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Happy TGIF, people!

Lately, my nails were chipped like nobody's business so it's time to get them beautified again before I embark on my 2 weeks' vacation in New Zealand.

So last week, I had the honour to visit Bejeweled as a Brand Envoy to get my nails pampered.

Bejeweled has 2 outlets - one at Breadtalk IHQ (Tai Seng) and the other at International Plaza (Tanjong Pagar). Diane was such a dear to arrange for me to do my gelish manicure & pedicure at International Plaza where it would be more convenient for me.

Bejeweled at International Plaza was bright, spacious and comfy and the ladies in the spa salon were largely there to get their nails done for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Got served a nice, warm cup of tea during my appointment and was asked to choose the nail colours and designs that I wanted.

I was so spoilt for choice because there were just too many gorgeous designs to choose from for the indecisive me.

As I still had my gelish pedicure done a month ago on my toes, the pedicurist did a soak-off for me; trimmed my toe nails; buffed my nails; removed my cuticles and scrubbed my feet.

I always feel embarassed having my feet scrubbed because that's when the pedicurist would notice how much dead skin cells I had and how dry my feet were.

I chose to do gelish nails because they last long and are hardy as hell. My gelish nails always last for at least a month and they do not chip during that period.

I can do housework, dance and engage in my fitness activities without worrying that my nails will look like crap after that.

For my toes, I opted for a simple nail colour because I know that my feet would largely be hidden behind covered (sport) shoes when I go on my trip so there was no point to be all fancy.

I initially chose a very simple light green for the toes but the pedicurist recommended me to try their latest gelish colours instead.

In fact, she allowed me to experiment with a mix of colours so I ended up having a nice sparkly blue as well as a lighter shade of rainbow-coloured shimmer on my toes.

It was my first time trying a mix of colours and I loved it. My niece, Regina loved it too and kept coming over to peep at my toes.

As for the fingernails, I wanted something more fun. I usually choose nail colours or designs that are more elegant or corporate but this time, I couldn't be bothered since I'll be away from the office for a long vacation.

I needed exciting nails instead of boringly professional ones.

Bejeweled has tons of designs, many of which are pretty to bits but what attracted me most was their cutesy gelish nail art. In fact, my blogger friends who are Brand Envoys went for cutesy gelish nail designs too so I supposed I got influenced along the way but really, they were just too cute to resist.

Just look at how intricate the bears looked on my thumbs. You need really steady fingers and amazing precision to design them.

I even asked the manicurist whether she had to practise her designs regularly but she told me that she's gotten used to designing and it just comes naturally. My god, she's practically an artist! I can't even hold a paintbrush properly.

The final look - bright and cheery fingernails of Melody rabbits, bears and ribbons.

This was also the first time I attempted to go cute on my fingers but I've no regrets because they looked adorable.

Sometimes, in the midst of typing in the office, I'll raise my fingernails and admire the intricacies of the designs. They're so pretty that they make me happy!

Thank you Bejeweled for taking care of my nails. Looks like I'll be bringing some animals along with me to my New Zealand trip! :)

If you're interested to get your nails pampered and beautified, you can book your appointment with Bejeweled at their respective outlets below.

Do look out for their Chinese New Year promos too which are exclusively available at their Breadtalk IHQ outlet.

Poster credits to Bejeweled.

Gel manicure (with soak-off) and gel pedicure (with soak-off) cost $55 each and there are additional cost top-ups with nail art designs.

For more information on the services and prices at Bejeweled, feel free to check out their Official Website or their Facebook Page.

10 Anson Road, International Plaza,
#02-48 Singapore 079903

Tel: 6222 2526

30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ
#02-01 Singapore 534013

Tel: 6443 9789

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

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