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Services Review: Superfood Cell Glow Facial Therapy @ Derma Dynamics

Hey people!

Recently, my skin wasn't too good. I had a bit of pimples at the side of my face near my hairline as well as near my mouth. My complexion was dull and oily sometimes and dry at other times.

I'm not sure whether it was because my frustrating emotions at work was resulting in destressed skin; or that my skin wasn't used to the dry climate in Japan; or because of crazy hormones. All I knew was that my skin was out of control. I went from not wearing makeup to concealing the pimples around my mouth on a daily basis. Sigh. NOT proud of myself.

Photo credits to Derma Dynamics

Thus, when I was invited to try Derma Dynamics' latest facial, the Superfood Cell Glow Facial Therapy, I said 'yes' immediately because my skin was in desperate need for some rejuvenation.

So last week, I visited the neighbourhood beauty centre in Bishan, all ready to get my skin treated for good.

As you can see from the counter, the two main skincare brands that are used in Derma Dynamics are Sothys and Dermalogica.

Upon stepping into the small but cosy beauty centre, I was greeted by two hospitable beauticians, one whom attended to me while the other went to prepare my room.

Superfood Cell Glow Facial Therapy is a 2.5 hours facial and possibly the longest facial I've been through. I mean, most facials are around 1 to 1.5 hours so I was quite surprised that a facial could last such a long duration.

There were 12 steps in this facial therapy altogether. I supposed this facial was so long because each step was carried out in the most thorough way possible.

Step 1 was to stick my face into this UV Skin Scanner. Even though it was absolutely necessary as part of skin analysis, I hated the scanner for emphasizing my flaws. I could see my open pores and a multitude of blackheads and whiteheads all over my face. The pimples around my mouth were more obvious than I expected.

After seeing how terrible my skin condition was, I was brought into this room and asked to change into a robe.

At this point, I would also recommend you to go to the washroom if necessary because you're gonna be lying there for 2.5 hours.

The beautician proceeded with Step 2: Double Cleansing and Step 3: Exfoliation.

After cleansing, my skin was scrubbed using multi-vitamins to remove traces of makeup, dirt, grime and oil from my po

Step 4: Facial Steaming

Facial steaming helps to soften the skin and open the pores so that it prepares the skin for my most hated step...


It hurts! But don't mind me, I do have a love-hate relationship with extraction.

I supposed it felt painful to me because I had a lot of stubborn blackheads and whiteheads on my skin. Apparently, my blackheads were more prevalent on my forehead while my whiteheads were scattered around my hairline (that's why I had pimples!), mouth area and my nose. My cheeks were spared from whiteheads because they were dry.

The poor beautician spent a long time extracting them so it was a test of my endurance. Nonetheless, I knew that it was also an important step in order for me to get the good skin that I desire so I gritted my teeth and tolerated.

After extraction was finally over, my skin was treated to some ampoule goodness in Step 6: Infusion of Customised Superfood.

Superfood ampoules are packed with concentrated and active ingredients. Being small in molecular size, they can penetrate deep into the skin to revitalize and regenerate skin cells. There are 4 types of Superfood offered by Derma Dynamics and they are namely Anti-Ageing, Brightening, Oxygenating and Hydrating.

I was given a Hydrating Superfood because I was told that my skin was dry on the inside and oily on the outside so the best way to target it was to feed it with hydrating nutrients.

Step 7, Step 8 and Step 9 were all massages and I guessed that was where most of the time went in this facial.

See the massage device underneath my chin? That was used for a Lymphatic Drainage Point Massage. I expected it to be uncomfortable but it was surprisingly so soothing until I nearly fell asleep.

The next massage was a Replenishing Eye Treatment and the delicate skin around my eyes was given a gentle massage to improve blood circulation. The last massage was an Ageless Rejuvenating Facial Massage where my face was massaged once again but this time using bare hands.

At Step 10, I looked like this - the most beautiful I could ever be. Nah, I'm kidding.

Step 10 was my favourite part because I got to snooze for a good 15 minutes with a cooling mask on my face. The coldness from the mask was also helpful in healing my skin from the redness I have obtained from extraction.

Step 11 was very interesting because while I was chilling with an icy cold cream mask, my legs were treated to a Happy Leg Relaxing Massage.

This massage came in the form of an air pressure machine which would tighten and relax at your feet, knees and thighs just like how it felt when you are taking your blood pressure. It was awesome because my legs were aching and I needed that massage badly. I wished I have a machine like this back home so that I can treat my post-fitness legs while sleeping.

We finished off with the last step of the facial therapy, Step 12: Application of serum and moisturizer. If you are doing your facial in the day, the beautician will apply sunscreen for you too.

As there was no mirror in the room, I took this selfie to check whether my skin was red from the long extraction process. I was surprised to see that there was no redness and instead, my skin was glowing! My pores and pimples were totally minimized as well. I'm now back to no-makeup days and I couldn't be happier. What an impressive facial!

True enough, this facial took approximately 2.5 hours. See the clock behind me? I started the facial at 4.30pm and look what time I ended!

If you're curious to try this long but effective facial therapy, I've got a good news!

Derma Dynamics is currently having a facial promotion where you can enjoy the Superfood Cell Glow Facial Therapy for only $50. That's very cheap for a facial, let alone one that is so comprehensive. You can sign up for this facial trial on Derma Dynamics Website.

Be sure to follow Derma Dynamics on Facebook and Instagram too!

Derma Dynamics
Blk 283 Bishan Street 22
#01-197B Singapore 570283

Disclaimer: I am sponsored by Derma Dynamics for 1x Superfood Cell Glow Facial Therapy. Review is based on personal experiences.
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