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Event: A Buffet of Fitness Activities @ Fitness Fest 2017

Happy Sunday, people!

My body is currently sore from fitness but that's fine because no pain, no gain. I'm making a point to squeeze in weekly exercises so that I can get my dose of fitness despite my hectic schedule.

So, #throwback to last weekend when I went for a buffet of fitness classes at the highly anticipated Fitness Fest 2017. It was Singapore's first fitness concert so I knew I couldn't miss it. Thank you Shape Singapore for providing me the opportunity to explore Fitness Fest!

The most popular segment was possibly Pop Pilates by Cassey Ho, American Youtube Fitness Influencer & Entrepreneuer who also goes by the name ' Blogilates'. I absolutely love her videos on her exercise routines and healthy meal preps.

It was a pity that I couldn't join in because I was late for her segment. The yoga mats were spilling outside the tent already and I had no space to squeeze in another mat.

I did managed to have a very good view of the showcase by Singapore Calisthenics Academy thereafter.

Calisthenics involved using body weight and strength training to build a person's strength and physique. It reminded me a bit of gymnastics actually. I was so impressed by these guys for being able to execute jaw-dropping moves on those pull-up bars. It's no wonder that all of them have such well-defined abs and six packs.

While Pop Pilates by Cassey Ho was ongoing at the Main Arena, I dropped by Manduka Tent to try getting a slot for a fitness class instead.

The classes in Manduka Tent generally have mats within the tent but it's still good to bring your own mat so that you can lay it outside the tent if you're interested to follow the class. I didn't realize that you need to pre-register for the classes in Manduka Tent and I thank my lucky stars that I was still able to secure a spot even when I did not pre-register for any. Whew!

The first class that I tried was Power Yoga by Yong Xin from Yoga Lab.

I was surrounded by yogis in this class and many of them seemed to be ever ready for a challenging workout. Nonetheless, it was invigorating for me to start my morning with a good stretch of Downward Dogs and Chaturangas.

I also tried Mat Pilates by Audrey D'Cotta from The Moving Body.

Pilates was founded by athlete Joseph Pilates and it involves breathing, concentration and control of movements to make you more aware of your body. It was less physically tiring than Yoga and is very good for rehabilitation.

The most physically demanding exercise that I went through was WeBarre Signature by Anabel Chew from WeBarre.

Similarly to Pop Pilates, this workout involved a mixture of ballet, yoga and pilates and was done with the company of happening, pop music to boost your energy. I forgot how exhausting it was to do ballet until that day. In fact, I could feel the burn at my thighs when I had to do a series of plies and releves to fast music.

I did 3 fitness classes in total at Fitness Fest and this class really left me with a mega sore body.

Besides the Main Arena and the Manduka Tent, there were also Fitness Discovery Arenas for you to try a new form of exercise.

I was interested to try Indoor Cycling by CruCycle but they were always fully booked.

WHOA, Crossfit by Crossfit Bukit Timah looked super hardcore with people attempting to lift up a heavy wheel. You'll need a lot of strength, core and endurance for that!

Interested to learn how to climb, vault and jump over obstacles?

Fitness enthusiasts can learn some Parkour skills from Superfly Monkey Dragons, although from the looks of it, it didn't seem easy at all.

Ah yes, bouncing on trampolines are also a good and fun workout! Be sure to catch your breath!

I was stopped by a staff from AIA who asked me if I was interested to complete a series of challenges for a gift.

So I went through a 1 minute plank; did a yoga pose and cycled to make my own apple juice, working my way (literally) for a free AIA towel. LOL.

For the people who were in the mood for shopping, there were plenty of stalls selling gorgeous fitness apparels to splurge your moolah on.

I must say that the fitness apparels are getting more feminine and attractive over the years. Ladies can look good while working out too, don't you agree?

Besides looking good in fitness wear, we can strive to look good by maintaining good skin health with the help of natural beauty products from Restoration Essence.

Restoration Essence was one of my beauty sponsors last year and I love their pandan-infused products. Some of my favourite products from the brand include the Whitening Neck Firming Cream, Hand Protection Cream, Hydro Boost Serum and the Ice Balm.

Time for lunch!

I had a late lunch because the stalls were too crowded during lunch time. That said, there seemed to be perpetually long queues for Dosirak.

Followed the queue to get my hands on some Smoked Duck. Mmm, it was delicious, healthy and filling.

By the 2nd fitness class, I was out of water and was mad thirsty.

Initially, I had plans to leave the event and head to Marina Bay Sands to buy water...until I walked by a Pocari Sweat Booth. It turned out that I could redeem a bottle of Pocari Sweat using a coupon that was already in my goodie bag.

Pocari Sweat, you're a life-saver! Never felt happier downing a bottle of Ion Supply drink.

The last thing to do was to leave a fitness quote on the Inspirational Wall to motivate people to continue embracing fitness.

Personally, I'm happy to see people of all ages making efforts to discover new fitness activities; work towards a leaner physique and lead a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. Let's keep this fitness culture going in Singapore and encourage more people to enter the fitness world!

To the organizers of Fitness Fest 2017, we hope you'll organize Fitness Fest again next year! :)

Thank you for reading and enjoy your Sunday!

Disclaimer: Event feature is based on personal experiences.
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