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Services Review: A Boost of Oxygen with Oxy Jet @ Bellezza Aesthetics

Good morning people!

This week has been another crazy and hectic work week so I was glad to take some time off to give my face some good ol' pampering at Bellezza Aesthetics.

Bellezza Aesthetics is a beauty centre located in Wheelock Place and I was honestly impressed by how grand the centre looked. It's hard not to feel like royalty here with the whole elegant gold design and decor of the centre.

Everything was so classy and the service was impeccable. From the moment I stepped into the centre, I was taken care of and pampered like a princess.

Prior to my treatment, I was brought to their consultation room to wait on this lovely cushioned plush seat.

Enjoyed some granola yogurt and honey lavender tea while waiting for my turn.

I was asked to fill up a form on my personal particulars and skin concerns. Through this form, the aesthetician would then be able to recommend a treatment that is suitable for my skin type.

Many of the facial treatments in Bellezza are premium facials that target skin problems and treat them so I was quite excited to embark on my treatment and have them treat my skin issues.

Check out the pen I was using - even THAT was princessy.

I was brought to my room where I was asked to change out of my clothes and get ready for treatment.

The treatment that was recommended for me was Oxy Jet, a 90 minute facial treatment designed to provide dry skin with a strong oxygen boost, thereby stimulating collagen production while moisturizing my face at the same time.

The treatment started off with the usual facial cleansing routine to ensure that my skin was dirt-free followed by mild eyebrow trimming. The aesthetician must have noticed my bushy eyebrows, ha ha!

After that, my pores were thoroughly cleaned through extraction. I've never enjoyed extraction because it hurts like hell but it is also necessary to unclog your pores so that it prevents pimples and allows for better absorption of products. Thus, I always force myself to endure the pain anyways. Fortunately, I was told that I do not have many whiteheads to extract so that was awesome for me.

Next, hyaluronic acid, a moisture-rich ingredient was applied on my skin. To aid the absorption, an Oxy Jet tool was used to pump oxygen and the hyaluronic acid straight into my skin through my pores. It was a bizarre but strangely relaxing moment and that's not all.

The next interesting tool reminded me of a mini water hose and indeed, it was a water jet that served to spray tiny water molecules directly into my skin.

The water molecules were so miniscule that it felt more like the aesthetician was spraying air onto my face. It was unbelievable at first so when the aesthetician brought the water jet closer to my skin, I could feel water droplets so I was immediately convinced. In terms of sensation, it felt more like I was having a handheld fan near my face so it should feel nice and cooling.

I was then treated to a lifting facial massage which was what I needed to get rid of all that tension on my face. Bellezza Aesthetics makes use of their own specialized face lift and destressing massage techniques so I was privileged to experience that.

Having sensitive skin, it is natural that my skin gets red during treatment so I was glad to end my session with a chilling facial mask formulated for sensitive skin. I really like the results of the treatment because my face was not only plumped with moisture by the end of it; my pores were also less conspicuous. I basically looked at myself in the mirror and went, 'Can I have this skin every single day?'.

My face wasn't the only part that got pampered; even my hands got to experience the luxurious treatment too.

I was given a hand massage which I loved since my wrists have been aching from incessant typing on the office computer. After that, my hands were wrapped in a cream mask that was *WARNING* quite hot but not to the point of scalding so don't worry. The mask would then solidify around your hands and hold them in place for a good 15 minutes before removal. My hands were so soft and smooth after that; even my pole calluses were smoothened out.

Ended my session with yummy cookies and honey lavender tea again!

Thank you Bellezza Aesthetics for the enjoyable time.

Do you want to experience the Oxy Jet Facial too?

If yes, you're in luck.

Oxy Jet (U.P $268) is now available at $38 as a first trial for first timers who are 18 years and above. This offer is applicable for SG/PR/S-Pass/WP holders. Prior apppointment is required so book your appointment at Bellezza Aesthetics now!

For more information on the treatments available at Bellezza Aesthetics, you can check out their Official Website or Facebook Page.

Bellezza Aesthetics
501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place
#04-13 Singapore 238880
Tel: 6223 2533

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.

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