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Services Review: Hair Dye + Treatment + Cut @ Black Hair Salon

Hey people!

It's been 9 months since I've dyed my hair and my hair had been pretty much a mess.

My hair was long, thick and frizzy; my white hairs were showing themselves in full glory and my hair colour was at its half-black, half-brown stage. I would like to think I was sporting the ombre look but.... who am I kidding?

With my sister's wedding coming up in 2 weeks' time, I knew that I would definitely get my hair fixed before her big day.

I took a full day off work to pamper my tresses at Black Hair Salon, which was located conveniently at Capitol Piazza. I knew this salon through fellow influencers and have seen pictures of their amazing hairdo on Instagram. Thus, I was thrilled when I won a hair dye package from this salon in one of their Instagram contests. It was so timely. Lady luck must be on my side. 

When you hear 'Black Hair Salon', you might think it's a kind of salon you visit to dye your hair black. Despite their name, they're actually known for creating beautiful hair colours. Go stalk them on Instagram and you'll know.

It's just a pity I couldn't enjoy having wild colours on my hair while working in a corporate job. I guessed I can only make the best out of the limited colours that I can enjoy.

I usually let my stylists recommend a shade for me after hearing my 2 criteria: 1) It has to look corporate-friendly and 2) It has to look obvious. Point 2) came about from a past experience when I spent a buckload of money to dye my hair dark brown and no one could tell that I did anything to my hair. :(

Thus, I was recommended this warm brown shade by my stylist which I ended up LOVING. She told me that the shade would brighten up my complexion and I couldn't agree more. Thumbs up for AWESOME recommendation.

When she took out my dye mixture, I was a tad alarmed. WHY WAS IT HOT PINK?! :O

It turned out that the warm brown hair dye had some pink pigments. Nonetheless, I was assured that my hair would not turn into a flamboyant pink.

After rinsing, shampooing and conditioning my hair, I was treated to a Korean 1-Step Treatment that would help to soothe my dry hair and provide it with a moisture boost.

Perfect for people like me who have frizzy and damaged hair!

Went under the steamer for 10 minutes to allow the product to be better absorbed into my hair. It was relaxing and the result was evident - I had smooth and soft hair thereafter!

As a final step of my hair pampering session, my stylist gave me temporary curls. Mad love for the warm brown shade that totally brightens my complexion and draws attention to my facial features.

It's true that corporate-friendly colours may not be as exciting or eye-catching as exotic colours but I totally dig its simplicity. Maybe it suits my 'girl next door' image?

Many people have told me that I should get my hair permed because I look more..... mature/sophisticated/elegant.

As much as I adore curls, I've been told by many salons that my hair is not suitable for perming due to its stubborn nature. It's either my hair will not be able to hold the curls for long or it will worsen my hair condition by causing more frizz and mess. Besides, beautiful curls require maintenance and I'm bad at it.

I supposed temporary curls are the furthest I can go to seeing my hair 'looking permed'. I'll leave you with some of my favourite pictures of my photoshoot with Black Hair Salon. My hair no longer has sexy waves now (*sobs) so these photos will serve as a memory for me.

Thank you Black Hair Salon for beautifying my hair!

If you will like to find out more about the services and prices at Black Hair Salon, visit their Official Website or Facebook.

Black Hair Salon

13 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza
#B2-44, Singapore 178905

Disclaimer: I won a hair dye package from Black Hair Salon in their Instagram contest. Reviews are based on personal experiences.
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