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Services Review: Get a Pampering Massage @ Feet Haven (Upper Bukit Timah)

Hello people!

Fancy a good massage to ease your tired feet or body aches?

Let me introduce you to Feet Haven, an award-winning boutique spa with outlets in Katong, Serangoon Gardens and now Upper Bukit Timah.

If you're a Westie looking for a place to indulge in a pampering massage, you should definitely check out Feet Haven's new outlet at Jalan Bingka, Bukit Timah. Situated in a reclusive location alongside cafes and boutique salons, Feet Haven strives to be the next hipster place for young adults to get their massage fix away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

As part of the boutique spa's opening, I was invited by founder Mr Dennis Toh for a massage session at Feet Haven (Upper Bukit Timah).

Although it's more convenient to drive to the outlet, getting there by public transport is also possible but you must be prepared to do some walking. The nearest train station is Beauty World MRT Station which is approximately a 10 minute walk to the outlet. Do look out for Bukit Timah Plaza which is just across the road from Jalan Bingka.

Upon entering Feet Haven, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who gave me a pair of comfy bedroom slippers to change into.

My shoes were a little damp from the rain so I couldn't wait to kick off my shoes actually.

The interior was very comfortable and inviting, with calming music and the soothing sounds of flowing water in the background. The flowing water came from a water fountain that was used for decor at the entrance of the boutique spa.

The place was nicely scented as well due to the use of essential oils. While waiting for my session to commence, I was happily lounging around at the green sofa in my bedroom slippers, making myself right at home.

Feet Haven offers numerous services such as foot reflexology, full body massage and shoulder & neck massage. You can even do a combination of services if you prefer.

Some signature treatments in Feet Haven include the Shiok Feet Indulgence (60 min), the Shiok Basic Body (60 min) and the Shiok Basic Blend (45 min). The list of services and respective prices can be found on Feet Haven's website.

If you sign up for a Saver Package, not only do you earn extra credits, you can also mix and match treatments + share your package with family and friends. Validity is up to 1 year and you can utilise the package at all Feet Haven outlets.

I went for a Shiok Basic Blend ($45), a signature service consisting of a 45 minute foot reflexology session and a 15 minute shoulder and neck massage. I was offered a full body massage initially but I declined the offer because I am highly squirmish and would give the masseur a difficult time.

When it was time for my session, I was guided to the foot reflexology room by a hospitable masseuse who dipped my feet into a pail of water for washing. After which, she applied a good amount of moisturizer over my legs and feet and started the massage.

It was SO AMAZING and I couldn't have asked for a better service.

I was at Little India for a walking tour right before my session and my legs were aching so the feet massage was just what I needed. The masseuse was very experienced and made sure to massage my sore points without applying too much pressure, especially when she knew that I was intensely afraid of pain.

The masseuse was also very easy-going and we ended up chatting a great deal about our families before I leaned back and fell asleep. I couldn't help it - it was too relaxing!

Before I knew it, my 45 minute session of foot reflexology was up and I was ushered to a room for my shoulder and neck massage. There was no robe to change into so I wrapped myself with a towel and lied on the bed with my face down.

I really appreciated the shoulder and neck massage because it was through this session that I realized how stiff my shoulder and neck were. I learnt that I have tight muscles at my shoulders so the masseuse had to work at them more to loosen the muscles. The masseuse also noticed that I have stiff muscles at my back and tried to massage for me but I was ticklish and ended up laughing very loudly (I'm not kidding when I said I am highly squirmish! :D). She took my concerns into consideration and made sure to avoid massaging my back thereafter.

After my 1 hour of massage session, my body was less tense and my feet were less achy even though I came from a full morning of activities. I also felt rejuvenated and happy as I enjoyed my warm cup of chrysanthemum tea.

Thank you for the pampering service, Feet Haven! :)

From now till 31 May 17, you can quote 'TracyFeetHaven' when you book a massage appointment to enjoy 20% discount off your service at Feet Haven (Upper Bukit Timah).

You can also check out Feet Haven's Official Website and Facebook for more updates. Enjoy!

Feet Haven (Upper Bukit Timah)

5 Jalan Bingka
Singapore 588899

Disclaimer: Review is based on personal experiences.
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