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Get Your Christmas Hauls & Surprise Boxes from Lazada 12.12 Sale! (Lazada X Yves Rocher)

Hey people!

It's that time of the year again. The time when everywhere screams 'SALE!' and we unleash our inner shopaholic.

Speaking of which, Lazada Singapore is having a 12.12 sale from 10 to 12 December 2018 so mark your calendars, everyone! Expect 1 million deals which are heavily discounted up to 90% off and $120 worth of vouchers up for grabs.

Photo credits to Lazada.

With such huge price slashes, this is the perfect opportunity to get your Christmas shopping done at a bargain. I've heard from friends that popular items get sold out fast so in this case, some kiasu-ism (i.e. fear of losing out) helps.

You can actually start browsing Lazada anytime from today to 9 December and add your potential buys into your cart first. When 10 December arrives, just check them out immediately and you're done!

You may have also read about Lazada Surprise Boxes from my previous entries. These are boxes containing at least $100 worth of products from a particular brand with a cost price of either $29, $49 or $99.

So far, I've been very pleased with my Colgate Surprise Box, La Roche Posay Surprise Box and 3M Surprise Box because they stock plenty of retail size products that will last you a long time. And no, the products do not have fast expiry dates.

This time, I received a Yves Rocher Surprise Box ($29) which made me so thrilled because I LOVEEEE their hair products.

When I opened my Surprise Box, I was SO HAPPY that I wanted to throw confetti.

There were more than 10 useful products in the box and mind you, they weren't only hair products. So many products for $29?!?! Don't wait anymore. PLEASE GO GET A BOX FOR YOURSELF. It will last you a long time!

Since I can only do a partial reveal of the products, these are my favourite 2 out of the many products in my box - the Brilliance Shine Raspberry Rinsing Vinegar and the Grains De Cafe Coffee Beans Shower Gel.

What on earth is a rinsing vinegar, you may ask?

This is a product that you use as a final rinse for your hair to clean your scalp and get rid of any product buildup. It smells amazing and gives your hair a healthy shine, which I really like.

It does not replace your shampoo and conditioner and you do not have to use this everyday. In fact, I use this once a week AFTER shampooing and conditioning my hair. This is also my first time using vinegar for my hair but hey, I think it works really well!

I never knew that Yves Rocher sells shower gels (I always thought it was a brand that focuses on hair) so when I saw this pretty bottle of shower gel, I was on cloud nine. Believe me when I say it truly smells like coffee beans. I may not be a coffee addict but I do love the aroma of coffee. Now, I get to smell like one. WOOHOO!

The Yves Rocher Surprise Box will be sold at varying timeslots between 10 to 12 December so if you're keen to get your hands on this valuable box, do look out for it on Lazada!

Happy budget shopping!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Lazada and Yves Rocher. Feature is based on personal experiences.
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