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Hello people!

A month ago, I noticed that the bottom of my feet were peeling even though it wasn't painful at all. My feet were just so dry that the peeling skin was just like a layer of dead skin waiting to be shed.

When I was getting my gelish pedicure done at Bejeweled during my first appointment, the pedicurist also noticed my dry feet and commented that a foot spa would be good for me.

Thus, in my second appointment a week ago, I visited Bejeweled @ Breadtalk iHQ to enjoy a foot spa.

In comparison with Bejeweled at its International Plaza outlet, their outlet at Breadtalk iHQ offers a larger variety of services such as spa treatments, manicures & pedicures, facials, hair removal and eyes aesthetics.

Unsurprisingly, the outlet is also way bigger with private rooms for the facial, hair removal and eye treatments.

Photo credits to Bejeweled.

There were 4 types of foot spas using BCL SPA Organics products available, namely:

1. White Radiance - for reducing age spots, wrinkles and fine lines

2. Spearmint + Vanilla - for calming and elevating mood

3. Lavender + Mint - for calming and moisturizing

4. Lemongrass + Green Tea - for purifying and nourishing with antioxidants

I love anything minty so it was honestly a tough call between Spearmint + Vanilla or Lavender + Mint.

Nonetheless, since all foot spas were inherently moisturizing and Spearmint + Vanilla was the newest foot spa, I was recommended to try it. The 4 big tubs of products above were used on my feet.

I started off with a Dead Sea Salt Soak to cleanse and sterilize my feet from bacteria.

My previous gelish pedicure done by Bejeweled was still on my toes, albeit in a terrible, peeling condition after 1 month so the pedicurist helped me to do a soak-off and buffed my nails for me.

She then proceeded to exfoliate my feet with a sugar scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. I happened to have a lot of dead skin, by the way. How embarassing.

Next up, the moisture mask was used to hydrate my feet. I couldn't help thinking that it looked very creamy and reminded me of a lovely tub of... urm, blueberry ice-cream. I must be hungry.

Just as we usually use masks for our face; our feet need some tender loving care too. This was possibly the main product that had saved me from my hideously dry and peeling feet.

Look how generous the application was on my legs. I could totally feel the chilling mint against my skin.

My legs were then wrapped with plastic sheets and I had to wear these insulating heat pads for 15 minutes.

It was a rather confusing moment of having chilly legs and warm feet. I know I also didn't look exactly very classy wearing these heat pads but heck it, I had super soft and smooth feet after that so I'm not complaining. Say bye to dry and peeling feet, oh yeah!

My foot spa was made even more personal with a customized gelish pedicure after that. I'm a huge fan of Bejeweled's gelish nail art designs because they were all done by super creative and talented nail beauticians so I know I'm in good hands.

In fact, my previous gelish manicure and pedicure done by Bejeweled received a hell lot of compliments from the people around me. When I was at Brisbane Airport buying coffee weeks ago, the local ladies who were serving me coffee went, 'OH MY GOD CAN I SEE YOUR NAILS? They're sooo cuutttee!!'. I guess I have Bejeweled to thank for taking care of my nails.

After desigining my nails, we finished off with some massage cream as the last layer of healing and protective cream for my feet.

I took this chance to enjoy a pampering foot massage as well. Foot massages are fabulous for my aching feet.

TADAH! I have candy colours on my toes now plus two adorable bears peeking from my big toes.

I love to go fun on my toes because bright colours like these make me smile. I also adore Bejeweled's cutesy nail art designs so it wasn't surprising that I decided to go for these two cartoon bears.

Thank you Bejeweled for your amazing work and service and I look forward to my future appointments with you!

If you're interested to indulge in a foot spa or get your nails beautified, you can book your appointment with Bejeweled at their respective outlets below.

A BCL Spa Organics Foot Spa costs $40 and a gelish pedicure with soak-off costs $55. Additional cost top-ups are needed for nail art designs.

For more information on the services and prices at Bejeweled, feel free to check out their Official Website or their Facebook Page.

30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk iHQ
#02-01 Singapore 534013

Tel: 6443 9789

10 Anson Road, International Plaza,
#02-48 Singapore 079903

Tel: 6222 2526

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

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