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Good day, my friends!

For those of you who are new to this blog entry, let me give a brief introduction of Wellaholic.

Wellaholic is essentially a one-stop wellness centre that takes care of their customers' fitness, health and beauty needs under one roof. It is founded by Mr Willie Chan in 2016 and is conveniently located at Penhas Road, within walking distance from Lavender MRT Station.

If you've read my first Wellaholic entry where I shared on my fitness experience, you'll know that I also tried Elight Facial Collagen Boost.

Elight uses 3 technologies - the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Radioactive Frequency (RF) and Epidermis Cooling to treat skin problems such as wrinkles and acne to give rise to a smooth and healthy complexion. Since the facial only required 15 minutes of my time, I went for it right after my fitness classes.

To begin, my skin was cleansed with a facial wipe before applying a contact gel over my face.

The Elight device was then placed against various parts of my face. Each placement was followed by a light zapping motion and a flash of red light. As the light was bright and glaring, I was so glad that my eyes were well protected by goggles.

The Elight process stimulates collagen production within our skin and promotes cell renewal. I happened to have a small cluster of pimples at my left jawline and was told that the IPL would actually kill bacteria, speeding up pimple recovery. IPL also burns away facial hair so if you happen to have a lot of hair, be prepared for slight stinging. The good thing is that when your facial hair is removed, your skin becomes smoother than ever.

As the RF surface-touch cooling technology prevents our skin from experiencing the high heat from IPL, the process should feel generally painless. If there is some stinging due to the presence of facial hair, you can always request for the device to be placed slightly away from your face.

After 5 minutes, I was given an AfterGlow Infrared Treatment that sends a quick flash of infrared light all over my face.

This is a non-contact process where the device will be held at a certain distance from your face. All you need to do is to lie back, close your eyes and let your skin absorb the infrared light. The light will be even more glaring so be sure to keep your eyes shut during this period.

The last step was my favourite - getting my face massaged with a cooling platinum ReFa roller.

The ReFa roller is more than just a regular facial roller. It comes with a built-in solar panel that captures light and generates microcurrents within our skin. You can use it to massage your jaw line, face, neck and even your arms as well as thighs. It is a comfortable process that will give you a toned and firm skin thereafter.

To optimise the benefits of the facial massage session, the ReFa roller was paired together with Wellaholic's Flawless Face Serum, nourishing my skin while giving it a good massage.

I was initially worried that the facial would make my sensitive skin red after the session but my worries were uncalled for. There was no downtime and my skin looked more radiant than I expected. I also applied Wellaholic's Day Cream that comes with SPF to protect my skin before I left the wellness centre.

I noticed that the effects of the facial became more apparent within the next few days. For one, the cluster of stubborn acne at my left jawline as well as pigmentation marks gradually disappeared. The radiance of my skin also lasted for a couple of days. Thus, you could say that I was pretty impressed with this facial. As the process requires only 15 minutes, I will recommend this facial for busy working individuals looking for a quick beauty fix.

Interested to try a facial session at Wellaholic?

Elight Facial Collagen Boost (Single Full Face) costs $59 per session. You can also go for their packages which are priced as follows:

- Elight (Unlimited 1 Month): $149
- Elight (Unlimited 6 Months): $799
- Elight (Unlimited 12 Months): $1,299

You can book your facial sessions at this link. Do check out their Official Website, Facebook and Instagram for more updates too!

Thank you for reading!

16M Penhas Road
Level 2, Singapore 208180

Disclaimer: This blog review is done in collaboration with Wellaholic. Reviews are based on personal experiences.

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