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10 Budget-Friendly Beauty Products to get from Althea this Christmas

Hey people!

Being an Althea Angel and a fan of K-beauty products, I've tried plenty of Korean skincare and makeup products in the market.

For years, they've served my skin very well. I also like how they come in such trendy packaging and are more affordable than the upmarket brands. Althea is a great site to stock up on K-beauty products, particularly brands that are not typically found in Singapore. They even provide free shipping for orders above $29!

If you're overwhelmed with the large variety of brands on Althea, no worries! Here's a guide on the 10 budget-friendly beauty products you can get from Althea this Christmas for yourself or your loved ones.

1) Laneige Mini Sleeping Mask Set + Basic Sample Kit ($32)

Tried the legendary Laneige Water Sleeping Mask? If you haven't, please do, because your skin will thank you.

I wanted to recommend the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask at first, but when I saw that they have a Mini Sleeping Mask Set, I figured it would be a better deal.

The Mini Set comes with three masks - the Water Sleeping Mask (Original), the Water Sleeping Mask (Lavender) and the Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, as well as a Basic Trial Kit comprising a skin refiner and an emulsion. It's good to try these mini-sized products before you invest in the retail-size version.

2) Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar ($24)

I wanted to try the highly raved two tone lip bars after seeing Song Hye Kyo applying it in Descendants of the Sun. Damn, I didn't know that ombre lips can look so good and so wearable!

Although Althea stocks selected shades for this lippie, you will still be spoilt for choice because most of the shades are just too pretty! I spent some time looking at different swatches before I settled on Pink Salmon (as seen in this picture) and trust me, I never looked back.

3) Athea Bare Essentials Set ($35.10 promotional price)

Althea started developing their own range of products last year and they WOW me everytime.

I am currently using the Althea Bare Essentials range which comprises a Contour Cleanser, Primer Water and Fixer Cream. This skincare set may look simple and minimalistic but its quality is wonderful. Best of all, each product costs slightly more than $10, which is very reasonable and can last you a long time.

4) Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Set ($25 promotional price)

Looking to pamper your skin with a masking treat? I'd say you get these 10 second rinse-off masks that come in Rose and Green Tea.

The Rose Skin Detoxer contains French rose petals while the Green Tea Skin Detoxer contains Jeju green tea leaves. Every week, I'll use the former in the day while I use the latter at night. My skin has never felt more refreshed after I rinsed the product off. You should definitely try them!

5) Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway ($13)

I am satisfied when a sunscreen is not sticky and does not leave behind a white cast.

But a sunscreen that ALSO gives you smooth, velvety skin; controls sebum production while protecting your complexion from those harmful UV rays? That's a bonus. Here's more reasons to pay $13 for a quality sunscreen like Petal Velvet Sunaway.

6) Althea Petal Velvet Powder ($6)

Speaking of smooth, velvety skin, Althea's Petal Velvet Powder does an amazing job in keeping your facial oils at bay while touching up your makeup at the same time.

Available in transculent, warm beige and pink lavender (I kid you not) shades, they make pretty and super affordable gits for your girlfriends. Besides, you don't need to use a lot of product at one go and they last a hell of a long time too.

7) The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer ($5)

This concealer is the only one that I will repurchase, simply because I have never experienced a concealer that would work so well at a mere $5.

It covers my pimples and dark spots during unfortunate skin breakouts. Few months back, it even covered the red patches around my lips when I had a sudden eczema flare-up. I heard that it can cover pigmentation marks and freckles too. I highly recommend that you stock up a couple of these if you love them as much as I do. :)

8) Missha Night Repair Borabit Ampoule ($38)

I never used to invest in serums because I wanted to keep my skincare simple. Besides, many serums were costly.

As I age and my skin condition changes, I started to see the benefits of incorporating a serum into my skincare routine. The Missha Night Repair Borabit Ampoule has been giving me good skin days lately. I was also told that it makes a great substitute for Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Thus, if you refuse to spend hundreds on a serum, you might want to consider this cheaper but awesome alternative.

9) PETITFEE Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch ($11)

Your eyes need some tender, loving care too.

I pamper my peepers on a weekly basis to get rid of those puffy eyes and hideous dark circles. The hydrogel eye patches were very cooling and are just what I needed for my tired eyes after a long day at work.

PETITFEE has different variants of eye patches and I honestly can't tell the difference among them. I guessed it doesn't matter if the eye patches contain gold or black pearl. As long as they work well, I'm happy.

10) Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Scalp Conditioner ($11)

This product was a surprise find on Althea.

I never knew that Innisfree stocks hair products like shampoo and conditioner. For a brand that is known for its skincare products, its hair products are great too. This green tea mint conditioner smells amazing and moisturises my hair ends while leaving behind a subtle cooling sensation. If you like minty products, you can try this!

It's officially 11 days to Christmas so time to start your Christmas shopping! If you realized, the products I have recommended here do not go above $38 so they are definitely pocket-friendly. Do share with me your favourite Korean beauty products too so that I can hunt for them on Althea next time.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Althea and reviews are based on personal experiences. Pictures are also credited to Althea.
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