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Entertainer Singapore 2019 adds on Johor Bahru 2019 '1-for-1' deals

Hey people!

It's been 5 years since I've been a user of The Entertainer and I cannot be more thankful for the '1-for-1' deals that I have enjoyed using this app.

If you eat out often, this is a good app to have in your phone so that you can halve your expenses. And who doesn't like a good deal?

Last year, I managed to save $849 from dining with family, friends and my fiance.

I got to satisfy my cravings for Poke Bowls and Acai Bowls without feeling a pinch (by the way, I maxed out my offers already). My family was also able to celebrate our parents' birthdays at expensive Chinese restaurants because the '1-for-1' deals made our meals affordable. Besides cost savings and the thrill of a good deal, the app has also given me a reason to explore different eateries around Singapore.

Entertainer 2019 was recently launched and guess what? They just got better. 

Entertainer 2019 currently includes 4 products - Singapore 2019, Cheers Singapore 2019, Bali 2019 and now... JOHOR BAHRU 2019. *screams with excitement*

Not familiar with The Entertainer? Let me give you a short introduction of each product.

Singapore 2019 contains '1-for-1' offers that are not limited to dining; you get to enjoy '1-for-1' deals for beauty services, fitness classes, leisure activities and retail products too. For the frequent traveller, the
'Buy-1-night-get-1-night free' hotel deals will be immensely useful.

Cheers Singapore 2019 appeals more to drinkers because they get to enjoy '1-for-1' offers for their alcohol fix at some of the best nightspots in the city.

I was glad that Bali 2019 was still included as part of Entertainer 2019 because I never got to use it when it was launched last year. Singaporeans love a weekend escapade to Bali so if you are heading there next year, seize the chance to enjoy '1-for-1' deals for hotel stays and beach clubs.

What thrilled me most was the addition of Johor Bahru 2019. I am sure many Singaporeans who do regular day trips and weekend getaways to JB will be so elated for the wonderful deals waiting for them across the customs.

A quick browse of Johor Bahru 2019 reveals numerous eateries, facial salons and nail parlours that are having '1-for-1' offers in major shopping malls and hotels. Some of the participating malls I've spotted are City Square Mall and Taman Bukit Indah.

If you are willing to venture a little further beyond the malls, they actually have more offers at the cafe districts, such as Bandar Johor Bahru. I strongly encourage you to visit the cafe district because the food's good and generally inexpensive, plus they make great pictures for your Instagram feed too. I also recommend you to visit The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen or Flowers in the Window for brunch. Both cafes are highly raved and happened to be merchants on Johor Bahru 2019.

Oh yes, parents, did I mention that you can enjoy discounted deals using the app to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town (at Iskandar Puteri) as well as Angry Birds Activity Park (at Komtar JBCC)? Your kids and your wallet will be so happy.

I guess it's time for YX and me to plan a day trip soon!

The Entertainer 2019 (containing the aforementioned 4 products) is currently retailing at an early bird price of S$95 and you can download the app on iOS or Android App stores.

You can also purchase Cheers Singapore 2019 separately through The Entertainer Website or the app at an early bird price of $45.

From now till 27 February, spot The Entertainer ads across the city, upload a photo/video on your Instagram feed and tag @entertainersg. You will stand a chance to win a free Singapore 2019 bundle! Good luck!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with The Entertainer. All photos are credited to The Entertainer, except photos of cafes which are taken by me. Feature is based on personal experiences.
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