the name suggests are attachments in the form of collars, cuffs, shirt-hems and skirt-hems which you can add to your attire to dress it up or even change its look.

In this picture, model Celestia had a fur collar that she attached to the original collar of her sleeveless blouse so as to jazz up her outfit. If you wear a lot of collared clothing, attachables will be great for you to change up your look once in a while.

I was more impressed with the skirt-hem attachables. You can actually attach an extra hem to lengthen your skirt and later remove it if you prefer wearing short skirts. This also means that you can wear a 'long' skirt to work and change it into a 'short' skirt for a party at night. Cool eh?

Guests getting personal consultations from the experts on improving their physical appearances.

Sweet treats for the guests to indulge in.

Photo credits to Jia Hui.

With my blogger friend, Jia Hui who invited me to this event with her. Thank you girl! :)

Photo credits to Celestia.

Got to introduce Celestia to Jia Hui as well. Soon after, Celestia was like ,' let's take a wefie, girls!'.

Made a new friend, Kiyo who's Japanese. She's so bubbly and funny that I warmed up to her really quickly.

Came home with a door gift as well as other goodies that I received from answering a quiz question, Instagram Photo Contest and Lucky Draw. Yesterday was apparently my lucky day because I kept winning things. Thank you Lady Luck!

Alright, I'm gonna go run some errands so goodbye all!
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